The Quidditch game was played between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff in February 1996. The game was won by Hufflepuff 240-230 which was actually great for Gryffindor who struggled to play with their new players who were incompetent.[1]


In November 1995, the Gryffindor team played Slytherin and won 150-40 when Harry Potter won the Snitch. Draco Malfoy then taunted them leading to fight with Harry and George Weasley. Fred Weasley was held back by the rest of the team until Madam Hooch stopped the fight.[2]

At the time, Dolores Umbridge had the power to punish the students and decided that the three would be banned from playing again. Angelina needed to find two new Beaters and one new Seeker. At try-outs, only Ginny Weasley proved to be very good and she was made the new Seeker. However, Angelina had no choice but to accept new Beaters Jack Sloper and Andrew Kirke even though they weren't great players.

Training was terrible and Angelina was nearly in tears. Ron Weasley, who joined the team at the start of the year, was even less confident and kept letting nerves get to him. He had failed to save any goal in the Slytherin game which made him dread the next game, and could only save a goal when he thought no-one was watching him. Gryffindor were proving to have the weakest team ever since Harry joined the team in 1991.[1]

The match

The game was over in only twenty-two minutes. Ron failed to save at least 14 goals. Sloper missed the Bludger and hit Angelina in the face. Kirke kept shrieking and nearly falling when Zacharias Smith zoomed around him. Hufflepuff were winning by 240 to 70. Harry thought it was a miracle that Gryffindor managed to make the game 240-230 when Ginny Weasley won the Snitch from under Hufflepuff Seeker Summerby's nose.[1]


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