Gurdyroot is a magical plant resembling a green onion, and according to Luna Lovegood it was excellent for warding off Gulping Plimpies.[2]


Luna Lovegood and her father, Xenophilius Lovegood made a drink with this plant, which they called a Gurdyroot Infusion, which has a bogey-like taste. It was apparently reddish purple in colour.[3] The Gurdyroot was mentioned in the radio programme Toots, Shoots 'n' Roots.[4]

In 1986, there were brochures on the uses of Gurdyroot in the Three Broomsticks Inn.[5]

In 1997, Luna Lovegood sorted through her bag making Ron Weasley hold some of the contents, including the Gurdyroot. In the end she let Ron keep it, claiming that she had more than just that one.[2] Later in the year, Ron made a joke that Xenophilius and Luna gave Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour a lifetime supply of Gurdyroots for their wedding.[6]

It also has a highly unpleasant taste. When Hermione Granger was transforming into Bellatrix Lestrange in the spring of 1998 using Polyjuice Potion, Hermione stated that the potion tasted "disgusting, worse than Gurdyroots".[7]

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