Gurg was the title given to the leader of a giant tribe.[1]


The Gurg has command over the tribe and is served and brought food by other members of the tribe, and is usually identified by being the biggest, ugliest and laziest giant sitting at the bottom of the mountain. In order to be safe in the giants' territory, one must present a gift to the Gurg of the giants, as Rubeus Hagrid and Olympe Maxime did when they visited the giants' colony, acting as envoys on behalf of Albus Dumbledore in 1996. However, this is not a completely safe method, as Golgomath ordered his subordinates to attack Hagrid for even setting foot into his territory, despite the fact that Hagrid came bearing a gift for him. Even though the Gurgs are the leaders, they do not have complete control of their own tribe, as other giants may murder them for their position.[1]

Known Gurgs

  • Karkus: Karkus was the Gurg of the last remaining 80 giants on Earth. Karkus presided over the effective extinction of their species when his people began fighting and wiping each other out, and his people were forced to live (by wizards) in a dip beside a mountain lake between four extremely high mountains in Russia, leaving them no choice but to stick together for their own protection. He was killed and succeeded by Golgomath.[1]


Notes and references

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