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"The hag is a child-eating creature of human appearance, though likely to have more warts than the average witch."
Quentin Trimble, The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection[src]

A hag was a savage being that looked like an ugly, old witch but had more warts.[2] They had four toes on each foot, had a taste for the flesh of human children, and possessed rudimentary magic, similar to that of a troll.[3] Many Muggles tended to think that hags were what witches looked like, and were therefore popular in Muggle literature.[7]


In the 14th century, hags were "gliding about in search of children to eat" at Burdock Muldoon's failed meeting of the Wizards' Council welcoming any two-legged creatures as beings.[6]

Sometime during the 17th or 18th century, the witch Honoria Nutcombe founded the "Society for the Reformation of Hags", presumably a charitable organisation to help hags integrate into wizarding society.[8] Its headquarters were in Diagon Alley, London.[9]

Quirinus Quirrell supposedly had a "nasty bit o' trouble" with a hag sometime in 1990-1991 during his Grand Tour.[10]

A copy of Gilderoy Lockhart's Holidays with Hags

Sometime in or before 1992, Gilderoy Lockhart published a book called Holidays with Hags;[11] whether the book was one of Lockhart's fictions, in which case it would be useless, or one of the stories he stole from other, memory-charmed wizards and witches, is unknown.[12] This book, along with six other of his collected works, was set as a compulsory Defence Against the Dark Arts textbook during the 1992–1993 school year.[13]

In August 1993, Harry Potter thought he saw a hag ordering a plate of raw liver from behind a thick balaclava in the Leaky Cauldron.[14]

A hag called Annis Black sent in "A Word in Support of Hags" to the Daily Prophet, offering babysitting services.[15]

The wizard Professor Regulus Moonshine successfully developed a potion to suppress the human flesh-eating apetites of hags, with him losing several chunks of his own flesh whilst conducting clinical trials with hag volunteers.[16]

Hags were amongst the various magical creatures who proposed threats to the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy across the Wizarding world, during the Calamity in the 2010s. Hags were trapped in huge blocks of ice, in which volunteer wizards and witches had to liberate using the Fire-Making Spell to melt the ice and free the Foundable hags.[5]

Ministry classification

The British Ministry of Magic classifies hags as beings, a fact that causes centaurs and merpeople to desire the classification of beast.[6]

Known hags


Hags are what Muggles would recognise as "fairy tale witches": the above is Muggle child Bethany Harrison's impression of witch Winifred Whittle

Hags could occasionally be encountered in Diagon and Knockturn Alleys, as well as Hogsmeade;[14] however, some hags like Annis Black lived in caves.[15]


Hags were said to eat children[2][1] and raw livers,[14] although it was possible that those were false descriptions to defame them.[15]

Behind the scenes

  • The hag is a creature from English folklore. Originally used a way to explain the then-unknown condition of sleep paralysis, the "Old Hag" was a spirit that sat on a person's chest while they slept and gave them nightmares. The concept later evolved to be used for any malevolent and ugly old woman.


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