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A half-Veela (known as a part-Veela for the descendants of half-Veela) was a cross-breed between a human (normally a wizard or witch) and a Veela.[2] It is unknown if Veela could breed with Muggles or Squibs, and it is unlikely that a Muggle would ever learn of their existence, thus most or all half-Veela would inherit magical ability from their human parent.

Inheritance of Veela abilities

Fleur Delacour, a part-Veela

From their Veela parent or ancestor, they gained some Veela traits, such as breathtaking beauty and thus the ability to entrance men (or women, in the case of possible male part-Veela) magically.[1] It was unknown if half-Veela were able to shape-shift into bird-like creatures, or throw fireballs as full Veela can.[3]


Because they were half-breeds, half-Veela may have experienced the same prejudices that befell other half-breeds (though they were more difficult to detect than other half-breeds, such as Half-giants, because apart from their great physical beauty, they were otherwise physically identical to humans).


No male full-blooded Veela have ever been known to exist. The only known male with Veela ancestry was Louis Weasley, who was one-eighth Veela through his mother.[2]


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