A hamster is a type of small, burrowing rodent that is commonly kept as a pet.[1]


The Bludgeoning Boggart of Old London Town, a famous Boggart that prowled the streets of 19th-century London in the form of a "murderous thug," could be reduced to a hamster with a simple spell.[2]

In 1991, one of Queen Elizabeth II's pet corgis was transformed into a hamster by an unknown witch or wizard, prompting the Improper Use of Magic Office to launch an investigation.[3] Muggle authorities concluded that the Queen's dog had been stolen and replaced with a hamster as a "cruel" prank.[3]

Magic hamsters were a magical variety of hamster kept as a pet by witches and wizards.[4] On 31 October 1991, a Slytherin student lost his magic hamster, and asked Harry Potter if he had seen it.[4]


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