"Hannah Cockleford, stepping in to protect innocent Muggles; a real role model for any young witch or wizard."
The Professor.[src]

Hannah Cockleford was an English witch who lived in or around the village of Poppleton, England in the late 15th century.[1]


In 1484, the Earl of Paunchley, the tyrannical noble who lorded over the village of Poppleton, England, decided to hold a Jousting Tournament on the grounds of his castle. Shortly before the match was set to begin, he ordered Edmund Gaddlegate, a young boy, to put up pennants and banners. In the process, Edmund accidentally fell out of a tree, breaking his leg. His mother sent word to the Earl that her son would be unable to attend the match, which he had mandated all residents of Poppleton attend, whether they liked it or not.[1]

In punishment, the Earl decided that Edmund would be tied to a horse and forced to joust against him in the Jousting Tournament, as well as against all the knights who had come to take part in the competition. When the knights learned that the Earl expected them to joust against an injured boy, however, they left in disgust, and thus the Earl announced that he alone would challenge Edmund.[1]

As the Earl charged toward Edmund, Hannah, who was among the crowd of spectators watching the match, cast the strongest Shield Charm of her life between them. Hitting the spell, the Earl was knocked back, his horse toppling over onto him. Though he survived, for the rest of his life, he believed he was a donkey named Hairy Cyril.[1]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Charms: Hannah proved herself to be highly proficient in charm-work, given how she cast an extremely powerful Shield Charm to prevent the Earl of Paunchley from jousting Edmund Gaddlegate, a particularly impressive feat given how effective the charm worked and even rendered the Earl insane as a result, showing her great talent in this branch of magic.[1]


Notes and references

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