Professor Harfang Munter was the second Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute. He took over the school shortly after the mysterious death of his predecessor, founder Nerida Vulchanova, a great Bulgarian witch. He was a wizard of "dubious allegiance or nefarious intent", having stressed the importance of duelling and all forms of martial magic — something that the school is reputed for, even today, having kept it as an important part of its curriculum.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Harfang is a city of "civilized" giants in the Narnia universe of C. S. Lewis. Harfång also a Swedish word, also blrrowed in other languages, such as French, used to refer to male snowy owls (literally: "hare-catcher"), the same species used for Hedwig in the movies.
  • Munter is the Danish, Swedish, German and Norwegian word for "cheerful", and while it is unlikely to be the cause of the name, it still provides irony in the fact that the Headmaster is described to be of villainous nature.


Notes and references

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