"This — is the last thing I had from my mum. The only thing. I was given to the Dursleys wrapped in it. I thought it had gone forever and then — […] — well, any time I've wanted luck I've found it and just tried to hold it and I wondered if you..."
Harry Potter offers his son Albus the blanket[src]

This blanket was wrapped around Harry Potter when he was given to the Dursley family. Many years later, following the death of Harry's aunt, Petunia Dursley, Dudley Dursley found the blanket among her possessions and sent it to him. Following this, Harry would take it and hold it when he felt that he needed luck, believing that Petunia wanted him to have it.

In 2020, shortly before Albus Potter was leaving for his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry attempted to give this blanket to him in an attempt to mend matters between them, which had become frayed. He explained the blanket's history to him, and offered it to him, and to be together with him on Hallow's Eve, the night his parents died. Albus, however, could not see the point of the gift and dismissed it as a "mouldy blanket." The two fought, with Albus stating that he wished Harry wasn't his dad, and Harry, at his breaking point, replying that there were times he wished Albus wasn't his son. Albus then picked up the blanket and threw it, causing it to collide with a Love Potion created by Ronald Weasley, which spilled all over the blanket, damaging it.[1]

Harry Potter presents Albus with the blanket

Following a series of disastrous events, Albus Potter and his friend Scorpius Malfoy found themselves trapped in Godric's Hollow in 31 October, 1981. The two were hoping to thwart Delphini's attempt to save her father, Lord Voldemort, but found themselves alone without help. Looking to send a message back to the past, Albus spotted Lily Potter wrapping baby Harry in the blanket and recalled his father's gift. Scorpius pointed out that any message they left would be read far too soon, but Albus remembered the blanket's having been spattered with love potion. Recalling knowledge from Potions, Albus knew that Pearl Dust was an ingredient in all love potions and that it reacted with tincture of Demiguise, which was otherwise invisible. The two were thus able to leave a message, "Dad. Help. Godric's Hollow. 31/10/81," directing Harry to search for them in Godric's Hollow on 31 October, 1981.[2]

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