"Well they're all right! No lace, no dodgy little collar!"
—Description of Harry's Yule Ball robes[src]

Harry Potter wore dress robes which looked similar to the Hogwarts uniform, but were bottle green in colour, to the Yule Ball for the 1994 Triwizard Tournament.[1] He also wore dress robes to several other occasions as well.[2][3]


Molly Weasley purchased the robes in 1994 when she went shopping for her children's school supplies. She thought that they would look better on him, because the green colour matched Harry's eyes. Ron Weasley said they were "all right", as they were not as hideous looking as his own dress robes. Harry's dress robes were also a modern version of more traditional ones.

DH1 Harry Potter in his wedding dress 01

Harry's dress robes in 1998

In December 1996, Harry wore dress robes to Slughorn's Christmas party, which he attended with Luna Lovegood, as his party guest. These robes were black with a curving high collar. The tie and silk oxford shirt he wore underneath were deep red. The vest that completed the look was black.

He also wore dress robes to Bill and Fleur's wedding in August 1998. The dress robes he wore to the wedding were purple and black. The blazer and pants were a deep black. The oxford shirt and tie underneath were dark purple, with a silk pattern. The dress robes he wore to the wedding appeared to look more like a suit then anything else.

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