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Bill: "Did you hear about Florean Fortescue, Remus? The man who ran […] "
Harry: " [...] What’s happened to him?"
Bill: "Dragged off, by the look of his place."
Bill Weasley and Harry Potter on the latter's birthday[src]

Harry Potter's sixteenth birthday party took place on 31 July, 1996. The celebration was held at the Burrow and only a small number of people were present. The party overall was a rather gloomy affair.


The party was interrupted by Remus Lupin's report that Igor Karkaroff's corpse was discovered in a shack in the north of Britain, after his having been on the run since Lord Voldemort's return in June of 1995. Bill Weasley added that Florean Fortescue had also been kidnapped by Death Eaters; Harry was shocked by this, knowing Fortescue to be a kindly wizard who often gave him free ice cream. Arthur Weasley also informed the party that the wandmaker Mr Ollivander had disappeared. Molly Weasley did not appreciate this topic of conversation and tried to change the subject.


Notes and references

  1. It was not seen nor mentioned in the film but as it happened at this time in the book, it can for safe be said that it happened in the film