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Harry Potter: Hogwarts: A Cinematic Yearbook is a activity book first published in the United Kingdom by Scholastic Ltd in 2016. It is aimed for Children from Age eight and upwards.

It has 60 pages plus thirteen more altogether 73 from the Cover of the book to the blurb at the back.

It takes you through the days of attending to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from your Magical Family tree, Diagon Alley and your journey to Hogwarts and last your Hogwarts Diary through Harry Potter's School adventures. It was releced in United Kingdom on the 6 October, 2016.

Back book

Back cover blurb of UK version in 2016


A Wizarding Welcome!              Page 10                                                          

Diagon Alley                              Page 12

Journey to Hogwarts                 Page 14

Your Hogwarts Diary                 Page 16

          My First Year at Hogwarts

          Pull-out Diary

The Great Hall                           Page 17

The Sorting Hat                         Page 18

Hogwarts Houses Postcards     Page 19 

Special Subjects                        Page 22

Hogwarts Timetable                   Page 23

Potions Class                             Page 24

Harry Potter Poster                    Page 25

Wonderful Wands                      Page 28

Special Delivery!                        Page 30 

The Marauder's Map                  Page 32

Amazing Animagi                       Page 34

Quiddich Trials                           Page 26

Quiddich Postcards                    Page 37

Breaking News                           Page 40

Magical Creatures                      Page 42

Charm School                            Page 44

Helpfull  House-Elves                 Page 46

Turning Time                              Page 48

Hermione Granger Poster          Page 49

Mirror, Mirror                               Page 52

Beastly Book                               Page 53

King Aragog                                Page 54

Ron Weasley Poster                   Page 55

The Triwizard Tournament          Page 58

Magical Memories                      Page 60

Printed in...

This book was Printed and bound in Europe in Germany.

Cost in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada.

Sold in UK for:     £7.99 in 2016 BPS

Sold in the US for:    $22.83 in 2016 USD

Sold in Canada for:   CDN$78.01 in 2016 CDN