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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a video game developed by Jam City, originally released for mobile devices on 25 April, 2018.[2][6][7] It is the first game to be released under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's Portkey Games label.

In this game, the player creates their own character and takes on the role of a Hogwarts student. The character experiences seven years and takes part in classes as well as extra activities such as the Duelling Club.[6] The game is still under development, as some chapters of Year 7 and Quidditch Season 4 are still not released.

Several actors voiced characters that they had played in the Harry Potter films before, including Warwick Davis, Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Gemma Jones, Zoë Wanamaker, and Sally Mortemore.[2][8]


The player creates a character and follows the story of a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and throughout the game will have to make certain choices that determine the path their character will be placed on, including the kind of relationships they build with other characters. Along with the story told through each chapter, they have the opportunity to achieve rewards by learning spells and potions.

The story follows the character for their seven years of education at Hogwarts from 1984 to 1991. In that time, the game will feature characters known from the books during their student years, including Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, and Nymphadora Tonks.[7] The game also features teachers who were working at Hogwarts during that time including the characters of Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall,[7] Albus Dumbledore, Filius Flitwick, and Rolanda Hooch.[9] During the timespan, an infant Harry Potter was only just spared his life. Cedric Diggory was mentioned by his father, that he would be joining Hogwarts as a first-year student by the time the player reaches year 6.


The player

The player will receive choices to make throughout the game. The answers they give from a maximum of three possible answers can determine which wand they receive, how strong their friendship with another character will be or how to deal with a situation that could have an impact on them later in the story. They have the choice of rewards that help contribute to the CourageIcon.png Courage, EmpathyIcon.png Empathy and KnowledgeIcon.png Knowledge level of the player. The rewards can be earned in classes or by completing pieces of the story. Certain choices may only be available if the player's Courage, Empathy or Knowledge level are high enough.

Levelling up will have all energy restored. By tapping on the character's face on the upper left, the current level and level progress bar will be visible underneath the character's name. When the bar is full the player levels up.


The player completes each chapter for both the classes or the story by using EnergyIcon.png energy to complete tasks. The initial full limit of the player's energy is 24, though it can be broadened throughout the game. When the player uses one energy it will take four minutes for the energy to be added back to the game. The number of energy one general task will take varies between 1 and 5, in special cases, when the outline is red instead of blue, it can take up to 13.

Throughout the game, there are hidden opportunities to gain energy by clicking on a certain character or item. They are known to include:

The player cannot go over the energy limit except in a few instances (buying energy with diamonds, levelling up friendships, duelling club, getting energy from pets). Thus, tapping the above locations with a full energy bar will not help the player get more energy.

Sometimes when the player runs out of energy in the middle of a task, the option of watching a 30-second advertisement to get 3 bolts of energy would be presented. One must keep pressing until seeing the "Out of Energy" message in order to see this option.

In-App purchases

The game offers a reward or purchase of coins and diamonds which can be used to buy in-app purchases including more energy or even clothes, hairstyles and accessories for the character. The coins also need to be used to complete a certain part of the chapter including 100 coins to build a relationship with another character or learning to duel.

House Cup

The House Cup in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The player will win or lose House points throughout the game which could depend on their choices. Their ranking will be placed on the Leaderboard for how many points they have earned overall for the House. They will be placed in a list of randomised students and their choices could have an impact on the House placement in the rankings overall. The winner of the House Cup at the end of the year will be rewarded with 50 gems.

Story, classes, side quests and achievements

The game-playing takes place in two sections: the story and the classes aspect, with the addition of side quests. The player will not need in each chapter to complete a class or a side quest and then move on to the story. They can complete in the order and the pace they decide. However, the game will not allow the player to move on to the next chapter or part of the chapter unless the player completes both the story and class.

To complete a class, the player earns stars within a time limit choice of either 1hr, 3hrs or 8hrs which affect the number of stars they can earn and therefore the rewards. If reaching the maximum star before the class hour is up, the player can leave class early. In each class, they will have to trace spells or rotate potions in a similar way to an old Pottermore feature. The player could be asked a question about the subject during the class, and providing the right answer will reward the player with their choice of energy, points, coins or diamonds. Everyone will receive the same questions but the order in which they are asked throughout each chapter will be randomised. For example, one player could answer the same question earlier in the game than another player who will receive another question instead of at that point.


When encountering a duel, the game offers three choices: Sneaky, Defensive, and Aggressive. Sneaky defeats Defensive, Aggressive defeats Sneaky and Defensive defeats Aggressive. If losing, the player may spend a certain number of coins awarded in the game, and try again.

The occasional Duelling Club events may grant different prizes for every win; the Duelling Room is located in Dungeons; when opened, the player gets 3 DuellingTicketIcon.png tickets for every few hours. For every duel won, the player would sometimes earn +4 energy or be rewarded with coins.

Some spells, potions, and other lessons cannot be learned by attending classes, and must be taught via side quests or achieving a certain number of wins in Duelling Club. For example: Leek jinx is a gifted 'Sneaky' Duelling move by defeating 20 duelists in a day while the club was still an exclusive club.


In the App update released on 30 May, 2018, players now are able to build friendships outside of the main story arc. This new feature disabled the old "Explore" function those three locations used to have, in which the player could enter, but only to look around as there was no interactive setup. The "Explore" function was made available again with an update in mid 2020.

  • Meal with a Friend: Located at the Great Hall, 10hrs for the next cycle after playing; costs various amounts of CoinIcon.png coins.
  • Play Gobstones: Located at the Courtyard, 16hrs for the next cycle after playing; costs various amounts of CoinIcon.png coins.
  • Drink Butterbeer: Located at the Three Broomsticks, 16hrs for the next cycle after playing; costs various amounts of CoinIcon.png coins. Unlocked after Year 3 Chapter 8.
  • Studying in the Library: currently in beta

The amount of experience gained peer interaction increases every time the player starts a new year. However, the required number of points is also higher for friends who are unlocked at later points in the game.

Some characters are unavailable in certain activities. Fred Weasley and George Weasley, as well as Cedric Diggory and Beatrice Haywood cannot be interacted with in the Three Broomsticks due to being too young to go to Hogsmeade. Murphy McNully cannot play Gobstones. After completing Year 5, Bill Weasley is not available for friendship interactions at all (due to his graduation), but he later becomes available again for Butterbeer. Rowan Khanna is no longer available after their death in Year 6. Dobby is only available for a meal in the Great Hall. Rubeus Hagrid is not available for these interactions at all, and friendship with him is built by completing side quests involving magical creatures.

Sometimes, events make certain friends temporarily unavailable, for example Tulip Karasu at the beginning of Year 4, as she is first missing and then sent to the Hospital Wing.

Tapping the character icons of friends on the bottom right of the screen, shows friendship levels. After a certain level, the reward for levelling up friendship is energy. The higher the next friendship level, the higher the energy reward (+5, +10, +15, etc.) until reaching max friendship level. Reaching the maximum friendship level (10) gives a special reward.


Main article: Romance in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Romance in the game is hinted in details of the main plot as well as several achievements in quests. In the quests, the player is given a chance to escort one of their character's friends to a school event as a date. All potential dates are available to player characters of either gender, allowing for both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

The achievement quests include the Celestial Ball, First Date, Valentine's Day, Festival Fun, Valentine's Day Ball and An Enchanted Kiss.

The fully implemented romance system was subsequently added in an update released on 16 February, 2021, and is similar to the previous friendship system. In the romance system, the player character goes on a date with a chosen character during which they participate in mini games related to that person (eg, picking flowers for their date with a sorting mini game). Successful completion of the games and the correct answers to their date's questions will increase both that character's friendship metre and the new romance metre.

Once the romance metre is full, it will increase the romance level with that character, unlocking new locations, and games, for their dates.


In the update released on 26 June, 2018, players now have the option to purchase pets. Players can purchase various types of pets, as listed below. After purchasing the base skin, the player can purchase additional skins for pets for coins, gems or brown notebooks. The player can keep a pet with them at all times, with additional pets being kept in the player's dormitory. Tapping and awakening sleeping pets can give players energy. In an update on the 28 September, 2018, it became possible to purchase magical pets, a crup and a streeler. Both of these are available to purchase with notebooks, a new currency available through completing classes and events. More magical pets have been added since, along with two Hallowe'en pets, which were originally event-exclusive but are now available for notebooks.


Magical Creatures

Feed and Bond with a creature to increase your Magizoologist Level. Increase your Magizoologist Level to unlock new and exciting creatures.

Icon of Magizoologist Level


Year One

Year One of the game contains 10 chapters (11 for early players). The player gets to select their Hogwarts Houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin) and participate in Charms, Potions, and Flying classes, while meeting friends (Rowan Khanna, Ben Copper, and Penny Haywood) and archenemy (Merula Snyde), and experiences playing Gobstones and duelling.

As the player tries to find out what happened to their older brother, Jacob, the existence of the Cursed Vaults is revealed, with Ice Knights and the Vanished Stairs decided to be researched upon. At the end of the school year, Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore promises to discuss the Cursed Vaults and Jacob another time.

Year Two

Year Two of the game contains 11 chapters. Aside from the three previous classes, the player gets to participate in Transfiguration in addition. Ben Copper went missing at the beginning of the school year, later found to be trapped with cursed ice and rescued by Professors Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape. Meanwhile, the player, with the help of Rowan Khanna, continues to search for clues about the Vanished Stairs and the Cursed Vaults, sneaking into a common room from another House. They successfully locate the Vault of Ice, but results in Rowan being injured; the player is subsequently introduced to Bill Weasley for further help.

After being trained, the player and two friends venture into the Vault of Ice where they find a notebook and broken wand and a voice tells the player to never let "her" find the other ones. Near the end of the term, Dumbledore tells the player that they have something important to talk about at the end of next year.

Year Three

Year Three of the game contains 11 chapters. Aside from the four previous classes, the player gets to participate in Herbology in addition. The player experiences the Hogsmeade weekend trips, during the first of which, is officially introduced to fellow year mate Andre Egwu. The player also becomes closer friends with Nymphadora Tonks, Tulip Karasu, and eventually Barnaby Lee; the latter two formerly being close friends of Merula Snyde.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry suffers from several Boggart attacks not long after the start of term, which is concluded to be caused by another Cursed Vault. The player, with the help of friends, locates and ventures into the Vault of Fear. With the use of Jacob's wand found in the last vault, they find a map of the Forbidden Forest and an arrow.

By the end of term, Dumbledore tells the player he has been looking for the world's finest Curse-Breaker, Patricia Rakepick and that he invited her to join them next school year. He also warns the player to not break any more rules.

Year Four

Year Four of the game contains 17 chapters. Aside from the five previous classes, the player gets to participate in Care of Magical Creatures in addition, where they catch up and spend more time with Charlie Weasley.

At the start of term, Professor Albus Dumbledore introduces the students to Curse-Breaker Patricia Rakepick, who tells the students not to go look for the Cursed Vaults. Hogwarts students become largely affected by the Sleepwalking curse, with most students heading towards the Forbidden Forest, which is concluded to be a likely location for another vault. The broken arrow found in the previous vault is believed to have belonged to Centaurs; upon studying and asking around, the player befriended Centaur Torvus, who formerly owned the arrow.

As the player tries to locate the vault, Rakepick occasionally lends her Niffler, Sickleworth, to help out. The Forest Vault is found, the player hears the mysterious voice (believed to be Jacob's) telling the player that they're "nearly there", but that all vaults but the last one are false, meant to be distractions and traps. The voice reveals they are trapped within the next vault, and that only the player can free them, and that then they can find the final vault together, as "they" cannot be allowed to find it first. Using Torvus' arrow, a portrait of a dragon and a small sweater are revealed.

Due to a history of rule-breaking, the player is set to serve detention under Pitts the House-elf in the kitchens, beginning on the first day of their Fifth year, until the player has "learned their lesson". The player also learns that Rakepick will depart from the role of a curse-breaking consultant, and step in as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor for the next school year.

Year Five

Year Five of the game contains 34 chapters. Aside from the six previous classes, the player gets to participate in Defence Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic in addition.

Year Six

Year Six of the game contains 46 chapters. Aside from the eight previous classes, the player gets to participate in Divination and Astronomy in addition.

Year Seven


Quidditch tasks were added on 4 September 2019. After Year 2 Chapter 6, players can tryout for their House Quidditch team to begin ther journey to Quidditch Cup victory. Meet new Quidditch teammates and friends Skye, Orion, and Murphy, and unlock the new Quidditch gameplay mode!



  • Attribute: EmpathyIcon.png Empathy
  • Club: IconClubsSphinx.png Sphinx
  • Rewards: +5 GemIcon.png Gems; +5 EnergyIcon.png Energy; +50 KnowledgeIcon.png Knowledge; Usable in Duelling
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7

In addition, the following spells were "learned" as rewards in duelling events upon completion, and all listed under Year 1, which became the only completed Year that constantly had updates with spells to learn solely for duelling and without any story arc attached to those said additional spells.


  • Attribute: KnowledgeIcon.png Knowledge
  • Club: IconClubsHippogriff.png Hippogriff
  • Rewards: +5 GemIcon.png Gems; Usable in Duelling
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7


  • Attribute: CourageIcon.png Courage
  • Club: IconClubsDragon.png Dragon
  • Rewards: +1 EnergyIcon.png Energy Limit & +5 GemIcon.png Gems
Year 1
  • Summon Broom
  • Mount Broom
  • Liftoff and Landing
Year 2
  • Fast Laps
  • Weaving
    (demonstrated by Andre)
Year 3
  • Rolling
    (demonstrated by Andre)
  • Diving
  • Loop-the-Loop
Year 4
Year 5
  • Reversing
  • Agility Course - Over Under
  • Starfish and Stick
  • Agility Course - Thread the Needle
  • Agility Course - Advanced Weaving
  • Switching Brooms
Year 6
Year 7
  • Surfing Loop
  • Surf Jump through Hoop


  • Attribute: KnowledgeIcon.png Knowledge
  • Club: IconClubsSphinx.png Sphinx
  • Rewards: +5 GemIcon.png Gems; +5 CreatureFood.png Creature Food; +5 EnergyIcon.png Energy; Usable in Duelling
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7


  • Attribute: EmpathyIcon.png Empathy
  • Club: IconClubsHippogriff.png Hippogriff
  • Rewards: +5 GemIcon.png Gems; +5 EnergyIcon.png Energy
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7

Care of Magical Creatures

  • Attribute: CourageIcon.png Courage
  • Club: IconClubsHippogriff.png Hippogriff
  • Rewards: +5 CreatureFood.png Creature Food
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7

Defence Against the Dark Arts

  • Attribute: CourageIcon.png Courage
  • Club: IconClubsDragon.png Dragon
  • Rewards: +5 EnergyIcon.png Energy; +5 GemIcon.png Gems; Usable in Duelling
Year 5
Year 6
(taught by Bill unless stated otherwise)
Year 7

History of Magic

  • Attribute: KnowledgeIcon.png Knowledge
  • Club: IconClubsSphinx.png Sphinx
  • Rewards: +5 EnergyIcon.png Energy
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7


  • Attribute: EmpathyIcon.png Empathy
  • Club: IconClubsHippogriff.png Hippogriff
  • Rewards: +5 GemIcon.png Gems
Year 6
Year 7


  • Attribute: KnowledgeIcon.png Knowledge
  • Club: IconClubsSphinx.png Sphinx
  • Rewards: +200 CoinIcon.png Coins

Year 6

Year 7

Muggle Studies

  • Attribute: EmpathyIcon.png Empathy
  • Club: IconClubsSphinx.png Sphinx
  • Rewards: +200 CoinIcon.png Coins

Year 7



  • Jacob's sibling - whom the character controls, and whose name, appearance and house are determined by the player


In addition to these students, Rubeus Hagrid (a staff member) is also on the player's friends list, but cannot be interacted with in the three friendship locations. Friendship with him is established and built with side quests involving the Magical Creatures Reserve (see "Hagrid" section in "Side Quests" for more information). Dobby is also in the friends list, being unlocked after completing the "Meet the Malfoys" side quest. Friendship with him can only be increased with the meal interaction and the level 10 reward with him is mismatched clothing.

A *next to a chapter means the friendship was added to that chapter retroactively. George was originally unlocked by the completion of Year 6 Chapter 14.

Name House Acquaintance Friendship established Friendship gift
Rowan Khanna same as the player Year 1 Chapter 1 Year 1 Chapter 3 Rowan's glasses
Ben Copper Gryffindor Year 1 Chapter 3 Year 1 Chapter 3 Icy robes
Penny Haywood Hufflepuff Year 1 Chapter 6 Year 1 Chapter 7 Potions belt and plain shirt
Chiara Lobosca Hufflepuff Year 1 Achievement "Howling Hallowe'en" Year 2 Achievement "Packmates" Chiara's necklace
Bill Weasley Gryffindor Year 2 Chapter 6 Year 2 Chapter 6 Weasleys' sweater
Nymphadora Tonks Hufflepuff Year 3 Chapter 1 Year 3 Chapter 1 Tonks' hairstyle
Tulip Karasu Ravenclaw Year 3 Chapter 5 Year 3 Chapter 5 Dungbomb necklace
Barnaby Lee Slytherin Year 3 Chapter 2 Year 3 Chapter 8 Sweater with house crest
Talbott Winger Ravenclaw Year 3 Achievement "Become an Animagus" Year 3 Achievement "Birds Of A Feather" Tie-dye purple eagle shirt
Andre Egwu Ravenclaw Year 2 Chapter 1 Year 4 Chapter 1 Pride of Portree jersey
Charlie Weasley Gryffindor Year 4 Chapter 1 Year 4 Chapter 3 Charlie's hairstyle
Jae Kim Gryffindor Year 5 Chapter 3 Year 5 Chapter 3 Jae's yellow hoodie[11]
Badeea Ali Ravenclaw Year 5 Chapter 4 Year 5 Chapter 4 Badeea's pants[12]
Liz Tuttle Slytherin Year 3 Side Quest
"Polyjuice Potion"
Year 5 Chapter 8 Liz's sweater
(wrapped around the waist)[13]
Diego Caplan Hufflepuff Year 5 Chapter 16 Year 5 Chapter 19 Diego's jacket[14]
Fred Weasley Gryffindor Year 6 Chapter 3 Year 6 Chapter 4 Relashio (spell)
George Weasley Gryffindor Year 6 Chapter 3 Year 6 Chapter 5* Levicorpus (spell)
Cedric Diggory Hufflepuff Year 6 Chapter 7 Year 6 Chapter 14* Cedric's outfit
Alanza Alves Castelobruxo Exchange Student Year 6 Chapter 22 Year 6 Chapter 22* Alanza's outfit
Beatrice Haywood Hufflepuff Year 5 Chapter 1 Year 6 Chapter 27 Beatrice's hairstyle and spiky witch hat
Levi Kidd Gryffindor Year 1 Chapter 2 Year 6 Achievement "The Rise of a Curse Breaker" Levi's hairstyle
Corey Hayden Gryffindor Year 7 Chapter 1 Year 7 Chapter ?* Corey's outfit
Victor Ketsueki Ravenclaw Year 7 Chapter 16 Year 7 Chapter 18 Victor's jacket
Skye Parkin same as the player Quidditch Season 1 Chapter 1 Quidditch Season 1 Chapter 3 Skye's jacket and hoodie (grey, no house crest)
Murphy McNully same as the player Quidditch Season 1 Chapter 3 Quidditch Season 1 Chapter 4 Murphy's shirt
Orion Amari same as the player Quidditch Season 1 Chapter 4 Quidditch Season 1 Chapter 7 Orion's hairstyle
Erika Rath Ravenclaw or Slytherin Quidditch Season 1 Chapter 7 Quidditch Season 2 Achievement "Rivalry, Respect and Rath" Erika's outfit with house colour

Other Hogwarts students

Other wizarding schools


Name Occupation Additional duties
Albus Dumbledore Headmaster N/A
Filius Flitwick Charms Professor Head of Ravenclaw and Frog Choir conductor
Severus Snape Potions Professor Head of Slytherin
Rolanda Hooch Flying Instructor Quidditch coach and referree
Minerva McGonagall Transfigurations Professor Head of Gryffindor, Deputy Headmaster
Pomona Sprout Herbology Professor Head of Hufflepuff
Silvanus Kettleburn Care of Magical Creatures Professor N/A
Unnamed professor (1984-1985) (Mentioned only) Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor
Unnamed professor (1985-1986) (Mentioned only)
Unnamed professor (1986-1987) (Mentioned only)
Unnamed professor (1987-1988) (Mentioned only)
Patricia Rakepick Head Curse-Breaker at Gringotts Wizarding Bank
Unnamed professor (1989-1990) (Mentioned only) N/A
Cuthbert Binns History of Magic Professor
Sybill Trelawney Divination Professor
Aurora Sinistra Astronomy Professor
Quirinus Quirrell Muggle Studies Professor
Arif Sikander
Septima Vector (Mentioned only) Arithmancy Professor
Rubeus Hagrid Gamekeeper
Argus Filch Caretaker
Poppy Pomfrey Matron
Irma Pince Librarian
Pitts House-elf working in the kitchens
Unidentified house-elf


Animals, beasts and beings

Chocolate Frog Cards

The following characters appear on Chocolate Frog Cards. This excludes characters who also appear in person or portraits.


The following characters never appear in the game and are not Hogwarts students or staff members during the events of the game. They were mentioned in a trivia hint, were a selectable option in a trivia answer or mentioned by other characters.


List of deaths

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last line Notes
Bartholomew Unknown Unknown 15th19th century Unknown Did not return as a ghost after his death.
Talbott Winger's father Death Eaters Unknown 1970s1980s Died in an attack by Death Eaters while their son survived thanks to his Animagus abilities.
Talbott Winger's mother
Duncan Ashe Unknown Erumpent Potion explosion 1970s–early 1980s Was involved in Jacob's search for the Cursed Vaults. Returned as a ghost after death.
Rowan Khanna Patricia Rakepick Killing Curse 1990 Sacrificed their life to save Jacob's sibling, Ben Copper, and Merula Snyde.

Behind the scenes

  • It was released on the 24th of April in some countries.
  • Side Quests can carry over to the next school year, though it is suggested to complete them during the Year they were released in, in order to keep the plot within continuity.[16][17][18]
  • While players are only able to interactively participate in Charms, Potions, and Flying during year 1, Transfiguration as an addition in year 2, Herbology as an addition in year 3; the characters of the players are actually attending all canon classes.[19]
    • In Year 1 for example, if the player is in Hufflepuff, Rowan Khanna will mention Herbology and say it would have been more enjoyable were they not having to worry about a murderous plant. It was later brought up in the Side Quests of Chapter 8 in Year 1 in Hufflepuff's house meeting, where they discussed how to help their Head of House, Pomona Sprout, amongst other things. Depending on the players' choice, one conclusion was to help their Professors clean up after their class.
    • In Year 2 Chapter 5, when visiting Rowan in the Hospital Wing, Jacob's sibling brought their star chart from Astronomy Class.
  • The player may create their own name if they wish, but there are player names which are banned for unknown reasons, including the name Roland. Although it could possibly be due to Madame Hooch's first name being Rolanda. However, should one feel that their names may be mistakenly excluded, the game developer, Jam City, stated that they welcome the feedback so they can take a closer look.[20]
    • Interestingly, the name "Jacob" is not banned, meaning that both the player and their brother can share the same name.
  • On the Leaderboard, the majority of the names of other students and their appearance are randomised for that player, and the only names which are the same for everyone will be for game-playing characters like Merula Snyde or Ben Copper. The randomised names are similar and can even be the same, with popular surnames being Nguyen, Hernandez, Miller, Young, and Carter.
  • The following characters were attending Hogwarts or would have begun attending Hogwarts during the years the player attended from 1984 until 1991. However, they have not been mentioned in relation to the game or are known to appear in the game: Marcus Flint (Sorted 1986), Penelope Clearwater and Oliver Wood (Sorted 1987), Roger Davies, Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan, Adrian Pucey, Alicia Spinnet, Patricia Stimpson, and Kenneth Towler (Sorted 1989).
  • There were a few other characters from Harry Potter's early years at Hogwarts who would have attended around the same time including Quidditch players and Prefects like Terence Higgs and Robert Hilliard.
  • Based solely on their birth year (though it is not known if they attended Hogwarts), these characters could also have attended Hogwarts during that time: Dunbar Oglethorpe (b. 1968), Heathcote Barbary (b. 1974), Herman Wintringham (b. 1974), Stanley Shunpike (b. 1974/1975), and Gideon Crumb (b. 1975).
  • The additional Hogwarts staff from 1984 would have been composed of: Quirinus Quirrell (Muggle Studies, at least in the late 1980s). It is unknown if Bathsheda Babbling already taught Study of Ancient Runes.
  • Even though the Duelling Club has been confirmed to feature in the game,[6] it was originally created by Gilderoy Lockhart in the 1992–1993 school year. It is possible that several different Duelling Clubs were founded and dissolved throughout the history of Hogwarts.
  • In Chapter 1 of Year 2, the player will be told they need to sneak into another House's common room to find an object. The House common room they will sneak into will be different for every House. It could be randomised and ensures the player simply went to another House's common room. If there's a pattern, it appears Ravenclaw and Slytherin will sneak into the Gryffindor common room, and Hufflepuff and Gryffindor will sneak into the Slytherin common room.
  • During Year 1, Professor Snape is mentioned to be petitioning for the Defence Against the Dark Arts position. The current DADA teacher was having trouble, and the curse on the position is mentioned by Rowan.
  • Within the APK file of the game there exist various images of shapes that correspond to the shapes one must draw in order to cast spells. Many of these shapes are different from the shapes that are used in the final game. For example, a shape like a number four is used to represent Alohomora (similar to Wonderbook: Book of Spells), while the game uses a more circular gesture.
  • In Hogsmeade, some shop names are shortened:
  • The kitchens were previously shown as a location unlocked in Year 5 but the location was changed into a hidden location.
  • In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 9 (The Writing on the Wall), Ron tells Harry "I think someone told me a story about a secret chamber at Hogwarts once. Might have been Bill." It could be that Bill has told Ron about the Cursed Vaults at some point between the 1985–1986 school year and the 1992–1993 school year.
  • Achievement "Packmates" was previously titled and displayed as "Chiara" when it was released around 30 October 2019, but was renamed sometime in November that year.


Fixed errors

  • When Year 3 was first released, in the friends' section, Bill Weasley's year showed up as 3, even though it was supposed to be 5, and was correctly shown on the Leaderboard. It was resolved in a couple of days.
  • Andre Egwu and Ismelda Murk were initially missing from the Leaderboard; both were added after the update on 14 June 2018.
    • Ismelda's surname was initially incorrectly shown as "Placeholder," but was corrected after the update on 21 June 2018.
    • Liz Tuttle was initially missing from the Leaderboard; added after the update on 16 August 2018.
    • A few other characters introduced later were added to the leaderboard in 2021.
    • Merula Snyde and Ismelda Murk have double entries on the Leaderboard after the update on 2 May, 2019. This was fixed in 2021.
  • As of 23 July, 2021, Victor Ketsueki's name on the leaderboard was "c_VictorKetsueki_skin_first c_VictorKetsueki_skin_last".
  • Side Quest "Nearly Headless Nick":
    • Sometimes appears four times in the side quest section, sometimes not at all.
    • Sometimes, after reopening the app while waiting for a task, the ending cutscene of the previous task is shown again, although the waiting time does not reset, indicating that this is not due to the game not properly saving.
    • Disappeared shortly after it was added, making it impossible for players to complete unless they were quick.
    • All the above was later fixed on 28 June 2018.
  • For a short while in Year 4, Defence Against the Dark Arts classes gave empathy instead of courage. The Ghoul lesson, however, already gave courage when the class was added.
  • For a short while in Year 5, 5-star Defence Against the Dark Arts classes could be completed with just 45 energy in total, giving players a faster way to earn house points and crests for special events. This was, however, fixed after around a week.
  • For a short window, Achievement "Howling Hallowe'en" was briefly located in Year 1, with Fenrir Greyback misspelled as "Fenrir Greenback" in its description, though the quest was no longer visible shortly afterward. This typo was fixed and the Achievement was added back to Year 1 on 18 October 2018.
  • Prior to the release of the first part of Year 5, friend characters whose standard outfits differed from the Hogwarts uniform would wear their standard outfits when appearing in classes rather than the uniform (even though this would have got them in trouble in real life), this was fixed upon release of the start of year five so characters always wear their uniform in classes.
  • In Liz Tuttle's Year 4 quiz, when asked which object was found in the Forest Vault, dragon portrait used to be an incorrect answer choice despite it being true. This was later corrected.
  • When Muffliato was first featured as an upcoming Charms lesson in Year 5, around 7 March, 2019, it was incorrectly spelled as Muffilato; this was corrected on 21 March, 2019.
  • In the classes section, the icon for Divinations was the same as for History of Magic. This was fixed on 25 July, 2019.
  • Shortly after the start of Year 6, players received notifications for a quest called "PEN-FRIEND OR FOE" or "Y6_TLSQBeauxbatonsC1" (the latter was likely a code name for the former), but no signs of a new time-limited side quest.
    • When the Achievement actually came out, it was revealed to be Year 2 rather than Year 6.
  • After the player reached level 46/47/48, the XP bar no longer increased, but it did not say it is the maximum level like it did previously, as maximum levels have been increased multiple times. This mistake was later fixed in around late July or early August 2019.
  • Following the Christmas update in December 2019, the student with the sled in Hogsmeade was missing, and players could not get energy from this spot. This was fixed soon afterward.
  • George Weasley was initially not available as a friend following the completion of Year 6 Chapter 14 except for a few players, for whom friendship activities with him were glitched. This was fixed on 14 January, 2020.
  • Following the completion of Year 6 Chapter 18, a different character-specific character (whose model replaces Rowan's model) was displayed as Rowan Khanna on the Leaderboard. This was fixed by the time Chapter 22 was released, and the character is now shown with the name Marina Sanchez.
  • The description used for the Chinese Fireball in the Magical Creatures Reserve is the description of the Niffler.


  • The world-class broomstick Firebolt was released in 1993, yet during Flying classes as early in 1984, Firebolt could be mentioned in a few situations, predating the broom's canon existence by almost a decade:
    • The question "A Firebolt is a type of what?" could be asked.
    • Rolanda Hooch provides a trivia hint, telling the player to familiarise with "Cleansweep, Comet, Nimbus and Firebolt."
      • A reduced statement "Cleansweep, Comet and Nimbus" is now offered, though the one with Firebolt is still around.
    • The question "Which of these is not a broom?" could be asked, Firebolt being one of the choices.
  • A couple of known students are missing from the Leaderboard, including:
  • As of 21 August, 2021, Barnaby Lee has a double entry on the leaderboard.
  • The question on who the Divination Professor was could be asked, and one of the options was Professor Umbridge. The player characters wouldn't receive that as an option, because Professor Umbridge worked at the Ministry of Magic and would not become the unlikely Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor until 1995.
  • Though Severus Snape gave a speech about "little foolish wand-waving [in Potions class]" during his introduction for the subject for the 1991–1992 school year, in the game, he clearly used his wand to move phials of ingredients to his potions when he demonstrates. The students, on the other hand, add the same ingredients by hand, though in certain situations, they would cast Lumos in order to properly look through the shelves to search for ingredients.
    • It is possible that Snape did not consider this kind of magic foolish, or he was referring to subjects like Charms, where amateur students wave their wand around without success towards creating the spell. Or, he changed his teaching method at some point before the 1991–1992 school year.
  • In Defence Against the Dark Arts, Professor Rakepick occasionally asks a question involving Horcruxes. Since Horcruxes are extremely dark magic and not known to common Wizarding knowledge, it would be unlikely that she would have Horcruxes in her curriculum. Even if she wanted to (which is likely, given her nature), she would likely get into huge trouble if anyone tells.
  • At the end of each year in the game, the House Cup is given out to the house with the most House points. While any house can win the cup in all of the years in the game, it is mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone that Slytherin has won the cup for six straight years, from the 1985–1986 school year to the 1990–1991 school year, which take place during Jacob's sibling's second to seventh years. This would also mean that Slytherin didn't win the cup in the 1984–1985 school year, which would take place during Jacob's sibling's first year. However, in the game, Slytherin can win the House Cup in that year.
  • All classes contain students from a specific House instead of having two Houses in a class (not including Jacob's sibling and Rowan)
  • In Potions Class, Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde appear to share a cauldron. However, they are mentioned to brew potions separately.
  • The hourglasses in the Great Hall do not accurately show the House Cup rankings.
  • McGonagall is misspelled "McGongall" in some of Bill Weasley's friendship activities.
  • Players on the Leaderboard with clothes from events with clothing that appears differently based on the player's house have clothes of the player's house regardless of the house they're in.
  • Only one male fifth-year student and one female fifth-year student from each house can become Prefect each year. However, if Jacob's sibling is a male fifth year Gryffindor, they can become a Prefect despite Charlie Weasley, another male fifth year Gryffindor, also becoming a Prefect in the same year.
  • There is a glitch affecting some players where locations in the Castle Grounds and Dungeons would switch places.
  • The player character is used as a sort of teaching assistant to help Professor Flitwick in Charms classes despite being unqualified and despite Flitwick being otherwise depicted as a competent teacher that shouldn't have to rely on an unqualified child to help him.
  • In October and December, locations are decorated with Hallowe'en and Christmas decorations (and snow is added to some locations in December as well), respectively, regardless of the player's progress. This can lead to quests having decorations if the player completes them in October or December, even if they are meant to take place in different months in-universe.
  • One of the Creature Activities involves the Chinese Dragon Sanctuary. However, the Chinese Dragon Sanctuary was only established during the events of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, in the late 2010s.


  • The achievement section includes the memory "Impersonating Prof. Snape", which happens in a side quest that is not an achievement.
  • In the chapter log, the arrow for accessing the next page does not work, meaning the player can only see the descriptions of the first two chapters of each year.
  • Jacob's sibling wears a prefect badge or Head Boy/Girl badge (depending on the player's progress and completed achievements) in memories set in years before they are supposed to be wearing the badge.

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