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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a mobile game for iOS and Android. It combines RPG story-telling and card-based combat and its story starts ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts.[7]

The game was developed by Warner Bros. and NetEase under the Portkey Games umbrella and was first announced on 30 October 2019. It was released in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions on 9 September 2021,[1] and was soft-launched in more territories on 31 March and 2 May 2023. It was then released worldwide on 27 June 2023.[5]


Ten years after Harry Potter's legendary victory over Lord Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts,[7] a young Muggle-born receives an unexpected visit from a giant of a man by the name of Rubeus Hagrid, who has come to deliver their letter of acceptance to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hagrid explains to them about the existence of the wizarding world and accompanies them to Diagon Alley where they purchase necessary supplies for their first year. Upon arriving, however, a mystery begins to unfold on the grounds when one of the first years, Ivy Warrington, goes mysteriously missing after the Sorting Ceremony. The player thus starts their numerous adventures at Hogwarts by finding Ivy first.



Players are able to customise their character, select their Hogwarts House, attend lessons, explore Hogwarts, and join the Duelling Club. The core of Magic Awakened's gameplay is a digital-collectible card-based RTS in which spells are in the form of cards obtainable from gacha spins. The game also features ballroom dancing styled by rhythm-action gameplay as well as Quidditch matches fashioned in interactive tap-to-dodge mechanics. House competitions have also been available in Magic Awakened. House rivalry matches were held twice a day, ranging from duels to group challenges. They can also brew potions which can help them in certain features like the Duelling or Dance Clubs.


Every player has a Spellbook where their cards are kept once collected. The cards are collected in a variety of ways including completing daily tasks or taking part in events and features. In addition to gaining new cards, they will continue to collect the cards they already have so they can be upgraded. The Spellbook is also upgraded in strength whenever they level up a card. The player has to build their own deck by picking eight Magic cards and three Companion cards. Magic cards are categorised into Summons and Spells and have a Cost level. Companion cards can generally only be used once per duel or battle. The likelihood of the player collecting each individual card depends on their rarity level, ranging from Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Their deck also has one Echo which is a character that provides a unique boost to their deck. These characters are Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid, Dobby, Hermione Granger, Fred and George Weasley, Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape, Newton Scamander, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. In the Chinese version, Sirius Black, Ronald Weasley, Ginevra Weasley and Filius Flitwick are also available.


Every day, there are four daily tasks which refresh every morning to be completed for rewards including coins, keys and cards. These are given by one of four professors who rotate weekly. If every task for the week is completed, there is a reward of 100 galleons to spend in-game. The taskgivers are Professors McGonagall (True Transformation), Hagrid (Field Study), Slughorn (Potions Mastery), Flitwick (Like a Charm) and Trelawney (Sight Unseen). These daily tasks are centered around typical gameplay features like participating in dances and duelling or making potions. Time-limited tasks are also offered to the player and involve duelling or going to the Forbidden Forest. They get two hours to complete it.

Magic Awakened has a Magic Pass which also provides an opportunity for the player to unlock more in-game rewards and resources. It is changed monthly. The Magic Pass has up to 50 levels which the player progresses through while they play. Completing daily tasks is the main way to earn Pass Points and level up. Rewards include gold, gems, costume coupons and cards. The player can also buy the Deluxe or Premium Magic Pass to gain more of these rewards and other benefits. The Premium Magic Pass increases the number of gold, keys and gems that can obtained in daily tasks and gameplay and instantly lets the player pass several levels without playing. It will also guarantee Legendary-or-above rarity Cards as rewards.

In the Forbidden Forest, the player can explore solo in the Haunted Hollow or with a group in Team Explorations. These involve facing a challenge in which the player battles creatures or a Dark wizard. Haunted Hollow has levels and is played one level at a time. Team Explorations are played in a group of three, with the option of playing with companions like Daniel Page and Cassandra Vole or with other players. They can have up to six challenges in one adventure. The rewards to obtain here are often valuable. There are different types of Team Explorations. These are Off the Path, Deathly Dell or Into the Woods which has several themes including Gold or Echo. Every exploration has levels that get increasingly harder except for the Into the Woods (Gold). Echoes are collected Forbidden Forest rewards and are claimed through the Flying Ford Anglia in there.

The player can also join or create a Social Club to participate in the Club Adventure. During these adventures, they will fight various bosses, which are creatures and/or Dark wizards which have big health pools. Any damage the player and their teammates do to them will contribute to defeating the boss. Those that help defeat the boss will receive rewards. After several days, the whole process will reset. After each adventure, they will also receive Club Coins which are used to enhance the club's abilities.

Dance Club also enables the player to earn various rewards, such as discount coupons for cosmetics. Regular dances are the Waltz (First Encounter or Cloudtop Steps), Flight of the Thestrals, Tango (Puddifoot's Gaze or Deep Night), Funk (Magic Boogie) and Flamenco (A Long Journey Awaits or Pursuit & Ramble). These have five levels of difficulty unlocked by reaching their required rating through grading. They can dance with another player or companion character of their choosing. Every weekend, there is a special Dance Performance. In December 2023, there was a special Winter Ball Themed Dance for Christmas, called the Prelude to Christmas.

In the Shop, there are several things available for purchase including Bundles and monthly offers to get gems etc., while the Mystery Wheel provides random prizes. In the Magical Studies section, they can draw keys to get new cards. The keys for Basic Study and Advanced Study cards can be earned through game play.

Duelling Club[]

The Duelling Club provides two types of duelling. The player can take part in a solo duel (Top Wizard) against one other player or play in a duo (Best Partners) against two other players. The game also has special events from time to time with a different style of play. In every duel, the player is given an energy level of ten that is depleted each time they use a Magic card. Every Magic card has a Cost level ranging from two to seven. Whenever they use a card, the energy level increases every second until it gets back to ten.

If they win a duel, they gain a Points Reward in addition to others like coins or keys. The Duelling Club has nine Tier levels the player can climb up, from Novice to Hall of Fame. Players can also brew potions which can be used to help them in a duel, such as the Draught of Peace which prevents their Tier level being lowered if they lose.


There are seven classes for the player to attend. These include classes that students of Hogwarts do not attend until their third year but are available to the player before they reach their third year in the main story. On weekdays, only three or four of these classes are open. On the weekends, the player can attend every class. Classes can be attended with other players or a companion character. The classes are:


Quidditch in the game involves flying around the Quidditch pitch on a broomstick, dodging obstacles and scoring goals on a variety of different courses.


The game also has a map feature that allows players to teleport to each available location. Below is the list of known locations on the map:


In addition to the main story taking the player through each year at Hogwarts, the developers have been releasing special seasons. These seasons can be played over a set period of time, usually around two months, with new chapters being released fortnightly. The seasons released so far are:

No. Season name Dates available Notes
Global Chinese
1 Welcome to Hogwarts 27 June 202322 August 2023 Worldwide release. Significant update to sync up with the global release.
2 Beaters, Bludgers, & Broomsticks 22 August 202317 October 2023 Introduces Quidditch. Re-introduces Quidditch.
3 Playing with Dragon's Fire 17 October 202312 December 2023 Player studies dragons in Care of Magical Creatures lesson.
4 Where's Wolf 12 December 20236 February 2024 Opens up Hogsmeade. Re-opens up Hogsmeade.
5 The Mysterious Malady 6 February 20242 April 2024 Introduces Career Research.
6 A Book of Tells[8][9] 2 April 202428 May 2024 Player learns about Miranda Goshawk trough her journal.
7 Black Lake Lullaby 28 May 2024 – ?

Career Research[]

On 12 March 2024, Career Research is introduced into the game. Players get to explore potential wizarding careers by developing knowledge and specalised skills for which they gain rewards and new items for their achievements, including Career Points to gain new talents and skills. At present, the only profession available for study is Herbologist but there are plans to expand.


Any plant species the player obtains the seed of is entered into the Herbologist's Almanac: Plants Journal. The first plant they can get is the Fanged Geranium. Once it is entered, they unlock a series of Career Research tasks in their journal to grow and harvest their plant, and it records every plant in their care. The plants are tended to in a planting station kept in the player's Personal Space. New plants are obtained by levelling up. The type of Career Points they achieve determines their direction in the Herbologist profession. If they wish to advance in a different direction, the player can drink Gnome saliva to reset their Career Points.


The game's plot is written by a team of writers. Rob DeBorde, the lead writer, created main characters, narrative, yearly stories, etc. An open beta occurred in China starting on 29 May 2020.[10] In early June 2020, private beta-testing players were reportedly disappointed with the game, criticising its gameplay as repetitive and also being critical of its card-based duelling; however, the artistic design of the game was well-received.[11] A formal limited test for Android players launched on 16 June 2021.[12] The release month in China of September 2021 was announced on 31 July 2021 (CST), which is Harry Potter's birthday. The precise date, 9 September, was announced 20 days later. The release is sometimes called a "public beta", though this is usually just an alternative term for "public release" in Chinese.

An unannounced Early Access of the global release for Android players in Ukraine started on 11 February 2022.[13] Beta testing started in early July and ended on 29 July 2022.[14] On 30 August 2022 at approximately 16:07 UST, the official Wizarding World YouTube channel accidently uploaded a preview, before it got deleted within 30 minutes. The game was originally scheduled for worldwide release in 2022, but on 16 November 2022, NetEase released quarterly financial report that stated the game was delayed from 2022 to 2023, with no specific date in mind.[15][16]

A Soft Launch for the global release was announced on 31 March 2023. During the Soft Launch, the game was released in a limited number of territories to test the gameplay and other technical specs ahead of worldwide launch. The territories included: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland.[3] On 2 May 2023, more territories were added, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.[4]

On 20 June 2023 it was announced that the game would be globally released on 27 June 2023.[17] During the following week, all pre-registration goals were met.[18] On 27 June 2023 Harry Potter: Magic Awakened was globally released.[5] However, this game is unavailable in the Netherlands and Belgium.[citation needed]

Changes to worldwide release[]

When the game was released worldwide, there were several notable changes to the story that was previously played in the earlier Chinese versions, with scenes being cut. These include:

  • After the player is taken to Diagon Alley, Hagrid is going to fly the player home on his flying motorbike. When it won't start, they take the London Underground instead.
  • During her speech before the Sorting Ceremony, McGonagall talks about a grumpy ghoul having taken up residence in an empty classroom on the third floor. This line is omitted in the worldwide release.
  • The player brews the Hair-Raising Potion in Professor Slughorn's Potions class. In the worldwide release, they find Daniel trying to brew it on his own outside of class after they help him to get an ingredient in the Forbidden Forest.
  • Between classes, the player hears several students in a corridor talking about Ron Weasley's defeat of a troll using nothing but the Levitation Charm in his first year. When the students block Cassandra Vole's way to Potions class, she brusquely tells them to move. In the worldwide release, the student hears this during Charms instead.
  • There is a Potions class where rat tails go missing. The student encounters an Acromantula while trying to retrieve them in the Dungeons.
  • Professor Trelawney invites the player to the Divination Classroom, where they discover a vibrating teakettle. Turns out the teakettle has an Occamy in it, and when Trelawney comes, she asks them to deliver it to Hagrid.

Beta period cut scenes[]

During the inital beta period before the official Chinese release in September 2021, there were several scenes or chapters that were cut. These are:

  • In Charms class, Professor Flitwick lets the player, Ivy and Cassandra practise the Incarcerous Spell together, but when Ivy tries it, Cassandra mutters a counter-spell that nullifies Ivy's spell, which causes Ivy to use the spell on her in retaliation. Flitwick deducts five House points for Ivy's behaviour, which Ivy thinks for sure she can win back by participating in club activities.
  • In Hagrid's Hut, the player and Daniel meet Robyn's egg, which Robyn claims to be from an Egyptian dragon. She decides to put it in hot water to let it hatch, so they provide the fire to warm the water up. After a while, they sense something is wrong with the egg, and Daniel thinks he smells boiled egg. Hagrid arrives and informs them it is only an ostrich egg. He remembers raising Norberta and shows them a memory of it, which plays on top of a cauldron after Hagrid pours in a vial of memory.
  • When the player goes to Potions class, they surprisingly find two Daniels, and ask a question to identify the real Daniel. Then the other one reveals herself to be Ivy, and explains that she and Daniel have a bet over whether they will still recognise the real Daniel after she transforms, and if they don't, Daniel will have to teach her how to brew the Hair-Raising Potion. It's unknown whether the player really recognises him or not, but Daniel decides to teach the both of them anyway.
  • Kevin meets the player and Robyn in the library and tells them about a book, which he thought was an ordinary History of Magic book, but it seemed to be blank but alive and sucked him in, where he saw a three-headed dog and blacked out. When they go to retrieve the book, it leaps and shows itself to be blank. Kevin then recalls the three-headed dog Fluffy in the third-floor corridor, which was exactly where he blacked out. In the book, they assume the identity of Harry Potter and relive his moments in the room with Fluffy and the Chessboard Chamber.
  • When Daniel finishes his test and comes out of the examination hall, he gives Robyn a vial of Pumpkin Juice, but Robyn thinks it is Felix Felicis, and she feels very confident and aces her test. Then the player goes in to finish their test.
  • In the Great Hall, the four House ghosts are gathering and having a conversation. When the player comes forward, they hear the ghosts talking about the winners of the House Cup. Headmistress McGonagall then steps forward and introduces the House Cup and the system of House points. Robyn is excited about the House Cup and expects to win House points in Quidditch matches, which is met with ridicule from Cassandra. Nevertheless, when Sir Nicholas asks, she says she wants to become a Chaser. They also confer ideas about the House Cup with Daniel, Ivy and Lottie.
  • The player meets Tom Stevens outside a bathroom with Peeves inside releasing water and singing. After making some efforts searching in the water-filled bathroom, they find Peeves and inform him that the Bloody Baron is on his way, which scares Peeves away.
  • The player has a Flying class with Madam Hooch, during which they are asked to fly through as many hoops drawn by her as possible.
  • When the player sees Fang outside of Hagrid's Hut, he seems to be in low spirits, and collapses after showing them some teeth. They notice some pink feathers in the pumpkin patch before some Fwoopers fly out, which they quickly bring under control, realising that they were the reason Fang went frenzied. Hagrid thanks them and admits he hasn't got around to renew the Silencing Charm on them yet.
  • Later before Quidditch practice, Robyn's broomstick goes missing. The player goes with Robyn to the Great Hall and tries to use the Summoning Charm on Cassandra, the Frey twins, and even below the tables, but doesn't receive the broom. Kevin then comes in with her broom and explains to her that he was pruning it with his broomcare tools.
  • The player, Daniel, Ivy and Lottie help Hagrid get rid of the Flesh-Eating Slugs in his pumpkin patch using the Freezing Spell. They hear that Robyn was injured during Quidditch practice on a stormy day, so they pay her a visit. In the Hospital Wing, Robyn retells seeing a pair of giant wings hidden behind the clouds before she was knocked out. In order to investigate, the player goes to the Quidditch pitch and talks to Hagrid, who thinks it may have been a Thunderbird, but unlikely due to Thunderbirds being mostly in North America. A Thunderbird then shows up, allowing Hagrid to capture it.


Hogwarts students[]

Regular characters[]

Other characters[]


Hogwarts staff[]

Students from other schools[]





Behind the scenes[]

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  • There are large portions of the game mechanics where characters such as students use magic and resources in duels that cannot be seen as canon, as they are often ones that they would either have no access to, or be incapable of using. For instance, to make the combat system more engaging, the game developers have depicted characters as young as first-year students using Unforgivable Curses against their adversaries, a crime they would never have been allowed to get away with, let alone able to commit given the difficulty of said spells; as well as spells they wouldn't necessarily know about, such as the ones invented by Severus Snape (such as Sectumsempra) and wasn't common knowledge for younger generations. There are also the option to summon trolls, centaurs and even professors such as Hagrid to fight for you, the former of which would have been disinterested in following the instructions of a wizard in battle, let alone those of a child, and the latter being unlikely to combat groups of first-years at the behest of another first-year. The non-canonical state of some of these is even more obvious when multiple students summon the same individual to fight for them at the same time. There is also no known magic which would allow individuals to summon such individuals in a wizard's duel either. However, it is important to realise that this is simply a video game, which contains numerous elements which are not supposed to be considered canonical in any way, but simply exist to create enjoyment for the player.
    • Also, beginning in their first-year at Hogwarts, the player can attend lessons that students of Hogwarts do not have the chance to study until their third-year. These include Care of Magical Creatures, Study of Ancient Runes and Divination. They also fly around on their own broomstick even though first-years do not have permission to bring one.
  • This title was conflated as an early title for the game Hogwarts Legacy for which test footage was leaked in 2018. The existence of Hogwarts Legacy was confirmed on 16 September 2020 through the PlayStation 5 Event.




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