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Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a mobile game developed by Zynga and published by Portkey Games. Announced in March 2020, it was published on 22 September 2020 and is available on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, and Facebook.[1]


The game was announced in March 2020.[2] A teaser was released in May 2020.[3] It was made available for pre-registration on 13 August 2020.[4] Upon release, Zynga partnered with singer Zayn Malik to unveil the game.

In-App purchases


Bundle Content Cost
Splendid Bundle
IconShopGold1.png 1.500
MagicStrikePAS.png 1 Chain Lightning - PAS.png 1 Winged Key - PAS.png 1
Exceptional Bundle
IconShopGold1.png 5.500
MagicStrikePAS.png 1 Winged Key - PAS.png 2
Chain Lightning - PAS.png 2 Bombastic Bomb - PAS.png 1
Magnificent Bundle
IconShopGold1.png 12.000
MagicStrikePAS.png 2 Severing Surge - PAS.png 2
Winged Key - PAS.png 3 Chain Lightning - PAS.png 3 Bombastic Bomb - PAS.png 3
Marvellous Bundle
IconShopGold1.png 26.000
MagicStrikePAS.png 4 Severing Surge - PAS.png 4 Winged Key - PAS.png 4
Chain Lightning - PAS.png 4 Bombastic Bomb - PAS.png 4 InfiniteLivesPAS.png 2H
Mastery Bundle
IconShopGold1.png 55.000
MagicStrikePAS.png 8 Severing Surge - PAS.png 8 Winged Key - PAS.png 4
Chain Lightning - PAS.png 8 Bombastic Bomb - PAS.png 8 InfiniteLivesPAS.png 6H
Exquisite Bundle
IconShopGold1.png 115.000
MagicStrikePAS.png 12 Severing Surge - PAS.png 12 Winged Key - PAS.png 12
Chain Lightning - PAS.png 12 Bombastic Bomb - PAS.png 12 InfiniteLivesPAS.png 24H


The player creates a character, customising the appearance, choosing their wand and the house, follows the story of Harry Potter starting from his residence in Privet Drive to the adventures that follow at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He learns spells that will prove useful during puzzles and can be accompanied by creatures by collecting cards.

Inside the game there is a shop where he can make purchases in the app, a section where the events appear, one dedicated to the player's profile and another where there are clubs where the player can join.


Puzzles & Spells is a match-3 puzzle game where players go on an advance tour of some familiar locations as they play through the puzzle game play.

Locations include flying to Wizarding world locations, walking through Diagon Alley, and through staircases in Hogwarts.

Players can form clubs and join bands and participate in special in-game cooperative activities.

Player journey

# Puzzles Title From Image
01 1-5 Privet Drive Philosopher's Stone ch. 01-05 Daily Prophet -Muggles mystified by owl sightings - PAS.png
02 6-15 Platform 9 3/4 Philosopher's Stone ch. 06 Daily Prophet - Hogwarts Express Departs - PAS.png
03 16-30 Hogwarts Express Daily Prophet -Hogwarts Express returns - PAS.png
04 31-45 Arrival at Hogwarts The Quibbler - Secrets of the Black Lake - PAS.png.png
05 46-65 Sorting ceremony Philosopher's Stone ch. 07 Witch Weekly Celebration of Sorting PAS.png
06 66-105 Grand Staircase The Quibbler - PAS.png
07 106-145 Potions class Philosopher's Stone ch. 08 Mixture Monthly - PAS.png
08 146-185 Remembrall Philosopher's Stone ch. 09 Seeker Weekly - PAS.png
09 186-225 Mountain troll Philosopher's Stone ch. 10 Daily Prophet -Troll rampages Hogwarts Lavatory - PAS.png
10 226-265 Quidditch match Philosopher's Stone ch. 11 Seeker Weekly - Rising Stars cover - PAS.png
11 266-305 Christmas at Hogwarts Philosopher's Stone ch. 12-13 Transfiguration Today - Christmas Traditions - PAS.png
12 306-345 Norbert Philosopher's Stone ch. 14 The Quibbler - Baby Dragons - PAS.png
13 346-385 Forbidden Forest Philosopher's Stone ch. 15 The Quibbler - Unrest in Hogwarts' Forbidden Forest - PAS.png
14 386-425 Third floor corridor Philosopher's Stone ch. 16 The Quibbler - The Truth Behind the Trapdoor - PAS.png
15 426-485 The trap door The Quibbler - Outbreak of Devil's Snare! - PAS.png
16 486-545 Beyond the trap door The Quibbler - Does Hogwarts Have A New Wizard Chess Champion? - PAS.png
17 546-605 The Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone ch. 17 The Quibbler - Hogwarts Defenses Breached - PAS.png
18 606-665 House Cup celebration Daily Prophet - Gryffindor wins the House Cup - PAS.png
19 666-725 Dobby Chamber of Secrets ch. 01-02 Daily Prophet - House Elves free or not to free - PAS.png
20 726-785 The Burrow Chamber of Secrets ch. 03 Witch Weekly - Spring Cleaning Issue - PAS.png
21 786-845 Floo Powder Chamber of Secrets ch. 04 Transfiguration Today - Floo Network Travel on the rise - PAS.png
22 846-905 Knockturn Alley The Quibbler - Spotlight on Knockturn Alley - PAS.png
23 906-965 Gilderoy Lockhart Most Charming Smile Issue - PAS.png
24 966-1055 The Whomping Willow Chamber of Secrets ch. 05 The Quibbler - Secret History of Hogwarts Womping Willow - PAS.png
25 1056-1145 Mandrakes Mixture Monthly Mandrake headline - PAS.png
26 1146-1235 Pixies Chamber of Secrets ch. 06 The Quibbler - Pixie Problems Affect Hogwarts - PAS.png
27 1236-1325 Eat slugs Chamber of Secrets ch. 07
28 1236-1415 First floor corridor Chamber of Secrets ch. 08
29 1416-1505 Brewing the Polyjuice Potion Chamber of Secrets ch. 09-10
30 1506-1595 The Duelling Club Chamber of Secrets ch. 11-12
31 1596-1685 Dumbledore's office Chamber of Secrets ch. 13-14
32 1686-1775 Aragog Chamber of Secrets ch. 15
33 1776-1865 The Chamber of Secrets Chamber of Secrets ch. 16
34 1866-? Destroying the diary Chamber of Secrets ch. 17
35 ?-? Freeing Dobby Chamber of Secrets ch. 18
36 ?-? Hagrid's return Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets










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