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Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup is a video game produced by EA Games that features the fictional sport of Quidditch. The user plays for the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup (competing between Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) and then takes on the Quidditch World Cup (competing between the United States, England, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Japan, Spain, Australia and Bulgaria.)


The game does not state it explicitly, but the rosters and the fact that the World Cup follows the Hogwarts school year in this game indicates that the game is set during Harry Potter's third year, the 1993–1994 school year. Furthermore, because the books have not named all of the members of the Hogwarts House teams, the video game has filled in the gaps as follows, circa Harry's third year. It is possible that J. K. Rowling provided the names, as she has been known to participate in multimedia projects, such as the Harry Potter Trading Card Game.



Among the unique features of Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup is the ability to control Chasers. In fact, most of the gameplay in terms of time centres around the Chasers and Keepers.

Aside from basic flying, Chasers can direct passes and shots using the Control Stick and also charge shots, passes and tackles. After each goal, play restarts by having the Keeper of the team who just conceded passing the Quaffle back into play as the 10 points (more in case of multi-goal Team Special Moves) are tallied.

At the top of the screen and attached to both teams' scores is a Golden Snitch gauge, signalling both the teams' relative momentum and how close the climactic Snitch chase is. Teams can build this bar by completing basic passes, with charged passes generating more. The fastest way of doing this is by completing Combos – a special series of passes where the player can pass or shoot the Quaffle with a volley. Combos cap at 8 (with the counter listed onscreen) and the momentum generated is banked either after the player is not dispossessed after a period of time following the last pass or after the player scores.

When the two halves of the Snitch meet on the gauge, the Snitch is spotted and the control switches to the Seekers as they race after it. Each Seeker also has a boost metre based on how much momentum the team has accumulated during the match – if the team has accumulated more momentum, the boost metre will be larger. Successfully following the Snitch's path regenerates the boost metre faster, and successfully catching the Snitch, as always, awards 150 points and ends the game. Furthermore, the scores are locked in during the Snitch chase, meaning that no goals are scored during the chase

As the player progresses in the House Quidditch Cup and completes more drills, he or she also unlocks more features that also charge with momentum banked in the Snitch gauge:

  • Dodge: The controlled Chaser puts on a burst of speed that can be used to evade tackles, including Special Move tackles. This requires the least amount of momentum to charge.
  • Bludger: Usable only on defence; one of the team's Beaters hits a Bludger towards the opposing Chaser with the Quaffle. The player must then control the Bludger to get around the opposing Beaters so that it hits the opposing Chaser. Success not only wins back possession but slightly depletes the opposing team's Snitch bar. This is the second quickest feature to charge.
  • Special Move: On defence, this launches a targeting icon. If the player guides it to the opposing Chaser with the Quaffle, the player's Chaser takes back possession with a cinematic tackle that also depletes the opposing team's Snitch bar more than a Bludger does. On offence, when within shooting range (marked by an opposing goal lighting up), this launches a cinematic shot that cannot be saved, which has the effect of not only a guaranteed goal but also banking a Combo if the player has one. This is the second slowest feature to charge.
  • Team Special Move: Usable only on offence; this must be unlocked by fulfilling a set of conditions to unlock the Team Special Move Quidditch Card for that team, and the conditions vary from team to team, though the Hogwarts House teams' conditions are mostly from drills. This is the slowest feature to charge, but once it becomes available, it can be used anywhere on the field, even if the player is not within shooting range. When activated, the team performs its unique Team Special Move, which is shown in a cinematic, depletes the opposing Snitch gauge even more than a Special Move tackle and includes at least one unblockable shot, with many Team Special Moves resulting in multiple goals. Also, since it is a guaranteed scoring move, it banks the Combo if the player has one.


The introduction features Harry and Oliver Wood dressed in their Gryffindor Quidditch team uniforms instructing the player on the basic rules and objectives of Quidditch. The player then chooses a House to play for in the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup by picking that team's Seeker. This Seeker (Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory, Cho Chang, or Draco Malfoy) then also offers tips, reminders, and status updates on the team's performance during the course of the game. Afterwards, the player competes in the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup, and when winning, the Quidditch World Cup.

Hogwarts Quidditch Cup[]

Harry Potter- Quidditch World Cup 01

Harry Potter as Gryffindor Seeker at the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch

Once the player chooses a House, the Seeker leads the player to the rest of the team. As in the books, the House Quidditch Cup is round-robin, but instead of dropping the player into a game with all features enabled, the features are introduced one by one through drills with the House team members, and drills must be completed before matches unlock. Firstly, two of the Chasers lead the player in passing and tackling/shooting drills before the Seeker leads the player (with the help of Madam Rolanda Hooch) in catching a Golden Snidget as Snitch-catching practice. At this point, the first House Quidditch Cup match is unlocked.

After the first match, one of the Beaters leads the player in a Beater drill, which unlocks the Bludger feature when completed. Following that, the remaining Chaser leads the player in a Dodging/Special Move drill, which unlocks Dodges and Special Moves once completed. At this point, the second match is unlocked.

Following the second match, the team's Keeper leads the player in a Combo drill, after which the final match is unlocked with all features enabled. After the final match, Albus Dumbledore, flanked by the Heads of Houses, awards the Quidditch Cup to the winning House, along with tickets to the Quidditch World Cup, as the victors celebrate and commemorate the moment with a wizard photograph that is framed in their House's common room.

The standings (and subsequently the winners as well) are determined not by wins and losses but by total points, which is also in effect during the World Cup.

Home Quidditch Stadium[]

The Hogwarts Quidditch pitch appears exactly as it does in the Harry Potter films. Multicoloured spectator stands surround a neatly manicured lawn outlined in white. Golden goal hoops stand at either end of the ovular pitch.

Hogwarts Teams[]


"Ready for a match against Gryffindor, eh? Let us play for the Quidditch Cup!"
Harry Potter, representing the Gryffindor Quidditch team
Position Training Role Name Gender
Chaser Passing Angelina Johnson Female
Tackling/Shooting Katie Bell Female
Dodging/Special Moves Alicia Spinnet Female
Seeker Harry Potter Male
Beater Primary Fred Weasley Male
Secondary George Weasley Male
Keeper Oliver Wood (Captain) Male
Team Special Move
(10 points; significantly reduces opponent's Snitch Bar)

Gryffindor's Team Special Move is called the Weasley Wangler. Alicia starts with the Quaffle with Fred and George flying in front of Alicia in an inverted V shape, and the Weasley Twins corral an oncoming Bludger and hit it back and forth between them to cover for Alicia. This scares off the opposing passing and special move Chasers, and the opposing Keeper is helpless to stop the Bludger hitting him as Alicia then scores into an open hoop and catches it on the other side.


"Ready for a match against Ravenclaw, are you? We'll see just how ready you really are! Let's play for the Quidditch Cup!"
Cho Chang, representing the Ravenclaw Quidditch team
Position Training Role Name Gender
Chaser Passing Jeremy Stretton Male
Tackling/Shooting Roger Davies (Captain) Male
Dodging/Special Moves Randolph Burrow Male
Seeker Cho Chang Female
Beater Primary Duncan Inglebee Male
Secondary Jason Samuels Male
Keeper Grant Page Male
Team Special Move
(30 points)

Ravenclaw's Team Special Move, The Burdish of Raven, is the most offensively powerful of all the teams – even the national ones – as it is the only one that scores three times. First, the 3 chasers go up in the air, the passing and special move chasers gaze in awe as they loop and go down, as they pass, Davies punches the special move chaser, Burrow kicks the passing chaser, leaving the way clear for Stretton to shoot, then Burrow scores, and finally, Davies scores.


"So you'd like a match with Hufflepuff, would you? Let's play for the Quidditch Cup, and may the best team win!"
Cedric Diggory, representing the Hufflepuff Quidditch team
Position Training Role Name Gender
Chaser Passing Malcolm Preece Male
Tackling/Shooting Heidi Macavoy Female
Dodging/Special Moves Tamsin Applebee Female
Seeker Cedric Diggory (Captain) Male
Beater Primary Maxine O'Flaherty Female
Secondary Anthony Rickett Male
Keeper Herbert Fleet Male
Team Special Move
(20 points; slightly reduces opponent's Snitch Bar)

The Cedric Swoop'n'Swagger is quite a long move. First, they are in possession of the quaffle, when the passing and special move chasers from the other team are in hot pursuit of it. Preece fires the quaffle to Macavoy, avoiding the passing chaser, then Macavoy passes it to Applebee, who passes it to Macavoy who avoids the special move chaser, then she passes it to Preece who does a ground shot which the force lifts it up into the air so it goes in a hoop, then Macavoy passes it to Applebee, then she scores.


"You think you're good enough to beat Slytherin?! Not in this lifetime! Let's play for the Quidditch Cup!"
Draco Malfoy, representing the Slytherin Quidditch team
Position Training Role Name Gender
Chaser Passing Marcus Flint (Captain) Male
Tackling/Shooting Graham Montague Male
Dodging/Special Moves Adrian Pucey Male
Seeker Draco Malfoy Male
Beater Primary Lucian Bole Male
Secondary Peregrine Derrick Male
Keeper Kevin Bletchley Male

Note: Kevin Bletchley is the name given in software, but it may be meant to be Miles Bletchley.

Team Special Move
(20 points; slightly reduces opponent's Snitch Bar)

The Zeeburger Slither is very brutal. All the players, except Malfoy and Bletchley knock the opponent passing and special move chasers out of the way with the tackle and shoot chaser screaming, then they use cobbing on the keeper (no penalty), Then Montague scores, Pucey kicks it to Flint, who scores it again.

Other characters[]


Additionally, Edgar Cloggs, a ghost who haunts the Quidditch pitch, would be a training partner in Tackle & Shoot / Special Move drills.

Quidditch World Cup[]

The Hogwarts Quidditch Cup champions not only get to attend the Quidditch World Cup, but they also choose a team to support during a 16-game home-and-away round robin league campaign, with the team playing every other opponent twice – once at home and once at the other team's stadium. At this point, the player can also change the difficulty level, something that is not available during the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup. Each difficulty level corresponds to a broom. In ascending order of speed and difficulty: Comet 260, Nimbus 2000, Nimbus 2001 and Firebolt.

Home Quidditch Stadium[]

National Teams[]


English National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: English National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender The Rowntree Counter (10 points)
Chaser Edric Vosper Male Most of the moves in the English team's Special Move are not dissimilar to football.

First, Chaser Keaton Flitney, who has the Quaffle, yells to his teammates "Come On", then he, Edric Vosper, Avery Hawksworth dive and out of the back of their brooms flows red, white, and blue, signifying the flag of the United Kingdom, and referencing the Red Arrows, a famous British flying squad.

They knock two opposing players off their brooms and while distracting the opponent Beaters, Flitney passes the Quaffle to Hawksworth, who kicks it around before passing it back to Vosper, who does an overhead kick into the hoop on the far left who does a dance on his broom.

Avery Hawksworth (Captain) Male
Keaton Flitney Male
Seeker Blythe Parkin Female
Beater Dawn Withey Female
Indira Choudry Female
Keeper Denison Frisby Male


"The U.S.A. – the only choice ya could make!"
Ariel Singleton
American National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: American National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender The Harlem Shuffle (20 points)
Chaser Gianni Fedele Male The United States has a basketball-style Special Move.

First, Fedele spins the Quaffle atop his finger, shouting to his fellow Chasers, "Get ready, guys!" He chest passes the Quaffle immediately on to Green, who stands on his broom and dribbles it between his legs and on his broom a few times, then passes to Muntz.

Muntz plays Piggy-in-the-middle with the other team's Chaser(s), laughing. She throws a behind-the-back pass to Fedele, who throws a left-handed alley-oop-style lob to Green, who scores by throwing the Quaffle in from behind the goalpost after diving off of his broomstick, while falling.

During his fall, he kicks the Quaffle off a goalpost. Muntz catches this rebound and scores once again with a double-armed shot, the other team's Keeper diving off of their broom, but failing to make the save.

Debbie Muntz Female
Robert Green Male
Seeker Ariel Singleton Female
Beater Greg Ruczinski Male
Troy Duvall (Captain) Male
Keeper Ralph Heidelberger Male


Japanese National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: Japanese National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender The Tsunami (20 points)
Chaser Noriyuki Sato Male The Japanese team's Special Move involves a lot of spinning and has a martial arts style theme.

First, Sato has the Quaffle with the Takahashi sisters flanking him, two of the opponents chasers and one beater scream, then Sato does a spinning trick to avoid the screaming players, and passes it to Tanaka, who passes it to Suzuki with a palm strike.

Suzuki then knocks away an opponent and then throws it to Sato, who scores with a jumping spinning kick shot. Tanaka then finds the rebound, scores with a jumping back kick and then strikes a pose on his broom.

Yoshihiro Suzuki Male
Ryotaro Tanaka (Captain) Male
Seeker Shizuka Watanabe Female
Beater Minaka Takahashi Female
Keiko Takahashi Female
Keeper Tamotsu Iwamoto Male


German National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: German National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender The Barrenheim Barrage (20 points)
Chaser Kurt Todt Male The German team's Special Move is played out like American football.

Todt kicks the Quaffle hard to Blijk, who weaves in and out of the opponents, and then she throws to Todt, who abruptly stops, causing the opposing team to fly past him. Strangely enough, this is the only team to score a goal at the 'own' post. The opposing chasers then turn back to see Todt throwing the Quaffle to Brand who leaps into the air and smacks the Quaffle in.

Blijk, who was on the other side of the goals, dropkicks it back towards Todt who gracefully leaps from his broom and brutally headbutts it in. Germany then does a victory pose.

Kursten Blijk Female
Igor Brand Male
Seeker Konrad Weiss Male
Beater Katrina von Glockenspieler (Captain) Female
Elena Eldritch Female
Keeper Hermann Wiel Male


French National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: French National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender The Blitzen Ballet (10 points)
Chaser Mathilde Mallard Female The French team's Special Move has a lot of spinning in it, and contains many gymnastic-style moves.

First, Marat and Mallard pass the Quaffle to one another, then Mallard swings across to Lafarge's broom as if it were a trapeze. Then Mallard passes it to Marat who scores while leaving the keeper gaping.

Josephine Marat (Captain) Female
Hildegarde Lafarge Female
Seeker Cybèle Peltier Female
Beater Alain Lacroix Male
Ninon Saucet Female
Keeper Bastien Janvier Male


Australian National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: Australian National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender (20 points)
Chaser Matthew Echunga Male The Australian team's Special Move is themed around beach sports – namely surfing and beach volleyball.

It starts Echunga leading Monteith, Hastings, and Whakkaarangapawarau, then Echunga and Monteith pass the Quaffle to each other, atop their brooms and with wavelike energy coming out of them as if they were surfing, to avoid opposing Chasers. A volleyball-inspired finisher then takes place, with Hastings spiking the Quaffle through a hoop.

Kenneth Hastings Male
Maria Monteith Female
Seeker Lucy Karoonda (Captain) Female
Beater Kelly Whakkaarangapawarau Female
Kylie Meadows Female
Keeper Jonny Nuhaka Male

Nordic (Scandinavia)[]

Nordic National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: Nordic National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender The Björn Blizzard (20 points)
Chaser Olaf Andersen Male The Nordic team's Special Move is quite complicated.

First, the three chasers do flips in the air, making streams of icy fog.

The opposing team's chasers close their eyes, and Gustafson scores.

Gustafson goes behind the goal, passes the ball back to Hansen who scores.

Lorre Gustafson Female
Peter Hansen Male
Seeker Tina Lundstrom (Captain) Female
Beater Asgeir Knutsen Female
Asgard Pettersson Male
Keeper Martin Helstrom Male


Spanish National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: Spanish National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender (10 points)
Chaser Carmen Garcia Female The Spanish team's Special Move displays the stereotypical fondness for dancing and bullfighting.

García makes a powerful throw, Lebrón dodges it, then García jumps to one end of his broom to lift the Quaffle up in the air. Then Lebrón catches it, spins, then throws to Cartaya, who hits it into the goal with his broom then shouts '¡Sí!'

Ana de Lebron Female
Chavelle Arbelo Cartaya Female
Seeker Inigo Fuente Marrero Male
Beater Vasco Santini Male
Tiago Montoya Male
Keeper Sendelina de la Felino Female


Bulgarian National Quidditch team
(Home Stadium: Bulgarian National Quidditch Stadium)
Roster Team Special Move
Position Name Gender (10 points)
Chaser Alexei Levski Male The Bulgarian team's Special Move features Krum doing the Wronski Feint (from Goblet of Fire); he knocks the opposing seeker off their broom into the opposing chasers, depriving them of the Quaffle, and giving it to Levski, who swiftly punches it into the central hoop.

Bulgaria is the only team that needs to be unlocked.

Clara Ivanova Female
Vasily Dimitrov (Captain) Male
Seeker Viktor Krum Male
Beater Ivan Volkov Male
Pyotr Vulchanov Male
Keeper Lev Zograf Male

Other characters[]


Two representatives from the last victorious Hogwarts Quidditch Cup champions. In most cases, these are the Captain and Seeker:

Bonus Quidditch pitch: Queerditch Marsh[]

One of the unlockables in the game is the first appearance of the site of Quidditch's invention, Queerditch Marsh. This pitch is sloppily defined by a faded white oval on a relatively flat area of English marshland. Rickety stands rise from the oval's edges. Instead of constructed goal hoops, Chasers throw the Quaffle through large birds' nests in the two trees on either end of the pitch. A thin brook runs across the length of the oval.

Only Hogwarts teams may play on Queerditch Marsh.



Harry Potter- Quidditch World Cup PC All special moves of teams ( Ultra HD 4K 60 FPS )

Behind the scenes[]

The Harry Potter Wiki has 181 images related to Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup.
  • In Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, all the names of the newly introduced national Quidditch team players, or characters with previously unknown full names, are only heard spoken by the Quidditch commentators.
  • The following national teams have canonically competed in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, but was not included in Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup as playable teams:
  • It is the only audiovisual production in all of the Harry Potter franchise in which characters talk directly to the camera due to the introduction.
  • A simplified version of the Game Boy Advance version of Quidditch World Cup is included as a minigame in the Nintendo DS version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (video game), using the same control scheme. Only Hogwarts teams are present, however. It is also possible to play a 2-player co-op version by connecting the GBA to the GameCube using a connector cable, with the GBA player playing a Beater minigame. If the GBA player wins the minigame, the GameCube player gets the chance to launch a Bludger attack against an opposing Chaser.
  • In the Game Boy Advance version, the Hogwarts Inter-House Cup schedule is not the same as what is known of the school schedule. For example, Gryffindor plays the other three Houses in the order of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff in the Game Boy Advance version, whereas the Gryffindor team played in the order of Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw from at least 1991-1997, and likely more years before and after.

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