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Harry Potter Origami Vol.2 is a book published by Scholastic. This book is the second volume of Harry Potter Origami and was published on 7 September 2021.[1]


The book teaches several ways of how to design origami of objects, animals and other things known and mentioned in the world of Harry Potter. The 112-page book teaches the design of fifteen new origami items. The book, which is made up of several chapters, shows the difficulty level of each chapter with lightning bolt scars. Before the book was published, it was shared on the Amazon store site. Scholastic said about the book:

Harry Potter Origami #2 includes:

  • Special sheets of illustrated origami paper custom designed for each craft
  • Step-by-step instructions with illustrations
  • Photography of the real, finished origami for helpful reference
  • Advice for keeping your origami looking magical

This second origami book includes fifteen new origami pieces to make.[2]

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