Harry Potter Trading Card Game

The Harry Potter Trading Card Game Adventures at Hogwarts Expansion (or simply Adventures at Hogwarts, for short) was the fourth set of cards of Harry Potter Trading Card Game, and the third expansion to the base set. It was introduced in June 2002, and like the base set, the Quidditch Cup Expansion, and the Diagon Alley Expansion, its 80 cards were based on scenes from the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book by J. K. Rowling.

List of cards

# Card name Type Rarity Illustrator
01 Albus Dumbledore Character (Wizard/Unique) Rare/Holo Kim Graham
02 Argus Filch Character (Unique) Rare/Holo Kim Graham
03 Crabbe and Goyle‎ Character (Wizard/Slytherin/Unique) Rare/Holo Kim Graham
04 Detention! Adventure Rare/Foil Scott M. Fischer
05 Dragon's Blood PotionsCard Spell Rare/Foil Tim Hildebrandt
06 Dumbledore's Watch TransfigCard Item (Unique) Rare/Foil Jeff Laubenstein
07 End-of-Year Feast‎ CharmsCard Spell Rare/Foil James Bernardin
08 Fang COMCCard Creature (Dog/Unique) Rare/Foil Monte Michael Moore
09 Finding the Platform Adventure Rare/Foil Jeff Laubenstein
10 Galleon CharmsCard Item (Money) Rare/Foil Romas
11 Great Hall CharmsCard Location (Unique) Rare/Foil James Bernardin
12 Hagrid's House COMCCard Location (Unique) Rare/Foil Jim Nelson
13 Harry Triumphant Character (Wizard/Gryffindor/Unique) Rare/Holo Kim Graham
14 Hospital Dormitory PotionsCard Location Rare/Foil Kevin Dobler
15 Hut on the Rock Adventure Rare/Foil Ron Spencer
16 Madam Pomfrey Character (Witch/Unique/Healing) Rare/Holo Kim Graham
17 Meeting Fluffy Adventure Rare/Foil Kevin Dobler
18 Midnight Duel Adventure Rare/Foil Ken Steacy
19 Mirror of Erised TransfigCard Item (Unique) Rare/Foil Scott M. Fischer
20 Peeves Character (Ghost/Unique) Rare/Holo Kim Graham
21 Philosopher's Stone TransfigCard Item (Healing/Unique) Rare/Foil Monte Michael Moore
22 Potions Dungeon PotionsCard Location (Unique) Rare/Foil Tim Hildebrandt
23 Quidditch Cup QuidCard Item (Unique) Rare/Foil Cindy Salans Rosenheim
24 Quidditch Pitch QuidCard Location Rare/Foil Darrell Riche
25 Riding the Centaur Adventure Rare/Foil Ken Steacy
26 Ron the Brave Character (Wizard/Gryffindor/Unique) Rare/Holo Kim Graham
27 Stoat Sandwiches Adventure Rare/Foil Ken Steacy
28 The Fat Lady Character (Gryffindor/Unique) Rare/Holo Kim Graham
29 Voldemort Revealed Adventure Rare/Foil Scott M. Fischer
30 Welsh Green Dragon COMCCard Creature (Dragon) Rare/Foil Lars Grant-West
31 5 Points from Gryffindor Adventure Uncommon Scott M. Fischer
32 Alohomora CharmsCard Spell Uncommon Bob Petillo
33 Baneberry Potion PotionsCard Spell Uncommon Thomas Gianni
34 Bludger Bop QuidCard Spell Uncommon Kevin McCann &
Michael Collins
35 Candy Cart Adventure Uncommon Michael Koelsch
36 Collapsible Cauldron PotionsCard Item (Cauldron) Uncommon George Davis
37 Flying Motorbike TransfigCard Spell Uncommon Scott M. Fischer
38 Flying Practise Adventure Uncommon Darrell Riche
39 Forbidden Corridor TransfigCard Location (Unique) Uncommon Doug Chaffee
40 Giant Squid COMCCard Creature (Squid) Uncommon Jeff Laubenstein
41 Looking for Trevor Adventure Uncommon David Day
42 Marble Gargoyle COMCCard Creature (Gargoyle) Uncommon Tony Szczudlo
43 Muddy Practice QuidCard Match Uncommon Ken Steacy
44 Purple Firecrackers CharmsCard Spell Uncommon Greg Hildebrandt
45 Running from Filch Adventure Uncommon Monte Michael Moore
46 Sickle CharmsCard Item (Money) Uncommon Thomas Gianni
47 Star Grass Salve PotionsCard Spell (Healing) Uncommon Bob Petillo
48 Through the Trapdoor Adventure Uncommon Ken Steacy
49 Winter Holiday TransfigCard Spell Uncommon Doug Chaffee
50 Wooden Flute COMCCard Spell Uncommon Tony Szczudlo
51 Anti-Cheating Spell CharmsCard Spell Common Greg Hildebrandt
52 Bewitched Snowballs CharmsCard Spell Common Alex Horley
53 Black Bat COMCCard Creature (Bat) Common George Davis
54 Bucking Broomstick QuidCard Spell Common Darrell Riche
55 Cauldron Cakes PotionsCard Spell (Healing/Candy) Common Monte Michael Moore
56 Charms Accident CharmsCard Spell Common Keith Garletts
57 Chimaera COMCCard Creature (Chimaera) Common Jim Nelson
58 Dog Bite COMCCard Spell Common Scott M. Fischer
59 Every-Flavour Beans TransfigCard Spell (Candy) Common Cindy Salans Rosenheim
60 Fire Protection Potion PotionsCard Spell Common Scott M. Fischer
61 Fungiface Potion PotionsCard Spell Common Alex Horley
62 Knut CharmsCard Item (Money) Common Tony Szczudlo
63 Liquorice Wand CharmsCard Spell (Candy) Common Bob Petillo
64 Loop-the-Loops QuidCard Spell Common Ken Steacy
65 Manegro Potion PotionsCard Spell Common Kevin Dobler
66 Muffling Draught PotionsCard Spell Common James Bernardin
67 Owl Post COMCCard Spell Common James Bernardin
68 Photo Album CharmsCard Item Common Romas
69 Sandstone Gargoyle COMCCard Creature (Gargoyle) Common Tony Szczudlo
70 School Broom QuidCard Item (Broom) Common Thomas Gianni
71 Scribblifors TransfigCard Spell Common Mark Romanoski
72 Sleeping Potion PotionsCard Spell Common Kevin Dobler
73 Switching Spell TransfigCard Spell Common Ken Steacy
74 Troll Bogies COMCCard Spell Common Greg Hildebrandt
75 Vanishing Step TransfigCard Spell Common Alex Horley
76 Care of Magical Creatures COMCCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti
77 Charms CharmsCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti
78 Potions PotionsCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti
79 Quidditch QuidCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti
80 Transfiguration TransfigCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti


Foil & hologram cards

The Adventures at Hogwarts expansion offered 30 foil and hologram (or "holo") premier cards.

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