Harry Potter Trading Card Game

The Harry Potter Trading Card Game Chamber of Secrets Expansion (or simply Chamber of Secrets, for short) was the fifth and final set of cards of Harry Potter Trading Card Game, and the fourth expansion to the base set. It was introduced in October 2002 and its 140 cards were based on scenes from the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book by J. K. Rowling.

List of cards

# Card name Type Rarity Illustrator
01 Angelina Johnson Character
Rare Kim Graham
02 Arthur Weasley Character (Wizard/Unique) Rare Kim Graham
03 Blagging QuidCard Spell Rare Chris Seaman
04 Body Blow QuidCard Spell Rare Mark Brill
05 Broken Wand CharmsCard Item (Wand) Rare Kevin Dobler
06 The Burrow CharmsCard Location (Unique) Rare Dennis Calero
07 Colin Creevey Character
Rare Kim Graham
08 Crazed Capybara COMCCard Creature (Capybara) Rare Tim Hildebrandt
09 De-Gnoming the Garden Adventure Rare Larry MacDougall
10 Dobby's Disappearance TransfigCard Spell Rare Keith Garletts
11 Dobby's Help CharmsCard Spell Rare Kevin Dobler
12 Double-Beater Defence QuidCard Spell Rare Ken Steacy
13 Draco the Seeker Character
Rare Kim Graham
14 Dragon Poison PotionsCard Spell Rare Thomas Gianni
15 Dumbledore's Office TransfigCard Location (Unique) Rare Tim Hildebrandt
16 Entrancing Enchantments CharmsCard Spell Rare Greg Hildebrandt
17 Errol COMCCard Creature (Owl/Unique) Rare Ron Spencer
18 Escaping the Dursleys Adventure Rare Kevin McCann &
Michael Collins
19 Fat Friar Character
Rare Kim Graham
20 Fawkes COMCCard Creature (Phoenix/Unicorn) Rare Alex Horley
21 Fighting the Basilisk Adventure Rare Ken Steacy
22 Flying Car CharmsCard Item Rare Greg Hildebrandt
23 Flying Laps QuidCard Spell Rare George Davis
24 Flying to Hogwarts Adventure Rare Greg Hildebrandt
25 Ginny Weasley Character
Rare Kim Graham
26 Greenhouse Three COMCCard Location (Unique) Rare Cindy Salans Rosenheim
27 Gryffindor Common Room TransfigCard Location (Gryffindor/Unique) Rare Thomas Gianni
28 Harry, Second Year Character
Rare Kim Graham
29 Hermione, Potion Maker Character
Rare Kim Graham
30 Impersonating Goyle PotionsCard Spell Rare Daren Bader
31 In the Spider's Lair Adventure Rare Ken Steacy
32 Justin Finch-Fletchley Character
Rare Kim Graham
33 Lockhart's Lecture Adventure Rare Kevin McCann &
Michael Collins
34 Mandrake COMCCard Creature (Plant) Rare Cindy Salans Rosenheim
35 Memory Charm CharmsCard Spell Rare Ron Spencer
36 Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom PotionsCard Location (Unique) Rare Ron Spencer
37 Molly Weasley Character (Witch/Unique) Rare Kim Graham
38 Nimbus Two Thousand and One QuidCard Item (Broom) Rare Ron Spears
39 No Hands QuidCard Spell Rare Douglas Chaffee
40 Norwegian Ridgeback COMCCard Creature (Dragon) Rare Douglas Chaffee
41 Percy Weasley Character
Rare Kim Graham
42 Petrified TransfigCard Spell Rare Larry MacDougall
43 Phoenix Tears PotionsCard Spell (Healing) Rare Mark Romanoski
44 Potions Test PotionsCard Spell Rare Greg Hildebrandt
45 Professor Pomona Sprout Character
Rare Kim Graham
46 Reparo CharmsCard Spell Rare Monte Michael Moore
47 Rogue Bludger QuidCard Item Rare Larry MacDougall
48 Ron, Youngest Brother Character
Rare Kim Graham
49 Serpensortia TransfigCard Spell Rare Kevin Dobler
50 Slytherin Common Room PotionsCard Location (Slytherin/Unique) Rare Ron Spears
51 Spiders' Exodus TransfigCard Spell Rare Dave Dorman
52 Venomous Tentacular Juice PotionsCard Spell Rare Alex Horley
53 The Weasley Twins Character
Rare Kim Graham
54 Whomping Willow COMCCard Creature (Plant/Unique) Rare Ron Spencer
55 Wizards Chess TransfigCard Item Rare George Davis
56 Angel's Trumpet Draught PotionsCard Spell Uncommon Arnie Swekel
57 Blocked! QuidCard Spell Uncommon Mark Brill
58 Blocked Barrier Adventure Uncommon Jim Nelson
59 Bundimun Ooze PotionsCard Spell Uncommon Tim Hildebrandt
60 Caught! TransfigCard Spell Uncommon Daren Bader
61 Caught by Snape Adventure Uncommon Kevin Dobler
62 Checked! QuidCard Spell Uncommon Alex Horley
63 Cleansweep Five QuidCard Item (Broom) Uncommon Monte Michael Moore
64 Counter Curse TransfigCard Spell Uncommon Dave Dorman
65 Dragon-Dung Compost COMCCard Item Uncommon David Day
66 Earmuffs COMCCard Item Uncommon Cindy Salans Rosenheim
67 Endless Sandwiches CharmsCard Spell Uncommon Kevin Dobler
68 Floo Powder TransfigCard Spell Uncommon David Day
69 Forgotten Password CharmsCard Spell Uncommon Hugo Martin
70 Invisibility Section TransfigCard Spell Uncommon Ron Spears
71 Keeping Dobby Quiet Adventure Uncommon Kevin McCann &
Michael Collins
72 Locked In Adventure Uncommon Kevin Dobler
73 Lockhart's Hair-Care Potions PotionsCard Item Uncommon Daren Bader
74 Magical Mess Remover PotionsCard Spell Uncommon Jeff Laubenstein
75 Manticore COMCCard Creature (Manticore) Uncommon Patrick Faricy
76 Potions Project PotionsCard Spell Uncommon Kevin Dobler
77 Prickly Porcupine COMCCard Creature (Porcupine) Uncommon Ken Steacy
78 Pure-Blood CharmsCard Spell (Password) Uncommon Mark Brill
79 Rabbit Slippers TransfigCard Spell Uncommon Greg Hildebrandt
80 Rainy-Day Match QuidCard Match (Healing) Uncommon Ron Spears
81 Second-Hand Robe Shop TransfigCard Location Uncommon Thomas Gianni
82 Self-Shuffling Cards CharmsCard Item Uncommon Kevin McCann &
Michael Collins
83 Sherbet Lemon CharmsCard Spell (Password) Uncommon Greg Hildebrandt
84 Swelling Solution PotionsCard Spell Uncommon Alex Horley
85 Through the Floo Adventure Uncommon Tim Hildebrandt
86 Twirl QuidCard Spell Uncommon Ken Steacy
87 Umbrella Flowers COMCCard Creature (Plant) Uncommon Cindy Salans Rosenheim
88 Venomous Tentacula COMCCard Creature (Plant) Uncommon Tim Hildebrandt
89 Wattlebird CharmsCard Spell (Password) Uncommon Kevin McCann &
Michael Collins
90 Windy-Day Match QuidCard Match Uncommon Romas
91 Aparecium TransfigCard Spell Common Larry MacDougall
92 Backfire! CharmsCard Spell Common Mark Brill
93 Badgered Boy TransfigCard Spell Common Alan Pollack
94 Beater's Bat QuidCard Item Common Kevin McCann &
Michael Collins
95 Beetle Buttons TransfigCard Spell Common George Davis
96 Catching Apples QuidCard Spell Common Mark Brill
97 Chudley Cannons Robes QuidCard Item Common Keith Garletts
98 Copper Cauldron PotionsCard Item (Cauldron) Common Jim Nelson
99 Death-Cap Draught PotionsCard Spell Common Keith Garletts
100 Deboning TransfigCard Spell Common Kevin Dobler
101 Dizziness Draught PotionsCard Spell Common Dany Orizio
102 Engorgement Charm CharmsCard Spell Common Hugo Martin
103 Evanesce TransfigCard Spell Common Ken Steacy
104 Family Ghoul COMCCard Creature (Ghoul) Common Jeff Laubenstein
105 Fatiguing Fusion PotionsCard Spell Common Dave Dorman
106 Flacking QuidCard Spell Common Jeff Laubenstein
107 Freezing Charm CharmsCard Spell Common Mark Brill
108 Garden Gnome COMCCard Creature (Gnome) Common Thomas Gianni
109 Gryffindor Lion COMCCard Creature (Lion Gryffindor) Common Tony Szczudlo
110 Guide to Household Pests COMCCard Item (Book) Common George Davis
111 Hair-Raising Potion PotionsCard Spell Common David Day
112 Hawkshead Formation QuidCard Spell Common Ken Steacy
113 Hermione's Note CharmsCard Spell Common Alex Horley
114 History of Magic Homework TransfigCard Spell Common Ron Spears
115 Hover Charm CharmsCard Spell Common Alex Horley
116 Howler CharmsCard Spell Common Monte Michael Moore
117 Hufflepuff Badger COMCCard Creature (Badger Hufflepuff) Common Tony Szczudlo
118 Invisible Ink TransfigCard Spell Common Alan Pollack
119 Leaping Toadstools COMCCard Creature
Common George Davis
120 Overdue Homework CharmsCard Spell Rare Kevin Dobler
121 Pepperup Potion PotionsCard Spell (Healing) Rare Ken Steacy
122 Potions Homework PotionsCard Spell Common Daren Bader
123 Ransacked! CharmsCard Spell Common Mark Brill
124 Ravenclaw Eagle COMCCard Creature (Eagle Ravenclaw) Common Tony Szczudlo
125 Restoration Potion PotionsCard Spell Common David Day
126 Revealer TransfigCard Item Common Thomas Gianni
127 Rose Growth CharmsCard Spell Common Thomas Gianni
128 Shooting Star QuidCard Item (Broom) Common Monte Michael Moore
129 Slinking Ferret COMCCard Creature (Ferret) Common Douglas Chaffee
130 Slow-Acting Venom PotionsCard Item Common Romas
131 Slytherin Serpent COMCCard Creature (Snake Slytherin) Common Tony Szczudlo
132 Slytherin Steals QuidCard Spell Common Dany Orizio
133 Training Programme QuidCard Spell Common Alex Horley
134 Vanishing Cabinet TransfigCard Spell Common Thomas Gianni
135 Zig-Zag QuidCard Spell Common Keith Garletts
136 Care of Magical Creatures COMCCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti &
Melissa Ferreira
137 Charms CharmsCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti &
Melissa Ferreira
138 Potions PotionsCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti &
Melissa Ferreira
139 Quidditch QuidCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti &
Melissa Ferreira
140 Transfiguration TransfigCard Lesson Common Shanth Enjeti &
Melissa Ferreira

Foil & hologram cards

The Adventures at Hogwarts expansion offered 55 foil or hologram ("holo") premier cards.

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