The Harry Potter Wiki and HPW Discord Server agree to the following terms:

  • Business related to the Harry Potter Wiki must be handled on the Harry Potter Wiki.
  • Users permanently banned on the Harry Potter Wiki will also be permanently banned on the Discord server. Users subject to long-term blocks can be blocked on the Discord server as well on request from the Harry Potter Wiki Administration.
  • Users cannot send Direct/Personal Messages on Discord to Harry Potter Wiki staff without their explicit permission.
  • The Discord server rules will closely follow Harry Potter Wiki policies such as Harry Potter Wiki:No personal attacks and Discussions Guidelines.
  • The Discord server owner will be a member of the Harry Potter Wiki staff.
  • At least one active Administrator or Harry Potter Wiki:Requests for administrator attention will be notified whenever a change is made to the Discord server rules.
  • Discord Staff members will be identified with custom Discord Staff Mediawiki tags.
  • Discord Server staff members will also have official User page templates for their Discord server role.
  • Harry Potter Wiki Administration will inform the Discord Admins of any discussion on the wiki regarding the Discord server and encourage their involvement.
  • The Harry Potter Wiki will post a Discord widget linking to the Discord server.
  • The Harry Potter Wiki will post a Harry Potter Wiki:Discord page containing the Discord server's rules, roles, and a roster with the names of the Discord server staff.

Current Discord Policy ratified and adopted 2 October 2020.

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