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Harry Potter Wiki Projects are a new feature of the Harry Potter Wiki, with the aim of improving selected major articles through collaborative effort. The aim of each project will be to target an article, and thoroughly rework and improve it, bringing it up to the highest possible quality with the intention of highlighting it as a featured article. Through collaborative effort, working on major articles will not seem like an impossible feat as tasks can be delegated to project members to complete and review as part of a larger whole.

Projects need not just be about major articles, either - if a group of related articles need work, then a project can be created to bring them all up to scratch.

New projects may be initiated at any time, but please keep in mind:

  1. The nominator will be the project leader. It will be your responsibility to run and supervise the project.
  2. Is there a need for the project? Lay out a clear rationale why you believe that the project is needed.
  3. Whimsical nicknames are not required, but certain admins will look more kindly on those that have them ... ;)

If you need help in setting up the project page, contact myself for help. In any case, the main article page should be at Harry Potter Wiki:Harry Potter Wiki Projects/Project <insert witty name here>. I know it's a little long, but it keeps the page out of the main article namespace.

Current Harry Potter Wiki Projects