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Welcome to Project Greasy Git! Whether you love him, hate him, or love to hate him, Severus Snape is a pivotal character throughout the Harry Potter series. The Potions Master is a rather exacting man and our last effort to promote his article to Featured status was returned to us with a spiky black "D." The goal of this WikiProject is to address the concerns raised during the first FA nomination and successfully resubmit Snape's article for featuring on the main page. You can edit the draft here

Disclaimer: Cavalier One, the founder of Project Scarhead, expressed a liking for project names that are both "essentially true" and "whimsical."


  1. Add a "Relationships" section, including sub-sections for Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Narcissa Malfoy, and possibly others.
  2. Tighten the prose and check for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or broken links.
  3. Properly format the "Magical Abilities and Skills" section.
  4. Improve the "Personality and traits" section and add a "Physical appearace" section per the layout guide.
  5. Add more pictures to relevant sections.

Feel free to add more project goals to the list above if you find anything else that needs work.


Use the talk page for discussions pertaining to this project.


If you wish to join this project, please sign your name below with three tildes (~~~), so as not to add the date to the list. Specify your preferred area of work if you have one (copy-editing, images, adding material from a certain book, etc.).

Contributors to the project shall receive a custom "badge" to show that they were a part of this endeavor. Extra badges may be awarded to particularly hard-working members and to Slytherins.

Project leader's note: No, I'm not going to discriminate based on House. I'm just trying to keep this page in the spirit of the character.

  1. Starstuff (project leader)
  2. -- Freakatone Talk (magical skills and abilites, added bellatrix to the relationships)
  3. Cubs Fan2007 (images; begin relationships section)
  4. -Matoro183 (Talk) (Minor things, Ex: Spelling, grammar)
  5. Oread (organisation; relationships; images)
  6. Gryff23
  7. PATX(images)
  8. Yasmine2 05:55, 15 January 2009 (UTC)(Spelling, Grammar, images}

  1. You-Know-Who (Minor things, Ex: Spelling, grammar, adding quotes, images)´
  2. Rodolphus(Magical Abilities and skills only)
  3. RussoDogwood
  4. Quidditch Lover C11-quidditch.jpg (My talk)(contribs) (minor errors in general+adding info)
  5. ArtfranticPainter.JPG(Talk)(Spelling, grammar, images, sections)
  6. Profiteor (Spelling, grammar,Magical Abilities and skills)
  7. Azngirls914
  8. Colletteee
  9. Bongo2009 (Quotes,Spelling)
  10. Slytherin banner.JPGGiullivenSlytherin banner.JPG(Qoutes, Grammars, Spelling, Images, Relationships)
  11. Mace170
  12. Numberfour (Quotes, Spelling, Grammar, Relationships)
  13. SnapeFan1 (Images, Grammer)
  14. dalomor
  15. ArcturusHatton (Grammar,spelling.)
  16. Aaronsclee - Spelling, grammar, expression, link duplicates and other miscellaneous.
  17. Ravenclaw witch 05:26, January 16, 2012 (UTC) (Quotes, Images, Spelling, Grammar)
  18. Nicksterdude123
  19. Rainbow Shifter (talk) (Grammar, spelling and correcting information)
  20. Arbiter778
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