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Welcome to Project Snakeface! Whether you despise him or you are a faithful Death Eater, the Dark Lord is a important character - If not the second most important characters next to Harry Potter! The Dark Lord has always been given faithful service from his Death Eaters in the past, so he wouldn't be surprised if we made a project to use our every last effort to improve his article to it's best. However, the project name has earned me a bit of pain - the Cruciatus Curse - I am sure that with the amount of service that we will be giving through this project, he would, er... eventually forgive me.

Disclaimer: Cavalier One, the founder of Project Scarhead, expressed a liking for project names that are both "essentially true" and "whimsical."


  1. Write balanced and without POV.
  2. Do not add any speculation to an article.
  3. Source all information in articles (infoboxes, succession boxes, paragraphs, etc.) with reference tags to relevant source material.
  4. Conform to the layout guide.
  5. Make sure articles have flawless grammar and spelling.
  6. Fix templates and excessive links.
  7. Make sure all quotes and pictures are properly sourced.
  8. Search for new items for the "Appearances" and "Sources" sections of an article.
  9. Add sub-sections to the "Relationships" section.
  10. Add more pictures to relevant sections.

Feel free to add more project goals to the list above if you find anything else that needs work.


Use the talk page for discussions pertaining to this project.


If you wish to join this project, please sign your name below with three tildes, so as not to add the date to the list. Specify your preferred area of work if you have one (copy-editing, images, adding material from a certain book, etc.).

Contributors to the project shall receive a custom "badge" to show that they were a part of this endeavor. Extra badges may be awarded to particularly hard-working members and to faithful death eaters.

  1. Jayce Carver (project leader)
  2. HellaboreHallows.png(Deathly Hallows) (project leader)
  3. How about Project Snake Eyes? I'm in, Toon Ganondorf (t c)


  1. TheBurrow
  2. I can fix up errors in links, grammar and spelling as well as add any necessary info. ShirleyALuna Lovegood with Spectrespecs.jpg(The Quibbler)
  3. ArtfranticPainter.JPG(Talk) I'll fix minor edits and add some pictures as well.
  4. WTHisaHufflepuff Emily Riddle. Definitely I'll help out.
  5. I'll do my best. Quidditch Lover C11-quidditch.jpg (My talk)(contribs)
  6. Azngirls914
  7. Khanhan100
  8. Eleanor Rigby | talk | contribs{Formatting, images, copy-editing, and edits pertaining to information from the book)
  9. Giulliven
  10. B Lestrange I'll add stuff that needs to be added
  11. Flavia Montacute
  12. Mace170
  13. ☯Shinystar☯ My Talk Page

I think we should make Tom Riddle a separate page from Lord Voldemort, because it's a LONG page. --Mark Order of the Phoenix logo.png (Owl me) (^shouldn't that be on the talk page?Eleanor Rigby | talk | contribs)

14. (Sasha Osterhoudt 15:52, November 20, 2010 (UTC))

15. -LauraTrealawny- (copy-editing, minor spelling and grammar checks, anything I can help with)

16.SnapeFan1Gryffindorcrest.png(Talk) (Images and grammar checks, anything to help)

17. I, The Gummy Bear OverLord, confess to being a book addict 23:34, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

18. THE ONE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED ( minor spelling, grammer checks, formatting images, and fixing links.)


20.ArcturusHatton (Minor spelling,grammar checks,adding and moving images to suit a section.)

21. Harriet Nørgaard


23. Aaronsclee - Spelling, grammar, expression, link duplicates and other miscellaneous.

24. Sweetmiss - Double checking of facts, Spelling, Grammar, Build up of sentences.

25.minicurls I can help with the relationship section.


27. Camillia2002 I'm good at finding and adding useful information.

28. CosmicChronos - Le King | Sweden, the land of Meatballs Hello! Can I join? I am best at images, and grammar issues, I can also help with excessive links!</nowiki>

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