The User Rights Policy details the processes by which extra User Rights are granted or requested, maintained through required activity, and possibly removed due to abuse.

Granting Rights

Administrators can grant additional User Rights in special situations without a community vote if:

  • They recognise a need for them.
  • They are impressed with a user's positive and productive contributions.
  • They believe this user with some extra tools will greatly improve the Harry Potter Wiki.

The Administrator should clearly specify the reasons for skipping the Harry Potter Wiki:Requests for permissions (RFP) procedure.

If another Administrator clearly objects within 1 month of the rights being granted, both of the Administrators will discuss it for up to seven days and try to find a solution. If they can't, they will seek counsel or mediation from a third Administrator and discuss again for up to seven days. An agreement could lead to either the user retaining their new rights or a community vote being held at RFP. The user retains their rights until a solution has been decided.

If at least two Administrators object to the granting of rights then the user will, while retaining their rights, go through the customary RFP process.

Request for permissions (RFP) process

Users can request additional User Rights at Harry Potter Wiki:Requests for permissions and can post a notification of their nomination on Harry Potter Wiki:Requests for administrator attention to ensure Administration is aware of the request. The user can also request on any Harry Potter Wiki:Administrators' Talk page for them to be the Organising Administrator (OA) of their nomination. The Harry Potter Wiki:Voting policy applies.

  • If the user is ineligible, based on community-established Policies and requirements, Administrators can dismiss the nomination.
  • If there is no discussion for 7 days, defined as comments from any user other than the one making the nomination, the request will be considered denied by the community.
  • Users are welcome to encourage other users to review a nomination and participate in the process, but should not canvass or request votes For or Against a nominee.

The OA can open a vote after up to 7 days of discussion.

  • The vote will remain open at least 7 days.
  • The OA and the nominated user cannot participate in the vote.
  • If 2 or more Administrators have denied conducting a vote based on an objection to the user, then the request will be considered denied. If the denial is for other reasons, then the conducting of the vote will not be considered denied but simply passed on by the Administrator.
  • Any vote from a user who did not participate in the discussion must include a comment explaining their vote in order for it to be counted.
  • Users ineligible to vote are able to comment during the discussion, but should not attempt to overly influence or dominate the conversation. If the OA feels a user who is not eligible to vote is trying to disrupt or direct the outcome, the OA can ask them to refrain from further commentary and take disciplinary action if they do not.
  • As per the Harry Potter Wiki:Voting policy, a vote's duration can be extended by 7 days should more time be needed to handle ongoing and unresolved discussions. Should the issues not be resolved at the end of this extended time, the OA can close the vote without any change to the nominated user's rights.
  • All User Rights nominations must go through the RFP process except Discussions Moderators who have a separate, community-voted-for method of nomination.

As per the Harry Potter Wiki:Voting policy the OA will tally and archive the vote with the outcome. 

  • Any denied nomination will be eligible for re-nomination after 1 month with 1 month being based on the date; 12 Feb - 12 March is 1 month as is 12 July - 12 August.

Maintaining Rights

In the hopes that a user with extra rights (User) makes use of them regularly, there is a minimal amount of activity required to maintain possession of any extra rights. However, Users are allowed periods of inactivity which fall into two categories:

  1. Notified Leave: If a User provides a notice they are taking a break from contributing for any reason, they may be inactive for up to 4 months and 1 week (17 weeks) without any consequence. Once a User returns, they accrue back 1 month of Notified Leave for every month they are at least minimally active as defined below.
  2. Unexplained Leave: If a User is inactive without any prior explanation, they may lose their rights after 7 months and 1 week (29 weeks) of inactivity. Notices will will be given on a regular basis during this time:
After 4 months absence: Attempts to communicate will be made.
After 5 months absence: Additional attempts to communicate will be made.
After 6 months absence: A warning will be posted that the removal of extra rights will occur after 7 months.
After 7 months & 1 week absence: Bureaucrat will be notified to remove the User's extra rights.
  • Once spent, Unexplained Leave only resets to a full 7 months of possible leave after 12 months total of minimal activity is completed, although this can be broken up by Notified Leave as defined above.
  • The longest possible period of inactivity is 11 months & 2 weeks - 4 months & 1 week of Notified Leave and 7 Months & 1 week of Unexplained Leave.

Minimal Activity: Users with extra rights need to make 119 (7 x 17) total contributions over a 29 week period (7 months & 1 week) excepting prior explanation of inactivity.

Additionally, Users must use their extra rights, or perform other actions related to their role, 29 times in the 29 week period, excepting prior explanation of inactivity. These actions include any contribution clearly related to performing their role such as:

  • Discussion Moderators: Moderator Actions logged in Insights including assigning a Category or locking/deleting a post, making any Ministry of ModerationDepartment of Mysteries posts, making any post in the "Mods & Admins" category, and answering any Guidelines-related or other user-help questions.
  • Content Moderators: Actions in the File, Template, and Category namespaces, as well as related article updates.
  • Administrators: Same actions as Discussion and Content Mods, plus Requests for administrator attention, votes held, rights granted, user blocks, edits to Harry Potter Wiki namespace, changes to site javascript and CSS, answering user questions, and other general user help.
  • Bureaucrats: Same as Administrator actions, plus extra rights granted, behind-the-scenes technical changes to the site, and coordinating with FANDOM Staff on projects.

Any User with extra rights that does not reach the Minimal Activity requirements would be notified that a portion of their allotted Unexplained Leave has been used for that time period.

Removal of Rights

The extreme measure of removing User Rights can be undertaken when:

  • There exists substantial proof that a user with any kind of additional User Right has worked deliberately against the site, engaged in behaviour that has damaged the image of the community, and/or abused their powers.
  • Links to said proof are provided in a Forum where a discussion will be held for up to seven days. Edits to the wiki, posts in Discussions, and comments in IRC, Chat, or public Discord logs may be used as evidence.
  • A Bureaucrat is sought and agrees to support implementing the possible successful vote for a removal of rights.
    • The discussion can be extended by the officiating Bureaucrat or Admin if there are serious concerns that need additional time to be understood.

A vote will be officially opened by an Administrator.

  • Only users who have been registered for seven weeks from the day the nomination is put forth will be eligible to vote.
  • The vote needs to be open for at least seven days, have at least seven votes, and have at least a +7 majority to be enforceable.
  • The vote can be extended if needed per the Harry Potter Wiki:Voting policy.

The vote will then be closed, tallied, archived, and implemented as needed by the acting Administrator.

  • The Forum discussion will be recorded on a Requests for Removal of Rights page that includes a link to the discussion and a summary of what was decided by the community and why.

Current Voting Policy ratified and adopted 5 October 2020.

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