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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is the first instalment of a two-part film based on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling.

David Yates, who directed the preceding two films, directed both parts, with Steve Kloves returning to script.[2] The first part was released on 19 November 2010, with the second following in July 2011.[3] Production of the two films occurred concurrently,[4] and treated as if it were one film.[5] The idea to split the films had been around since the middle of 2007,[2] but only really came into serious consideration after producer David Heyman was able to talk to writer Steve Kloves when the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike ended and Heyman had Rowling's approval.[5]

On 12 March 2008, Warner Bros. additionally confirmed that the film would be split into two, to do justice to the book.[6] David Yates, director of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince returned to direct and Steve Kloves wrote the screenplay. According to Warner Bros. executive Alan F. Horn it allowed 'an extra hour and a half to celebrate what this franchise has been and do justice to all the words and ideas in the amazing story.'[4] Heyman described the workings behind the split: 'Deathly Hallows is so rich, the story so dense and there is so much that is resolved that, after discussing it with Rowling, we came to the conclusion that two parts were needed.'[4] Due to the WGA strike, Kloves was not able to start work on the script until it ended.[7]

Before David Yates was officially chosen to direct the film, others had expressed an interest in the job. Alfonso Cuarón, director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, had said that he would be 'tempted' to return to direct.[8] Guillermo del Toro, who passed on Prisoner of Azkaban, had expressed interest in directing Deathly Hallows,[9] but an increased workload ruled him out of the project.[10]

Heyman noted that the films would be a closer recreation of the books than the previous films because of the length a two-part adaptation entails.[11] Daniel Radcliffe said: 'This is a road movie, particularly in Part One of the film. People have been so used to seeing Harry Potter at Hogwarts and we're just not there for the first part of the film. That seems to have really freshened things up, and hopefully will get people seeing the films with fresh eyes again, because it's just a totally different look when you're not just sat [sitting] in the same room the whole time.'[11]

Although Yates had retained composer Nicholas Hooper for Half-Blood Prince, John Williams (who composed the scores to the first three films) had expressed interest in returning to score the film - however he did not state which part he would be contributing to. In January 2010, French composer Alexandre Desplat was confirmed to produce the score for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.[12]

Yates and Heyman have noted that some of the events of this film had an effect on the way the sixth film was written.[13]

The first part ends as Lord Voldemort obtains the Elder Wand from Albus Dumbledore's tomb.[14] Interestingly, however, a number of media reviews of the film indicated that it ended with Harry, Hermione and Ron being captured by Bellatrix Lestrange.

In the wake of the success of the 3-D film Avatar in late 2009, Warner Bros. announced that both Deathly Hallows films will be converted to 3-D for showing in 3-D.[15] On 9 October 2010, it was announced that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 would not be released in 3-D because the film would not be complete before the release. It is possible it could be re-released in the near future as the conversion to 3-D has already begun.[16]

The film grossed $976 million worldwide, making it the third highest-grossing film of 2010 (behind Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland) and the eighth highest-grossing film of all time at the time (behind Avatar, Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Toy Story 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Alice in Wonderland and The Dark Knight).



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is the seventh and final adventure in the Harry Potter film series. In contrast to the book, this cinematic version has two full-length parts.

Part 1: Harry Potter, with his closest friends Hermione and Ron must avoid school and instead search and destroy the Horcruxes—the keys to Voldemort's immortality. They perform this perilous mission alone without the guidance or protection of their professors, nor Dumbledore (who Snape killed). The three friends find a horcrux, but cannot destroy it. It is so powerful that it prevents them from working together.

Meanwhile, the Wizarding world has become a dangerous place for all enemies of the Dark Lord. The long-feared war has begun and Voldemort's Death Eaters seize control of the Ministry of Magic and even Hogwarts, terrorising and arresting anyone who might oppose them. But the one prize they still seek is the one most valuable to Voldemort: Harry Potter. The Chosen One has become the hunted one as Voldemort's followers look for Harry with orders to bring him to the Dark Lord…alive.

Harry's only hope is to find the Horcruxes before Voldemort finds him. But as he searches for clues, he uncovers an old and almost forgotten tale—the legend of the Deathly Hallows. And if the legend turns out to be true, it could give Voldemort the ultimate power he seeks. Little does Harry know that his future has already been decided by his past when, on that fateful day, he became 'the Boy Who Lived.' No longer just a boy, Harry Potter is drawing ever closer to the task for which he has been preparing since the day he first stepped into Hogwarts: the ultimate battle with Voldemort.


In the summer of 1997, Rufus Scrimgeour, newly appointed Minister for Magic, addresses the wizarding world. The ministry finally admits that Lord Voldemort has returned and is a grave threat. He concludes that the Ministry is strong.

At the Dursley home, Harry Potter watches as the Dursleys pack up their car. Harry does not join because he knows he must find and destroy the Horcruxes even without the aid from the Order of the Phoenix. Similarly, Hermione Granger prepares herself for the perilous journey. She must hide herself by hexing her parents with Obliviate hex that erases her parents' memories of herself, including her appearance in photographs around the house. Ron Weasley also prepares himself for the journey, as he is seen standing outside the Burrow.

Concurrently, Severus Snape arrives at Malfoy Manor, where Lord Voldemort is holding a meeting with his Death Eaters. Snape informs Voldemort of the date and time of Harry Potter's removal from 4 Privet Drive.

While discussing their plans, Voldemort declares to his Death Eaters that he alone must be the one to kill Harry but that he requires another's wand to accomplish the deed, as his wand and Harry's are of the same core and so any fight involving them will end in stalemate. Lord Voldemort chooses Lucius Malfoy in punishment for his recent failures, also spitefully breaking the snake-head decoration off the wand after taking it. Voldemort then 'introduces' his gathered Death Eaters to Charity Burbage, the former Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts. He cruelly mocks her subject matter and expresses his contempt for her view that Wizards and Muggles should co-exist and interbreed. Charity pleads with Severus Snape to save her, invoking their past friendship, but Snape does nothing. Voldemort then murders Burbage on the spot, and allows his snake Nagini to devour her.

Days later, several members of the Order of the Phoenix arrive at the Dursleys' to move Harry to the Burrow. Alastor Moody informs Harry that since they cannot Apparate or use the Floo network without alerting the Ministry of Magic, they must fly to the Burrow. The Order, including Ron, Hermione, and Fred and George Weasley volunteer to take Polyjuice Potion in order to disguise themselves as Harry so as to confuse the Death Eaters during the flight. Prior to leaving with Hagrid aboard Sirius Black's motorbike, Harry releases Hedwig to meet them at the Burrow. The Seven Potters are ambushed by Death Eaters during the flight to Devon, with the deaths of Mad-Eye Moody and Hedwig taking place. Voldemort duels with Harry, but Harry succeeds in overpowering him and Malfoy's wand, which is destroyed.

After the Order arrive at the Burrow, it is revealed that George's ear has been cursed off by Severus Snape. Bill Weasley informs them that Mundungus Fletcher has fled upon seeing Voldemort. That night, awoken by visions of Voldemort through their connected minds, Harry attempts to leave, feeling guilty that people have been injured for him. Ron convinces Harry to stay and although he is the Chosen One, that the fight is bigger than him.

The next morning, Rufus Scrimgeour arrives and meets with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, revealing that Albus Dumbledore has left them several possessions in his will. To Ron, he has left his Deluminator, a device used to remove and collect light. Dumbledore has left Hermione his copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, a children's story book. To Harry, he has left the Golden Snitch that Harry had caught in his first Quidditch match. It was also intended for the Sword of Gryffindor to be left in Harry's possession, but it is missing and not eligible to given away, being the property of Hogwarts.

At the Wedding of William Weasley and Fleur Delacour, Harry meets Luna Lovegood and her father Xenophilius Lovegood, whom Harry notices is bearing a strange symbol around his neck. He later talks with Elphias Doge, an elderly wizard and friend of Dumbledore's who wrote an obituary in The Daily Prophet about him. They are joined by Ron's Auntie Muriel, who suggests that Harry barely knew Dumbledore at all, informing him of several unknown facts about Dumbledore, including that he had a brother, Aberforth Dumbledore. He also hears of Bathilda Bagshot, a celebrated wizard historian who lives in Godric's Hollow. The wedding is interrupted by Kingsley Shacklebolt's Patronus which warns the merrymakers that the Minister Of Magic (Rufus Scrimgeour) has been killed, the Ministry has fallen and the Death Eaters are approaching. Almost immediately, the Death Eaters arrive and set the tent aflame. In the confusion, Harry seeks Ginny, but Lupin orders him to leave. Harry meets with Ron and Hermione, and the trio Apparate away, landing in Shaftesbury Avenue in Muggle London.

After changing, they go to a small coffee shop to discuss their plans, when they are ambushed by Death Eaters again, disguised as city workers. The trio subdue Antonin Dolohov and Thorfinn Rowle in a brief but violent skirmish and proceed to wipe their memories after Ron suggests killing them for what they did to Moody. The trio go into hiding at 12 Grimmauld Place. There, they discover the identity of R.A.B, the mysterious person who has allegedly stolen the real locket of Slytherin that Voldemort has turned into a Horcrux. As it turns out, R.A.B. is actually Sirius Black's little brother, Regulus Arcturus Black. Kreacher, the Black's house-elf, tells Harry, Hermione, and Ron that the real locket has been in the house, but that it has been stolen by Mundungus Fletcher. Harry orders Kreacher to find Mundungus and bring him back.

At the Ministry of Magic many things are changing. Pius Thicknesse has replaced the dead Scrimgeour in the position of Minister for Magic. He decrees that all witches and wizards must be screened to determine their blood status, and Harry has also become a most wanted, labelled 'Undesirable No. 1'. Meanwhile, Harry has a vision of Voldemort finding Gregorovitch, a foreign wandmaker, whom he interrogates, before killing. Kreacher and Dobby return with Mundungus, who reveals that he has given the locket to Dolores Umbridge.

The trio use Polyjuice Potion to take on the appearance of three Ministry officials and infiltrate the Ministry to retrieve the locket. The trio are separated as Ron must take care of Mary Cattermole, Reginald Cattermole's wife as well as an angry Yaxley; Harry goes to Umbridge's office to search for the locket; and Hermione follows Umbridge to the courtroom where she is holding unfair trials for Muggle-borns. In his search, Harry only finds the files in Umbridge's desk detailing the surveillance of his friends and their relatives. He later joins Ron and they go down to the courtroom, where a large group of Dementors are being used to scare the Muggle-borns on trial into submission and Umbridge is interrogating Mary. Harry, in a fit of rage, stuns Umbridge. He quickly retrieves the locket, and the trio successfully escape the Ministry after several wizards notice Harry, who has been deemed an Undesirable.

Arriving in the Forest of Dean, Harry and Hermione discover that Ron has been splinched, and while Hermione tends to his wounds, she tells Harry that they cannot return to Grimmauld Place as Yaxley has been revealed to it. After Ron is healed, Hermione casts enchantments around the tent they have set up to conceal them from the Death Eaters who are now looking for Harry; the trio try to destroy the locket, but to no avail. They decide that they will search the countryside for more Horcruxes while taking turns wearing the locket. Soon, they realise that while wearing the locket, the wearer feels more angry, suspicious, fearful, and overall bad-tempered than normal. Ron is affected most particularly, and while wearing the locket he bitterly notices Harry and Hermione spending a lot of time together. They begin to listlessly wander the countryside, and one day while Harry is pondering the Snitch Dumbledore left him, Hermione tells him that Snitches have flesh memories. The Snitch can remember which person caught it, and it will only open to that person.

One night, Hermione comes to realise why Dumbledore has left Harry Godric Gryffindor's Sword. She tells him that the sword is Goblin-made, meaning that it does not retain rust or scratches, but it does imbibe any and all things that will make it stronger. As Harry has killed Salazar Slytherin's basilisk in his second year with the sword, the sword is now impregnated with basilisk venom, one of the few rare substances that can destroy a Horcrux. This revelation causes Ron, who is wearing the locket, to snap. As the locket has increased Ron's increasing worry for his family and the fact that they have still not found another Horcrux yet, he lashes out at Harry and abandons the two in the wilderness after Hermione is forced to pick Harry over Ron.

Hermione is heartbroken by Ron's sudden departure and Harry attempts to cheer her up by dancing together and smiling. The next day, Harry ponders about the Snitch. He presses his lips to it and writing appears: 'I open at the close.' He shows it to Hermione, but they cannot make anything of the inscription nor can they make anything of the weird symbol Hermione found while perusing her copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Later, Harry proposes that they visit Godric's Hollow. Hermione agrees, because she believes that the Sword of Gryffindor may be hidden there, in the home of Bathilda Bagshot. They depart for Godric's Hollow, and Hermione surmises that it is Christmas Eve. They pass into the graveyard, where Hermione discovers the same symbol upon a grave labelled 'Ignotus Peverell.' She looks up to find Harry standing in front of his parents' grave. She comforts him and conjures a wreath of flowers for the grave.

The two then notice that they are being watched by someone who appears to be Bathilda Bagshot. She beckons them inside her home, where Hermione finds a copy of Rita Skeeter's book titled The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. As Harry proceeds to communicate with Bathilda, Bathilda responds in Parseltongue and does not directly answer Harry's questions, such as when Harry picked up a familiar picture in Bathilda's home. Later, it is revealed that Nagini has been disguised as Bathilda and attacks Harry. Hermione saves Harry and the two narrowly escape back into the Forest of Dean, where Harry learns his wand is broken.

Harry awakens in the forest. Hermione tells him that they are in the Forest of Dean, where she has once visited with her parents, musing that they will not recognise her any more and vainly proposing that she and Harry turn away from their destinies and grow old together in hiding. She also reveals to Harry that his wand had been destroyed in the skirmish and that the man in the picture in Bagshot's home was Gellert Grindelwald, a dark wizard who was defeated in 1945 and a brief friend of Albus Dumbledore. That night, Harry sits outside on guard when a silver doe Patronus lures him. He follows it to a small frozen pond, where it disappears. Investigating further, Harry discovers the Sword of Gryffindor is at the bottom of the pond. He strips down and dives in to retrieve it without removing the Locket. Sensing the Sword, the Locket tries to strangle Harry to prevent its destruction. However, Harry is saved by Ron, who also retrieves the Sword from the pool. Harry proceeds to open the locket, which in turn liberates a dark force which attacks and isolates Harry, then trying to defend itself by producing illusions of Ron's fears and anguishes, including one in which Harry and Hermione show pure and complete despise towards him before engaging in a passionate kiss. Although reluctant and emotionally affected by the locket's illusions, Ron ultimately destroys it with the use of the Sword.

They return to the tent, where Hermione grows increasingly angry at Ron for having the audacity to return. Ron reveals that Dumbledore's Deluminator not only collects and removes light sources, but it also guided him back to Harry and Hermione, conveniently when Harry was being strangled by the locket.

Soon, Hermione proposes that they visit Xenophilius Lovegood saying that he could explain the mysterious symbol, which has again cropped up in The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. They visit the Lovegood House, where Mr Lovegood reveals that it is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. Xenophilius prods them on to read The Tale of the Three Brothers, and they learn of the three Peverell brothers. He informs them of the Deathly Hallows which are revealed to be three legendary items featured in the story: the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in existence; the Resurrection Stone, a stone that can bring back the dead; and the Cloak of Invisibility, which conceals the wearer from sight. Whoever wields all three items will become the Master of Death. Xenophilius then intentionally triggers the taboo on Voldemort's name as ransom for his daughter Luna Lovegood, whom the Death Eaters have captured. The trio successfully escape back to the forest, where a group of Snatchers are waiting to capture them. Hermione casts a Stinging Jinx on Harry, after which he envisions Lord Voldemort interrogating Grindelwald at Nurmengard. Grindelwald tells him that the Elder Wand lies with Dumbledore and Voldemort leaves. They are captured and taken to Malfoy Manor.

At Malfoy Manor, Draco Malfoy is asked to identify the real Harry Potter, but he hesitates in doing so. Bellatrix spots the Sword of Gryffindor. She orders Harry and Ron imprisoned in the cellar, where Luna Lovegood, the wandmaker Garrick Ollivander, and Griphook the Goblin are also being held captive. Bellatrix tortures Hermione on how they got the sword, which she believed to be in her vault at Gringotts.

Harry, using the two-way mirror Sirius Black had given him, sees another man's face staring back at him. He begs the man in the mirror for help, and Dobby immediately Apparates to save them. At Harry's request, Dobby Disapparates with Luna and Ollivander to Shell Cottage and arrives back to free Harry and Ron. Several duels ensue between Narcissa, Ron, Harry, and Draco, but Dobby is able to cause a distraction in which Harry disarms Draco and Ron retrieves Hermione. However, Bellatrix kills Dobby as the prisoners Apparate to Shell Cottage. The trio tearfully prepare a proper burial for him at Bill and Fleur's home.

Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore's tomb and successfully retrieves the Elder Wand, unleashing a thunderbolt into the sky.


'Years ago, we briefly — and seriously — considered doing Goblet of Fire as two films. So this concept is not altogether new. As for Deathly Hallows, I intuited — almost from the first moments I began reading it and certainly once I'd finished — that to realise the story in a single film was going to be a tall order. Others in 'the group' felt similarly. So the idea of two films began to get kicked around as early as late summer of 2007. We didn't take it lightly. But ultimately everyone felt that despite the challenges it would present, it was the most sound creative decision.
I'm sure some will think we're crazy. My wife looked at me cross-eyed when I first mentioned it. But I'm really excited about it because it should allow us to stretch a bit with the characters and give them the proper send-off. The story is highly emotional and those moments deserve time to breathe. And, personally, I feel we owe it to Jo — in order to preserve the integrity of the work — and the fans — for their loyalty all these years — to give them the best and most complete experience possible.'[2]

Pre-production began on 26 January 2009, and filming began on 19 February 2009 at Leavesden Film Studios, where the previous six films had been shot, and Pinewood Studios.[17][18]

Eduardo Serra is the cinematographer.[19] Yates said that the film will be shot 'with loads of hand-held cameras. I want to shake things up every time I go into this world. I like experimenting as we go along.'[20]

During production at Leavesden, Radcliffe's stunt double David Holmes suffered a serious spinal injury during filming of an aerial sequence. Holmes fell to the ground following an explosion which was part of the stunt.[21][22][23][24] It is probable that the aerial sequence and explosion is the Battle of the Seven Potters. This left Holmes paralysed from the waist down and it is reported he will be unable to ever walk again.[25]

Shooting schedule[]

David Heyman gave additional details on the filming schedule for the two films:
'We finished the sixth film which'll be coming out next summer and we start filming the seventh which we'll be breaking into two parts for a 54 week shoot starting in February (2009).'[26][27]

Test shoots were done on 26 January 2009 as Emma Watson revealed on her Official Website. [28][29] Unfortunately, just days later it was reported that a stunt double for Daniel Radcliffe was seriously injured while testing an explosion scene.[30]

Filming for both parts started officially on 15 February 2009[31] and ended on 12 June 2010.[32]

Filming on location[]

  • On 21 April 2009, photos of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) with a tent camped in an open field along with the Deathly Hallows staff and crew have been circling around the web. The report says that it was shot in Scotland.[33]
  • On the same day, The-Leaky-Cauldron.org first reported that location filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been set in Piccadilly Circus and Shaftesbury Avenue portion of London, England. Hundreds of photos of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint including the crew & staff & 200+ extras for the film production has been released on the net during shooting hours from midnight to 6 a.m. and on the next day, April 22.[34][35][36]
  • On April 22, BBC News reported that Deathly Hallows filming on the coastline of Wales will take place from 11 to 15 May 2009 on Freshwater West beach of the Pembrokeshire National Park where the scenes for Shell Cottage are said to be shot.[37]
  • On 24 April, The T-L-C website released the first photos of the Shell Cottage while under construction on the coastline in the Pembrokeshire area of Wales.[38]
  • Various pictures can be seen of the cast of HP-DH filming scenes from the film on this Site. These are the Shell Cottage scenes, most likely.
  • They started shooting the forest scenes at Swinley Forest on 10 June 2009.[39]
  • Numerous photos of the main casts including pictures of Sophie Thompson (Mafalda Hopkirk), David O'Hara (Albert Runcorn), and Steffan Rhodri (Reg Cattermole) and the set reports from Deathly Hallows filming in Whitehall, London have emerged on-line since 28 June 2009, which appear to be the scene in which Harry, Hermione and Ron infiltrated the Ministry of Magic to obtain the real Horcrux locket from Dolores Umbridge.[40]
  • Stunt sequences for Deathly Hallows were shot Thursday (July 23) and Friday night (July 24) in Dartford Tunnel in Kent, England, with Harry and Hagrid's doubles (Daniel Radcliffe and Robbie Coltrane were not filming) driving against the traffic on Sirius's motorcycle. This scene follows the Seven Potters escapade in Privet Drive; Harry's double is also noted to be pointing his wand at an unknown enemy. Photos from the location shoot has emerged online since 27 July 2009.[41]
  • According to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, which is hosting a Harry Potter Exhibition, some of David Thewlis' costumes were sent to the UK because Thewlis will need to wear them for the wedding scenes. This filming began on August 10, 2009.[42]
  • The scene where Hermione leaves home was shot in Hampstead Garden Suburb.

Special effects[]

  • For the Seven Potters sequence, Oliver Phelps mentioned on his twitter that a mixture of special effects[43] and makeup[44] has been used to make the actors' face look like Daniel Radcliffe, using a VFX MOVA facial capture scan with 29 cameras and UV make-up.[45]

The soundtrack[]

In January 2010, Alexandre Desplat was confirmed to produce the score for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.[46] The French composer recorded the music in London studios with the London Symphony Orchestra.

"We will start this summer, it will take me all summer, I will not have many holidays, but again it's for good reason, for the soundtrack. I would take every opportunity to use the fabulous theme composed by John Williams, I'd say it has not sufficiently used in the latest films, so if I have the opportunity and if the footage allows me, I'm going to arrange it, to give it another meaning... Well, I have no obligation to use it but I shall make it with great honour and pleasure."
— Alexandre Desplat - Interview of the French composer by Cinézik.

The soundtrack was released on 16 November 2010 in U.K. and the U.S.[47]


  1. Obliviate
  2. Snape to Malfoy Manor
  3. Polyjuice Potion
  4. Sky Battle
  5. At The Burrow
  6. Harry and Ginny
  7. The Will
  8. Death Eaters
  9. Dobby
  10. Ministry of Magic
  11. Detonators
  12. The Locket
  13. Fireplaces Escape
  14. Ron Leaves
  15. The Exodus
  16. Godric's Hollow Graveyard
  17. Bathilda Bagshot
  18. Hermione's Parents
  19. Destroying the Locket
  20. Ron's Speech
  21. Lovegood
  22. The Deathly Hallows
  23. Captured and Tortured
  24. Rescuing Hermione
  25. Farewell to Dobby
  26. The Elder Wand

Release Dates[]


The trio[]

Hogwarts staff[]

Order of the Phoenix[]

Lord Voldemort, his Death Eaters and followers[]


Ministry of Magic[]

Hogwarts students[]





Wizarding world-related[]

Ghosts and spectres[]

Magical creatures[]



Staff and crew[]

Both parts were written by Steve Kloves, who wrote the first, second, third, fourth, and sixth films, and directed by David Yates, who directed the previous two films. David Heyman and David Barron produced both parts.[145]

Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Eduardo Serra has been appointed to be the Director of Photography.[146]

Special effects were supervised by Paul J. Franklin.[147]

Stuart Craig again designed new sets for both films, including the Malfoy Manor, the wedding marquee, the Luchino Caffe, Sirius's bedroom at 12 Grimmauld Place, Dolores Umbridge's Ministry office, Ministry courtroom, Shell Cottage, Godric's Hollow, Bathilda Bagshot's home, the Lovegood home, the Lestrange vault in Gringotts, Ravenclaw Tower, and other new parts of Hogwarts castle.

Wedding designer Jenny Packham designed outfits for the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film.[148]

Differences from the book[]

(Note: these differences are based upon the 2010 theatrical release; it remains to be seen whether future release of deleted scenes, or an extended version of the film, on DVD/Blu-ray might address some of these differences.)

Escape from Privet Drive[]

Scrimgeour speech

Scrimgeour giving his speech

  • A scene is added at the beginning of the film, where Minister for Magic Rufus Scrimgeour gives a speech assuring that the Ministry will 'remain strong' and take action against the Dark side.
  • The scenes of the film were not chronologically arranged, the Dursleys left before the meeting at Malfoy Manor in the film, however, in the book, it should be 'The Dark Lord Ascending' then 'The Dursleys Departing'.
  • A scene is added showing Hermione modifying her parents' memories and leaving, which was only stated in the book and not actually shown. In the film, instead of modifying her parents' memories to make them think they did not have a daughter, Hermione uses Obliviate, a more permanent spell. This is shown making her disappear from the family's photos, though it is possible she only used the spell on the photos and modified her parents' memories differently. There is no mention of restoring their memories later, though it can be assumed she had.
Hermione modifying her parents' memories

Hermione modifying her parents' memories using the Obliviate charm

  • Harry never had the mokeskin pouch in the film version but otherwise he has his rucksack which was kept in Hermione's beaded bag.
The Dursley's departure

The Dursleys departing from 4 Privet Drive

  • Details of the Dursleys talking to Harry before leaving Privet Drive are omitted, and the Dursleys are briefly seen but without any spoken lines to Harry. Dudley does not show warmth towards Harry, nor does Petunia seem to. However, it had been filmed and is included as a deleted scene in the Blu-ray combo pack release.
  • The Dursleys appear to be leaving willingly, fully aware of their danger, rather than taken into magical protection by Dedalus and Hestia.
  • In the book, Snape arrives at Malfoy Manor accompanied by Yaxley with whom he has a brief conversation. In the film, Snape is alone. Yaxley is already in the meeting room when Snape enters.
  • There is no mention of the second breakout of Azkaban made in the film. It is possible that there may not have been a breakout, rather, Voldemort may have simply influenced the Ministry of Magic to have the prisoners released. However, Lucius Malfoy's physical condition has noticeably deteriorated, a likely reference to his imprisonment. He is also more noticeably afraid and unstable, though this may be attributed to Voldemort's increasing prowess.
  • In the book, Yaxley places Pius Thicknesse under the Imperius Curse, giving the Death Eaters control over the Ministry. In the film, Pius Thicknesse is (presumably) not under the curse, but is a willing Death Eater or accomplice. However, he seems to be noticeably nervous before Voldemort and appears to be threatened and afraid of Nagini.
Draco witnessing death

Draco after witnessing Charity Burbage's death

  • Voldemort does not taunt Bellatrix and Narcissa about Tonks's marriage to Remus Lupin.
  • In the film, before Voldemort kills Charity Burbage, Draco seems to have some sympathy over her death.
  • The shard of glass in which Harry sees Aberforth Dumbledore's eye, though seen many times in the film, is not explained in the film proper, as Sirius's two-way mirror was omitted from the previous films, and is only featured in the final film. The shard is only explained in a deleted scene from the final film, where Ron asks about it and Harry tells him he can see Dumbledore in it.
    Two-way mirror chard

    Harry using the two-way mirror chard to ask Aberforth Dumbledore for help

  • Due to their omission from the previous films, Bill Weasley and Mundungus Fletcher introduce themselves to Harry when they arrive at Privet Drive.
  • Tonks' marriage to Lupin, and subsequent pregnancy are not explained in the film, she starts mentioning herself and Lupin, but gets interrupted by Moody.
  • There is no mention of Harry's Polyjuice Potion being gold-coloured or tasting better than other Polyjuice Potions. Instead, Moody warns those that haven't taken Polyjuice before that it 'tastes like goblin piss'.
  • Harry refuses to allow the others to take the Polyjuice Potion and become him, just as in the book. However, in the book, after being pressured by Moody, Harry reluctantly provides his hair for the potion, whereas in the film, Hermione snatches some hair from the back of his head after he initially refuses.
  • In the book, Moody provides drinking glasses for the fake Potters, pouring some potion in each glass. In the film, Moody only has his flask of the potion, which each Potter decoy takes a drink from, and then passes to the next.
  • In the book, each Potter decoy carries a rucksack and a cage containing a stuffed owl. The decoys do not carry either of these in the film, and Harry having his owl would serve as a give-away to the Death Eaters.
  • The Battle of the Seven Potters has been expanded in the film, including a chase between Hagrid and a Death Eater, taking place over a Muggle freeway, with cars and other vehicles being overturned or thrown at Harry and Hagrid. The chase continues through a tunnel, where Hagrid is upside-down as he drives along the tunnel ceiling, with Harry hanging from the sidecar, having to run across the roofs of the oncoming vehicles.
  • The sidecar does not get separated from the bike like it does in the book.
Hedwig's death

Hedwig taking a killing curse that was directed at Harry

  • In the film, Harry lets Hedwig go free before leaving Privet Drive, and she returns while Harry and Hagrid are being pursued. She then blocks a Killing Curse that a Death Eater cast at Harry, which gives him away during the Battle of the Seven Potters. In the book, Hedwig remains in her cage the whole time, eventually being killed by a stray curse. The give-away in the book is when Harry uses a Disarming Charm on Stan Shunpike.
  • Due to Andromeda and Ted Tonks' omission from the film, the Order of the Phoenix all arrive at the Burrow instead of their respective safe-houses and Portkeys. The aftermath of the Burrow's burning in the previous film is not brought up, and the house appears undamaged.
  • Remus Lupin does not identify Severus Snape as George Weasley's attacker, leaving the identity of the attacker a mystery.
  • George's ear isn't removed, but it is heavily scarred and deformed.
  • Molly Weasley smiles at George's 'holey' joke about losing an ear, instead of becoming even sadder.
  • The news of Moody's death is reduced to a statement by Bill. The group drinking and toasting to him is omitted.

The Wedding and the Luchino Caffe Duel[]

  • In the film, a scene is added showing Harry attempting to leave the Burrow at night, but he is stopped by Ron, who persuades him to stay until after the wedding.
  • The days Harry, Ron and Hermione spend at the Burrow between their arrival there and the day of the wedding are largely omitted in the film, including preparations for the wedding and for the Horcrux hunt. In the film, the wedding appears to happen the very next day.
  • Harry is supposed to be disguised as Barny Weasley, another Weasley relative, at the wedding, so nobody would give away that he was there, but in the film he is not disguised.
Harry & Ginny kissing - Kitchen

Harry and Ginny sharing a kiss before being interrupted by George Weasley

  • Harry and Ginny share a kiss in the Burrow's kitchen instead of Ginny's bedroom before being interrupted by George Weasley instead of Ron. It is also not mentioned that this was his birthday kiss to remind him of her if he meets a veela when 'he's off doing whatever he's doing' but merely a normal kiss.
  • In the book, after Ron catches Harry and Ginny 'snogging', he has a brief argument with Harry afterwards that Harry shouldn't get her, Ginny's, hopes up again after they broke up in the previous book. This was omitted from the film as Harry and Ginny never broke up in the previous film due to the fact that they never dated because they kissed 'secretly' in the Room of Requirement instead of kissing in the Gryffindor common room in front of all of the Gryffindors.
  • In the film, the scene in which the ceremony official is presiding over the ceremony and Bil and Fleur saying their vows is omitted, and instead only the wedding reception is shown.
Harry in Bill and Fleur's wedding

Harry in Bill and Fleur's wedding

  • Viktor Krum, Gabrielle Delacour, Apolline Delacour, Monsieur Delacour and possibly Charlie Weasley are all present at the wedding, as they are in the book, but their roles are reduced to extras in the film. Olympe Maxime also attends the wedding in the film, whereas she was not said to have attended in the book.
  • Hermione wears a red dress to the wedding as opposed to the lilac one she wears in the book.
  • The Patronus at the wedding is not identified as Kingsley Shacklebolt's, and appears as a ball of white light rather than a lynx. However, Shacklebolt's distinctive voice can be heard speaking out of it.
  • During the reception, Harry learns from Elphias Doge that Dumbledore had a brother named Aberforth. Harry never knew that Dumbledore had a brother and Elphias states that he was always very private, even as a boy while in the book he does know about it.
  • When Death Eaters arrive at the wedding, Elphias Doge approaches Harry Potter and says a goodbye before fleeing.
  • Harry initially tries to assist Ginny in fighting a Death Eater at the wedding, before he is hurried by Lupin to flee with Ron and Hermione.
  • In the film, Harry, Ron and Hermione Apparated in Shaftesbury Avenue instead of Tottenham Court Road.
  • Harry is not under the disguise of the Invisibility Cloak whilst in Shaftesbury Avenue.
  • Harry's birthday party does not happen, as Hermione and Ginny had planned it with a cake to take place at the end of the wedding.
  • During the scene when the Trio fights the two Death Eaters, the waitress is in another room listening to an MP3 player instead of being in the firefight and hit by a stray spell.

Infiltration of the Ministry[]

  • A scene is added showing Death Eaters stopping and searching the Hogwarts Express. Their intentions are left ambiguous until explained by Xenophilius Lovegood much later in the film.
  • Cho Chang, Katie Bell, and Cormac McLaggen are all seen on the Hogwarts Express, even though they should have graduated the previous year. However, a possible explanation to all this is that Katie was to return to make up for all the time she spent in St Mungo's and McLaggen failing all his studies due to thinking up Quidditch plans or had to repeat a previous year. Another explanation would be that they had left the school due to Dumbledore's death prior to taking their N.E.W.T.S. With regards to Katie, she is implied to be in Harry's year in the films anyway seeing as she is shown to be in his Potions class in the sixth film.
  • The events of the new school year at Hogwarts, including the re-forming of Dumbledore's Army and Snape's position as Headmaster have been largely omitted, except for an announcement about the latter, and a scene where Harry observes Snape with the Marauder's Map and finds him in the Headmaster's office.
  • Lupin is not present at Grimmauld Place, and the large argument between him and Harry about the former's son is omitted.
Tumblr ldlct8Wzmg1qa5y45o1 500

Hermione teaching Ron how to play the piano

  • A scene is added in Grimmauld Place where Hermione unsuccessfully attempts to teach Ron how to play the piano.
  • The tale of Regulus Black's death is omitted from the film.
  • Kreacher is accompanied by Dobby when he returns to Harry with Mundungus Fletcher even though Dobby has been omitted in all of the previous films (except for the Chamber of Secrets).

Dobby explaining to Harry how he met and helped Kreacher catch Mundungus

  • Hermione never puts the portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black in her beaded bag as the portrait was omitted from existing in Grimmauld Place but was only seen in Dumbledore's study in the 5th film.
  • Harry never remembers that the Slytherin locket has been in Grimmauld Place and they passed it around trying to open it while cleaning up Grimmauld Place in the 5th book because the cleaning up part has been omitted from the 5th film.
  • Only Mafalda Hopkirk's ambush is shown, and Albert Runcorn and Reginald Cattermole appear to have been Stunned, as Mafalda was, rather than given Skiving Snackboxes.
  • Harry does not recover Moody's magical eye from Umbridge's door at the Ministry, nor does he appear to recognise it as Moody's.
  • In Umbridge's office, when Harry is trying to find Salazar Slytherin's locket, he finds four record files which are added into the film: Moody's, Hermione's, Sirius's, and Dumbledore's.
  • Harry, Ron and Hermione have their disguises wear off at different times: Harry's wears off first, followed by Hermione's, then Ron's.
  • The man being dragged from Umbridge's courtroom does not claim to be related to Arkie Alderton, but another wizard.
  • A humorous scene is added where Ron, as Reginald, tries to leave Mary Cattermole so he can regroup with Harry and Hermione. Before she lets him go, she forces a kiss onto him, unaware that he is in fact Ron. Ron's Polyjuice Potion wears off at this point, and at the same time the real Reginald finds Mary and Ron kissing. Ron then leaves Reginald and a very confused Mary to regroup with Harry and Hermione.
  • Ron, as Reg Cattermole, stuns Yaxley in the Ministry of Magic as they are escaping, rather than Harry Potter under the Invisibility Cloak, as he does in the book.

Searching for the Sword of Gryffindor[]

  • All talk of Potterwatch and the difficulty in hearing it is omitted.
  • Though Dean Thomas, Ted Tonks and Gornuk do not appear, their names are mentioned on Ron's radio.
  • The existence of a copy of Godric Gryffindor's sword is not mentioned, though the part of Bellatrix Lestrange mentioning that the sword is supposed to be in her vault at Gringotts is oddly left in without any further details. These details would not be mentioned until Part 2.
  • The scene where Harry, Hermione, and Ron visit the former site of Wool's Orphanage is omitted.
  • In the film, scenes are added where Hermione gives Harry a haircut, and later, after Ron's departure, Harry dances with her to the song 'O'Children' by Nick Cave.[149]
  • The details of Ron's temporary move to his brother Bill's place Shell Cottage after separating from Harry and Hermione have been omitted. The only hint that is given that Ron may have stayed there is when he recommends Dobby send Luna and Ollivander there later in the film.
  • Harry and Hermione are not under the disguise of Polyjuice Potion when they venture into Godric's Hollow, though Hermione had considered doing so before Harry expressed his wish not to return to the place he was born as someone else.
  • Rita Skeeter's The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore serves little purpose in the film apart from helping Harry and Hermione identify Gellert Grindelwald.
  • In fact, very little of Albus Dumbledore's back-story is mentioned. At the wedding, Muriel mentions his father's attack on the three Muggle boys (saying that he killed them, as opposed to the book stating that he simply cursed them), and Elphias Doge mentions Aberforth. Percival, Kendra and Ariana are all seen in Bathilda Bagshot's photo album. Also, a young Albus appears alongside Grindelwald in both the photo album and The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore.
  • In the film, it is not mentioned that Bathilda Bagshot died and was reanimated into an Inferius. Her sudden transformation into Nagini is not explained.
  • In the book, Nagini wraps around Harry, pressing the locket close to Harry's heart, and he sees a flashback of Voldemort killing his parents, before waking up in the tent. In the film, the snake is dispatched before it can reach Harry, and he and Hermione Apparate out.
  • In the book, when the locket is pressed to Harry's heart by the snake, it became stuck to his chest such that Hermione had to resort to a Severing Charm to remove it, leaving an oval-shaped ring on his chest. As the snake does not reach Harry in the film, he leaves the Hollow relatively uninjured.
  • In the film, Harry and Hermione know about Gregorovitch already, while it took a little bit more time for them to figure who he was in the book. This was due to Viktor Krum's omission from the film.
  • In the book, when the locket strangles Harry in the lake, he passes out, and wakes to see Ron with the sword. In the film, he remains conscious as Ron grabs the sword and drags him out of the water.
  • Riddle-Harry and Riddle-Hermione

    Riddle-Harry and Riddle-Hermione kissing apparently naked.

    In the film adaptation, during the kiss between Riddle-Harry and Riddle-Hermione (in the vision the locket creates), the two appear to be naked,[150] which enrages Ron and prompts him to strike the locket.
  • In the book, Ron gives Harry a replacement wand outside, and Harry tests it using an Engorgement Charm on a spider, but he has difficulty with the wand, as its allegiance was not won by Harry, and the spider is only moderately larger after two attempts. In the film, Ron gives Harry the wand in the tent, and Harry tests it on a nearby lamp. He uses the same enlarging charm as the book, but in a single attempt, it causes a powerful flame to shoot up from the lamp, which Harry immediately reduces with Reducio. Hermione calls out from another room asking what happened, which Harry and Ron reply, 'Nothing!'
  • The scene where Voldemort murdered the German family is omitted. However, a newspaper close-up at the start of the film shows a report on a Muggle family being killed.
  • Voldemort does not kill Grindelwald. Also, Grindelwald willingly tells Voldemort that the Elder Wand is in Dumbledore's tomb, rather than telling him he never had it.
  • Hermione's telling of The Tale of the Three Brothers is accompanied by an animation displayed while she reads.
  • Though the Taboo on Voldemort's name is obviously in effect, as suggested by the Death Eaters' immediate arrival after Xenophilius says Voldemort's name, it is never explicitly mentioned in the film, and the trio do not seem to be aware of it although, Harry and Hermione referred to Voldemort as 'You-Know-Who' even though Harry was never scared to say the name and Hermione stated in the 2nd film that 'fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself' and usually said the name. In a deleted scene on the DVD, Ron explains the Taboo while recovering from his Splinch injury.
  • When Xenophilius is asked about where Luna has gone, in the book, he tells Harry, Hermione, and Ron that she went fishing for plimpies near Bottom Bridge. In the film, he just says that 'she'll be along...'
  • The months between the visit to the Lovegood house and the trio's capture by Snatchers, in which Harry obsesses over the Deathly Hallows, are omitted, and they do not argue about whether or not the Deathly Hallows really exist. Moreover, in the film, the trio are pursued, captured, and taken to Malfoy Manor immediately after leaving the Lovegood house.
  • The scene where the trio enter Luna's room, and find her paintings of themselves, Ginny and Neville on her roof, are omitted.
  • The trio runs into the Snatchers after Apparating, rather than by the Taboo. Also, Scabior seems to be in charge, with Fenrir Greyback in a more supporting role, which is a reversal of the book.
  • A chase scene is added where the trio attempt to flee from the Snatchers after being found.

Battle at Malfoy Manor and the end of Part 1[]

  • In Malfoy Manor, Harry and Ron had a short duel with Draco and Narcissa before Bellatrix threatened to slit Hermione's throat with her knife.
    Hermione skimirish at malfoy manor

    Bellatrix threatening Harry and Ron to slit Hermione's throat

  • Fenrir Greyback did not stay at Malfoy Manor, instead, he left with Scabior, and Lucius Malfoy took his place of being hit with the triple Stunning Spell. This causes a running gag in the Skirmish at Malfoy Manor where Lucius keeps on being hit by a jinx/spell, (first was when Ron bursts into the drawing room and second was the triple spell).
  • When Harry and Ron are locked in the cellar, they are tied back-to-back, and Luna has to free them. In the film, they are not tied up.
  • In the book, while locked up, Ron keeps calling out to Hermione as she is interrogated. He does not call for her in the film, but he is still desperate to do something as he hears her screaming.
  • In the film, Dean is not imprisoned in the manor with Luna and Ollivander.
  • Wormtail is Stunned by Dobby when he comes down to the cellars (while saying 'Ow' before fainting), instead of strangled by his own hand. He does not appear in Part 2, however, which has led to the belief that Voldemort killed him when he next arrives at Malfoy Manor.
Wmplayer 2011-04-02 09-07-38-87

Bellatrix engraved the word 'Mudblood' on Hermione's arm using her knife

  • In the film, Bellatrix's torture of Hermione is far more barbaric. In the book, she simply tortures Hermione with the Cruciatus Curse. In the film, she uses her knife to engrave the word 'Mudblood' into her arm. Also, in the book Hermione ended up with a scar on her throat where Bellatrix started cutting her. In the films she only has scars on her arm.
  • Dobby's death scene is longer and more dramatic in the film than in the book. In the book, he dies very shortly after arriving at Shell Cottage, only having enough life in him to mutter Harry's name one last time. In the film, he is able to talk to Harry properly, telling him that he is happy to be with his friends, and managing a weak smile before he dies. Also, Bellatrix stabs him in the book, while in the film, she just throws the knife after him.
  • After Dobby's death, Bill, Fleur, Dean, and Luna gather around Harry and Dobby, and say that Ron brought Hermione into the cottage. In the film, Ron and Hermione are with Harry here, as well as Luna. Bill and Fleur are not seen until Part 2, and Dean is not present, as he was not captured in the film.
  • As Ron did not mention Shell Cottage to Harry and Hermione, the origin and significance of the place are left unexplained. Instead this would not be mentioned until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.
  • Dobby is not buried in the yard of the Shell Cottage but instead, close to the Shell Cottage. There is also no Harry giving Dobby his jumper, Ron giving him his shoes and socks, and Dean giving him a hat, and there are few words said for Dobby.
  • The scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione eavesdrop on Dean Thomas, Griphook, Ted Tonks, and Gornuk is omitted.
  • Because of the aforementioned omission, the details of the existence of a copy of Godric Gryffindor's sword are not included. This was, however, explained by Griphook in part two.

Character omissions[]

Deleted scenes[]

  1. Ron talks about radios with Mr Weasley in The Burrow's Shed
  2. Harry and Aunt Petunia as they leave Privet Drive
  3. Harry and Dudley shake hands
  4. Death Eaters search the deserted Granger's house
  5. In the Ministry of Magic lifts, Harry tells Arthur he's being tracked
  6. The trio discuss how to destroy the locket
  7. Harry and Ron try to catch a rabbit in the forest
  8. Ron teaches Hermione how to skip stones

Order of events in the film[]

  • Scrimgeour gives a speech to the Ministry.
  • Clips of Harry packing and the Dursleys leaving, Hermione modifying her parents memories and causing herself to disappear from the photographs, and Ron and the Weasleys preparing for the dangerous mission to get Harry.
  • The Death Eater meeting at Malfoy Manor (The Dark Lord Ascending)
  • Seven Potters.
  • Scrimgeour gives bequests to the trio.
  • The wedding and the ensuing attack.
  • Death Eater run-in inside café and escape to Grimmauld Place.
  • Discovery of R.A.B & Dobby and Kreacher bringing Mundungus to Harry.
  • Infiltration of the Ministry of Magic.
  • Camping sequences and Ron's departure.
  • Harry and Hermione's journey to Godric's Hollow and Nagini's attack.
  • The Silver Doe and Ron's return.
  • Destruction of the locket.
  • Visit to Xenophilius Lovegood, and arrival of the Death Eaters.
  • Disapparition and run-in with Snatchers, The Trio's capture.
  • Malfoy Manor scenes, rescue by Dobby.
  • Dobby's death.
  • Voldemort steals the Elder Wand from Dumbledore's tomb.


  • In the scene where Bellatrix is about to torture Hermione, attempting to carve the word 'Mudblood' into Hermione's arm; Bellatrix leans to Hermione's right arm. Although, the scene changes and it is shown that Bellatrix is leaning to Hermione's left arm. It is possible that Hermione could have resisted Bellatrix's lunge, therefore making Bellatrix reflex to the other arm.
  • Throughout the entire film except for two scenes, Harry's glasses clearly don't have lenses.
  • Though Dobby took Narcissa's wand, Draco somehow has it in Part 2. However, at one point Dobby could have thrown the wand away as they leave.
  • Harry and Hagrid land in a large puddle of water that is at least 100 metres away from the Burrow after the 'Sky Battle' scene, but three seconds later they appear to be in a puddle only a few metres away from the Burrow, and the bike is still in the puddle, too.
  • You see that Ron flushes himself before Harry. At the Ministry, Ron leaves the fireplace after Harry. Although, it is possible that Ron could have gotten stuck or encountered some sort of problem while travelling.
  • In the scene where Bathilda Bagshot is shown transforming into Nagini the initial shot shows Nagini's eye coming from her mouth. When they pull away to the wider shot she is standing open mouth but no snake coming out.
  • Just after Voldemort interrogates Grindelwald, Voldemort is shown casting a spell from The Elder Wand even though he hasn't travelled to Dumbledore's Grave yet.
  • When Harry tells Hermione that Voldemort is after The Elder Wand he says that it's the 'last one' when it's actually the first one.
  • Harry and Hermione dance to the song 'O Children' by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (in 1997), but the album this song is on wasn't released until 2004 - seven years after this point.
  • When Mundungus Fletcher spots Umbridge in an image on a Daily Prophet newspaper after telling the Trio he sold Slytherin's locket to her, he points her out to them and remarks 'bleedin' bow & all', despite the fact that the black velvet bow she was described as wearing in the books was completely omitted from the films.


  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 was nominated for the 83rd Academy Awards for Best Achievement in Art Direction (for Stuart Craig and Stephanie McMillan), and Best Achievement in Visual Effects.[151]

Home video release dates[]

  • 11 April 2011: United Kingdom (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • 15 April 2011: United States (DVD/Blu-ray/iTunes)
  • 7 September 2012: Wizard's Collection (Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet + 'Creating the World of Harry Potter')

Box office[]


Official posters[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The DVD and Blu-ray version of the film was released on 11 April and includes 56 minutes and 30 seconds of deleted scenes and featurettes. Also, the Blu-ray has a preview of Part 2.[152]
  • Part 1 runtime is confirmed to be 147 minutes (2 hours and 27 minutes).
  • This is the first and only Harry Potter film in which Maggie Smith, David Bradley, and Alfie Enoch do not appear as Minerva McGonagall, Argus Filch, and Dean Thomas respectively.
  • This is the only film to feature Andy Linden as Mundungus Fletcher, Carolyn Pickles as Charity Burbage, David Ryall as Elphias Doge, Bill Nighy as Rufus Scrimgeour, David O'Hara as Albert Runcorn, Steffan Rhodri as Reginald Cattermole, Sophie Thompson as Malfalda Hopkirk and Hazel Douglas as Bathilda Bagshot. Although Mundungus might have made a possible appearance in the next movie.
  • This is the last film to have Toby Jones and Brenden Gleeson as part of the cast.
  • In the café where the trio was attacked, there is a poster for 'Equus', a play Daniel Radcliffe was in, on the wall.
  • Nick Moran explained that some of his more violent scenes were edited down because according to David Heyman: 'It was like watching 'Saw'.'[153]
  • Wormtail's death was replaced with him merely being stunned by Dobby since it was deemed too graphic for a man to kill himself, even if it wasn't his choice. Some have argued that their reason for this omission was that it was too cheesy rather than graphic (also considering they showed Cadmus hanging himself in the Tale of the Three Brothers), and due to his non-reappearance in Part 2 some believe Dobby's attack killed him (as he does not instantly collapse to the ground as Mafalda and Umbridge do when Harry stuns them, and Wormtail's 'Ow' suggests the attack was painful).
  • In this film, Kreacher is voiced by Simon McBurney, after the death of his original voice actor, Timothy Bateson on September 16, 2009. McBurney also voices Kreacher in the video game adaptation.
  • This and the next one were the only films in the entire series not to have their visual effects done by Industrial Light and Magic.

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