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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is a video game which was developed by EA Bright Light Studio and published by Electronic Arts. It is the second part of the game Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. The game was released on 12 July 2011 in North America and 14 July in Europe just 3 days before the film's release on 15 July 2011. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Mobile platforms.[1]

Plot summary[]

As the wizarding world descends into chaos, Harry, Ron and Hermione's harrowing task of destroying Lord Voldemort's final horcruxes draws to a close as something bigger and more dangerous than their journey is looming on the horizon. The mission will end at Hogwarts, where the great battle between good and evil takes place. Harry and Voldemort will fight for the last time ever.

  • Break in to the high security vaults of Gringotts Wizarding Bank
  • Defend Hogwarts against the fearsome Dark Forces
  • Escape Fiendfyre in the Room of Requirement


  • Epic Battles – Battle as accomplished wizards as you duel Harry's most fearsome enemies.
  • Fight the Dark forces – Use your magical skills to defeat Death Eaters, Snatchers, and giants intent on destruction. When you play a different character you unlock a new spell. For example, when you play as Minerva, you get Expulso and Impedimenta, when you play as Neville, you get Petrificus Totalus, when you play as Seamus, you get Confringo
  • Stunning Environments – Experience Hogwarts as you’ve never seen it before.



Playable characters[]

(*Have to unlock in multiplayer mode by getting Dark Mark Tokens)

Other characters[]

Supporting character voice-over actors[]


Chase sequences[]



Non-playable or mentioned locations[]


Deathly Hallows symbols/character collectables[]

Dark side[]

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Music - Wandering Part 1: Sorrow
Challenge - Challenge 1: Gringotts
Character - Ron Weasley
Character - Scabior

The Streets of Hogsmeade

Music - Wandering Part 2: Determination Character - Death Eater
Challenge - Challenge 2: The Streets of Hogsmeade
Character - Professor Snape

A Problem of Security

Music - Wandering Part 3: Mystery
Character - Amycus Carrow
Character - Alecto Carrow
Challenge - Challenge 3: A Problem of Security

The Basilisk Fang

Character - Aberforth Dumbledore
Music - Wandering Part 4: Serenity
Character - Professor McGonagall
Challenge - Challenge 4: The Basilisk Fang

A Job to Do

Music - Wandering Part 5: Dark Magic
Character - Seamus Finnigan
Character - Neville Longbottom
Music - Wandering Part 6: Tension
Challenge - Challenge 5: A Job to Do

The Lost Diadem

Music - Wandering Part 7: Surrender
Character - Gregory Goyle
Character - Draco Malfoy
Challenge - Challenge 6: A Giant Problem
Challenge - Challenge 7: The Lost Diadem
Character - Blaise Zabini

The Battle of Hogwarts

Character - Fenrir Greyback
Music - Combat Part 1: Courage
Character - Bellatrix Lestrange
Music - Combat Part 2: Fear at Hogwarts
Character - Hermione Granger
Challenge - Challenge 8: The Battle of Hogwarts

A Turn of Events

Music - Combat Part 3: Battle to the Vault
Challenge - Challenge 9: Surrender
Challenge - Challenge 10: A Turn of Events
Character - Harry Potter

Not My Daughter

Challenge - Challenge 11: Not My Daughter
Character - Molly Weasley
Character - Ginny Weasley
Music - Combat Part 4: Securing the Bridge

Voldemort's Last Stand

Challenge - Challenge 12: Voldemort's Last Stand
Character - Lord Voldemort
Music - Combat Part 5: The Final Duel


At the very end of the game, after the credits are done or have been skipped, there is a short video montage featuring clips from all nine games (including Quidditch World Cup).  It is set to the music of Combat Part 3: Battle to the Vault, and features the phrase "Thanks for Playing."


  • This is the first game in which the player can Apparate (but only when playing as Harry). In the previous games, Apparition was only seen in the cutscenes.
  • One of the scenes in the game is taken from a deleted scene from the film where Draco Malfoy throws Harry a wand immediately after being embraced by Voldemort. In the game however, Draco simply hands it to him instead of throwing it.
  • The game 's title screen in all versions except for the DS version changes depending on the player's progress in the game: at first, it's late at night between May 1st and May 2nd, then, after completing Chapter 4, it has one change, which is the red barrier that protects Hogwarts Castle. After clearing Chapter 7, some parts of the castle are on fire, the path to the Boathouse is severely damaged, with some rubble around the area, and the sky is clearer, showing that it's not night anymore, but it's now dawn of May 2nd. Lastly, after completing the game, it's morning. Instead, in the DS version, it shows the castle at dawn similarly to the posters, although without damage or fires.
  • The wands of Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco Malfoy, Amycus Carrow and Minerva McGonagall are all changed to resemble their movie wands, everyone else in the game wields a replica of Harry's wand.
  • This was the last Harry Potter game published by EA games. Future Potter games would be published by Warner Bros' own game division.
    • This was also the last game to be developed by EA Bright Light before its closure at the end of 2011.
  • Professor McGonagall is the only playable character that does not have any running abilities due to old age as she only walks slowly when the player is controlling her. Ironically, she is only playable in boss fights.
  • For some odd reason, the Voldemort's Last Stand Challenge didn't feature the same thing from the story mode. Instead, this challenge was from A Turn Of Events, which included the Voldemort boss fight, the chase scene and the playable Ron as the latter in the challenge only featured Ron.


Image Name Description
Future Auror DH2VG Future Auror Get all achievements, 100% the game!
Casting from Cover DH2VG Casting from Cover Defeat an enemy wizard from cover for the first time
Don't Bank on it! DH2VG Don't Bank on it! Complete 'Gringotts' on any difficulty
Streets of Hogsmeade DH2VG Streets of Hogsmeade Complete 'The Streets of Hogsmeade' on any difficulty
Snape Sacked DH2VG Snape Sacked Complete 'A Problem of Security' on any difficulty
Pulling Teeth DH2VG Pulling Teeth Complete 'The Basilisk Fang' on any difficulty
Burning Bridges DH2VG Burning Bridges Complete 'A Job to Do' on any difficulty
The Bigger They Are DH2VG The Bigger They Are Complete 'A Giant Problem' on any difficulty
Lost and Found DH2VG Lost and Found Complete 'The Lost Diadem' on any difficulty
Hogwarts Burning DH2VG Hogwarts Burning Complete 'The Battle of Hogwarts' on any difficulty
Familiar Faces DH2VG Familiar Faces Complete 'Surrender' on any difficulty
Change of Plans DH2VG Change of Plans Complete 'A Turn of Events' on any difficulty
Motherly Love DH2VG Motherly Love Complete 'Not My Daughter' on any difficulty
It's All Come Down to This DH2VG It's All Come Down to This Complete 'Voldemort's Last Stand' on any difficulty
Covert Confidence DH2VG Covert Confidence Defeat 100 enemy wizards from cover
Blind Luck DH2VG Blind Luck Defeat 10 enemy wizards from cover, without aiming
Wizard-in-Training DH2VG Wizard-in-Training Complete the game on Normal
Accomplished Wizard DH2VG Accomplished Wizard Complete the game on Expert
Mastering Magic DH2VG Mastering Magic Complete the game on Advanced
Protego! DH2VG Protego! Successfully use Protego against 100 spells
Expelliarmus! DH2VG Expelliarmus! Successfully dispel 100 enemy Protego shields using Expelliarmus
Petrificus Totalus! DH2VG Petrificus Totalus! Successfully Body-Bind 100 enemy wizards with Petrificus Totalus
Expulso! DH2VG Expulso Successfully defeat 100 enemy wizards with Expulso
Confringo! DH2VG Confringo! Successfully defeat 100 enemy wizards with Confringo
Magical McGonagall DH2VG Magical McGonagall Play as McGonagall
Defiant Daughter DH2VG Defiant Daughter Play as Ginny
The Brightest Witch DH2VG The Brightest Witch Play as Hermione
Best Friend DH2VG Best Friend Play as Ron
Stay Away from Her DH2VG Stay Away From Her Play as Molly
Boom! DH2VG Boom! Play as Seamus
Got It Covered! DH2VG Got It Covered! Play as Neville
Now You See Me DH2VG Now You See Me Apparate over 100 metres
Strategic Spell-casting DH2VG Strategic Spell-casting Defeat 50 enemy wizards using more than one spell
The Best Defence DH2VG The Best Defence Use Protego to defeat 20 enemy wizards at close range
Back to You DH2VG Back to You Defeat 10 enemy wizards with Protego deflections
That Showed Them DH2VG That Showed Them Defeat 4 enemy wizards with a Confringo cast
Stopped in Their Tracks DH2VG Stopped in Their Tracks Defeat 5 enemy wizards with one Impedimenta cast
A Good Offence DH2VG A Good Offence Defeat 10 enemy wizards before they cast a spell
A Good Start DH2VG A Good Start Defeat 100 enemy wizards in the Main Story and/or Challenges
Getting There DH2VG Getting There Defeat 500 enemy wizards in the Main Story and/or Challenges
Hogwarts Defender DH2VG Hogwarts Defender Defeat 1000 enemy wizards in the Main Story and/or Challenges
Full of Character DH2VG Full of Character Find all characters
Listen Up DH2VG Listen Up Find all Music Tracks
Complete Collection DH2VG Complete Collection Collect 100% of all items
Not a Scratch DH2VG Not a Scrath Complete any level without being defeated
Up to the Challenge DH2VG Up to the Challenge Complete all challenges
Shining Example DH2VG Shining Example Complete all challenges at Gold standard
Having a Blast DH2VG Having a Blast Trigger 5 explosive reactions
Care of the Castle DH2VG Care of the Castle Escape Voldemort with minimal damage to Hogwarts
First Rung DH2VG First Rung Complete your first challenge

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