The 2001 video game Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the original American version) was developed by KnownWonder for Windows and Mac and published by Electronic Arts. It features action-adventure and platforming gameplay. Its sequel is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for PC and Mac.


Chapter 1

Image Level name List name Objective Wizard Cards Secret areas
1 - Hogwarts Main Entrance.PNG Hogwarts Main Entrance Hogwarts Entrance Attend Defence Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Quirrell, located on the third floor. 1 0
2- Flipendo Challenge.PNG Flipendo Challenge Flipendo Challenge Collect the challenge stars. 0 3
3 - Flying Lesson.PNG Flying Lesson Broomstick Training Flying lesson with Madam Hooch. Fly Harry through the hoops. 1 1
4 - Wingardium Leviosa Lesson.PNG Wingardium Leviosa Lesson Wingardium Leviosa Attend Professor Flitwick's Charms class on the fifth floor. 2 7
5 - Second Floor Landing.PNG Second Floor Landing Second Floor Landing Attend Herbology class with Professor Sprout. The way to the Greenhouse is through the Main Entrance. 3 3

Chapter 2

Image Level name List name Objective Wizard Cards Secret areas
6 - Hogwarts Grounds.PNG Hogwarts Grounds Hogwarts Grounds Attend Herbology class with Professor Sprout in the Greenhouse. 2 7
7 - Herbology Class.PNG Herbology Class Incendio Challenge Complete the spell lesson. 1 1
8 - Incendio Challenge.PNG Incendio Challenge Incendio B Collect the challenge stars. 1 2
9 - Hogwarts Front.PNG Hogwarts Grounds Hogwarts Front Attend the second Flying lesson which is located in Hogwart's grounds. 0 0
10 - Remembrall Chase.PNG Remembrall Chase Remembrall Chase Knock Malfoy off his broom until he returns Neville Longbottom's Remembrall. 0 0
11- Hogwarts Grounds III.PNG Hogwarts Grounds Hogwarts Front II Find Hagrid's hut. 0 0
12 - Forest Edge.PNG Forest Edge Forest Edge Find Hagrid's hut. 2 7
13 - Fire Seed Caves.PNG Fire Seed Caves Fireseed Caves Collect the fireseeds. 2 8
14 - Quidditch I.PNG Quidditch Match: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Quidditch 1 As the Gryffindor Seeker, catch the Golden Snitch and help defeat the Slytherin team. 0 0

Chapter 3

Image Level name List name Objective Wizard Cards Secret areas
15 - Hogwarts Main Entrance II.PNG Hogwarts Main Entrance Intro Attend Defence Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Quirrell, located on the third floor landing. 1 4
16 - Lumos Challenge.PNG Lumos Challenge Lumos Collect at least 6 out of the 7 challenge stars. 1 4
17 - Second Floor Landing II.PNG Second Floor Landing PreDungeon Find Professor Snape Potions classroom, located in the dungeon. 2 2
18 - Potions Lesson.PNG Potions Lesson Dungeon Find the potions ingredients. 1 2
19 - Potions Challenge.PNG Potions Challenge Dungeon B Find the potions ingredients. 1 2
20 - Troll.PNG Corridor To The Girl's Washroom Troll Escape the troll. 0 0
21 - Quidditch II.PNG Quidditch Match: Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw Quidditch 2 As the Gryffindor Seeker, catch the Golden Snitch and help defeat the Ravenclaw team. 0 0

Chapter 4

Image Level name List name Objective Wizard Cards Secret areas
22 - Sneak up to the Tower.PNG Sneak Up To The Tower The Sneak Use the Invisibility Cloak to avoid Filch and meet Ron's brother Charlie. 1 1
23 - Sneak down from the Tower.PNG Sneak Down From The Tower The Sneak II Use the Invisibility Cloak to avoid Filch and Mrs Norris. 1 1

Chapter 5

Image Level name List name Objective Wizard Cards Secret areas
24 - The Forbidden Corridor.PNG The Forbidden Corridor Fluffy Stop Snape from stealing the Sorcerer's Stone. 1 0
25 - The Devil's Snare.PNG The Devil's Snare Devil's Snare Stop Snape from stealing the Sorcerer's Stone. 0 0
26 - The Winged Keys.PNG The Winged Keys Winged Keys Catch the Winged Key. 0 0
27 - The Chess Game.PNG The Chess Game Chess Defeat the giant chess pieces. 0 0
28 - The Final Encounter.PNG The Final Encounter Voldemort Stop Quirrell from reaching the Sorcerer's Stone. 0 0

The End

Image Level name List name Objective Wizard Cards Secret areas
The End.PNG The End Not listed None, cutscene 0 0






  • Gnome: Annoying little creatures who bite Harry and steal a small amount of his Bertie Bott's Every Flavoured Beans. Once they steal them, they cannot be recovered. They can be easily stunned with Flipendo.
  • Orange Snail: Orange Snails can burn Harry if he touches them or their slime trails. Flipendo stuns them.
  • Venomous Tentacula: A nasty plant that can bite Harry if he gets too close. They can be wilted by casting Incendio after Harry learns that spell. Abundant in Professor Sprout's gardens, they vary in size from small to big to giant and in number of heads from one up to over four. With few expections, they will faint only for a few moments after being stunned by Incendio.
  • Doxy: Pixie-like dark blue flying beasts who bite when Harry gets too close. Flipendo repels them.
  • Fire crab: There are only two Fire Crabs in the whole game, both in the fire seed level. It can shoot fire out of its backside. Casting Flipendo on it twice knocks it over.
  • The Troll: There is just one troll in this game, which is the one that appears in Hogwarts Castle. Harry first needs to run through the castle corridors in order to escape the troll. After Ron and him lock the door of the girls' bathroom, they realise Hermione is inside and go rescue her. Harry then needs to cast Flipendo on objects thrown by the troll to make counter-attacks while Ron tries to hit it with its own club by casting Wingardium Leviosa.


  • Dragon: The dragon Norbert is the only dragon in the game. Harry has to fetch fire seeds for it and take it to the top of the Astronomy Tower.
  • Pig: Hagrid raises pigs in his garden.
  • Goat: Hagrid keeps a goat in his garden.
  • Owl: Harry's owl Hedwig, who brings him messages.
  • Fluffy: Hagrid's three-headed dog. One of the guardians of the Philosopher's Stone. Is faced towards the end of the game, when Harry lulls it to sleep using the flute.



With the exception of a forest and a cave, the game takes place entirely on Hogwarts and its terrains. Although other places are mentioned and illustrated in drawings during the intro and outro of the game, they do not appear not even in cutscenes. Since the game is not open-world, each location can only be played in the levels they are not blocked. In this game, there are a few things to keep in mind: the first floor is mistakenly referred to as "second floor"; classroom 2E is located in the fifth floor instead of the third; the Underground Chambers are located in the third floor instead of the Dungeons.

Areas appearing only during cutscenes

Debug mode

The game has a debug mode, which can can be accessed by typing harrydebugmodeon when in game. It shows the Unreal Engine at the top part of the screen, which has notably green characters. It might not work the first time, but if the player keeps trying or uses the wand it will certainly activate. The key F7 can be pressed to turn it off.

Once in the debug mode, the player can access the level list in the main menu and play any level any time (although the save books may not have effect with the debug mode activated).

By pressing a certain key on the top left region of the keyboard (normally ' or ~, although it varies depending on the keyboard), the player will open the game's console. There, the player must type set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true and press Enter. Once this is done, the following cheats can be inserted (not all of them will work all the time and they may not work at all sometimes):

  • ghost - opens ghost mode
  • fly - opens flying mode
  • walk - deactivates ghost and flying modes
  • givebeans - adds an amount of beans
  • givehousepoints - adds an amount of Gryffindor house points
  • giveseeds - adds an amount of seeds
  • giveallcards - adds all Wizard cards
  • harrysuperjump - makes Harry jump forwards and very high (may also work outside the engine)
  • harrykoresh - makes Harry invincible
  • killharry - makes Harry faint
  • killall - stuns all other present creatures
  • setspeed - accelarates/decelerates the game speed
  • quit - quits the game


Differences between the book/movie and this game version

  • Peeves does not appear in the film, but is battled twice in this game.
  • The Forbidden Forest detention part is not included in this version, though unused narration exists for it.
  • In the book and movie, Neville breaks his wrist after falling off a broomstick from a great height during the flying lesson, which allows Malfoy to steal his Remembrall. In this version (along with the Playstation version), Neville is not seen flying or wrist-broked at all, nor does he appear at Harry's Flying lesson. Instead, he gets upset after that lesson, when he arrives and reveals that Malfoy has stolen his Remembrall. In addition, Neville's anxiety is explained as having lost Trevor again, and needing his item to find him. Finally, in the book and this version of the game, Malfoy says he might leave Neville's Remembrall in a tree for him to find. In the film, he suggests to leave it on the roof.
  • In the film and book, Harry's broomstick is jinxed in the first Quidditch match. In this adaptation, two Quidditch matches happen but neither have jinxed brooms or accidents.
  • In the book, Draco challenges Harry to a duel, which turns out to be a trick that results in him, his friends and Neville ending up in the Forbidden Corridor. The challenge is absent in this game, and Harry and Draco have a brief fight involving Wizard Crackers instead. As a result, Harry doesn't accidentally enter the Forbidden Corridor and doesn't encounter Fluffy until it's time to get past him.
  • Norbert appears early in the game, unlike in the book and movie where he appears nearly at the end of the story. In order for the egg to hatch, Hagrid asks Harry to find some fire seeds in the forest. Hagrid then gives Harry a flute as thanks, rather than as a Christmas present like in the book.
  • Harry gets trapped in the dungeons before Potions class, which does not happen in the book or the film.
  • In the book, Hermione burns the Devil's Snare with fire before it can suffocate Harry and Ron. In this game it traps Ron and Hermione instead, forcing Harry to fight it alone.
  • In the book, Quirrell summons ropes to tie Harry by snapping his fingers. In the film, Quirrell snaps his fingers to make fire surround the area. In this game, Quirrell also conjures fire, but does so by moving his hands.
  • Quirrell twists his head around so that Voldemort can directly face Harry at the end, which doesn't happen in any other version of the scene.
  • In a post-credits scene of the game, it is shown why Fred and George Weasley have been picking the Beans all year (to bury Professor Snape alive under them). There is nothing like that in the film and book.

Behind the scenes

  • The Dursleys have unused models in the game, which suggests they were to appear.
  • When Harry is escaping from the library after seeing the Mirror of Erised, he claims to have "locked the only door out of there". Said door (actually a secret passage concealed behind a bookcase) is obviously magically locked. How Argus Filch accomplished this is unclear, given his status as a Squib.
  • Many more spells were planned to appear in this version of the game. Those included Reparo, Verdimillious, Avifors, and even spells that do not make an appearance anywhere else in the franchise, including Flintifors, Ectomatic, and an unnamed transfiguration spell. Also, Incendio and Wingardium Leviosa were to have more uses.
  • In the opening level, Dumbledore tells Harry Potter he had found a room filled with chocolate frogs, and later returned to the same room only to find fire crabs instead. Some say this may be an allusion to the Room of Requirement, first mentioned in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, released in the year before this game. However, the room always contains what one is looking for, and Dumbledore suggests that these encounters were unexpected. It also seems unlikely that Dumbledore would have been looking for fire crabs.
  • This is the only game in the Wizarding World franchise that has a post-credits scene.

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