This is an upcoming Minecraft map that covers from the Attack at Godric's Hollow (1981) to Diagon Alley. Currently 2 levels is known.

Level 1: The Boy Who Lived

The player plays the role of Harry Potter. Don't move in this part. The adventure starts by pressing a button. After that, James Potter is heard from downstairs with Voldemort, and Voldemort soon kills James using Avada Kedavra. Then, Voldemort as a grey faced and black robed figure somehow teleports upstairs, possibly using Apparition. Voldemort warns Lily Potter to step aside, but Lily refuses. Voldemort blasts a killing curse at Lily, and then blasts another killing curse at Harry.

A jet of green light is made using particles, and then Voldemort shouts AAAA! and falls over. After that, half of the house blows up and the player is teleported into the next level.

Level 2: The Flying Motorcycle

There are 3 objectives in this level. This time, the player switches to the role of Albus Dumbledore. The player appears in an end of Privet Drive, and a Deluminator is given to the player. Then, the Deluminator must be placed and then destroyed 17 times. Each time, a torch will be converted into fences and a stream of light will come to the Deluminator. After that, the second objective starts.

The second objective is to find Minerva McGonagall in her Animagus cat form. After the player gets close to the cat, the cat will turn into a person, which is McGonagall. Dumbledore (the player) will have a quite long conversation with McGonagall, and that's the end of what is known now.


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