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The Healing Potion was a potion which healed the drinker and replenished any lost health or stamina.[1]


This potion was brewed and used heavily by volunteer wizards and witches of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force during the 2010s to help address the Calamity. This potion was extremely useful when duelling Dark Wizards or dark creatures in Fortresses, making it an essential supply for all Aurors.[1]

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Behind the scenes

The potion brewing in game

  • In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, this potion restores 35% Health pool on use, making it essential for solo Fortress runs. As the player's Stamina increases, they will still need Healing Potions to power through higher floors, especially if they are playing as an Auror. With no self heal, Aurors are heavily dependent on using this potion in the game, particularly in Oddity Traces and Wizarding Challenges.
  • In the game, by performing the Master Notes sequence of Vertical Pinch, Clockwise Swipe, Multiple Taps, Horizontal Pinch upon the cauldron, this will reduce its in-game brewing time by 15%.
  • The Healing Potion can be brewed in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and is used to restore health points in gameplay other than duelling.


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