"He hurried over to Ron, bent down, tapped Ron's leg with his wand and muttered 'Ferula'. Bandages spun up Ron's leg, strapping it tightly to a splint."
—Remus Lupin using a healing spell[src]

A Healing spell is a type of spell distinguished by their capacity to magically improve the physical condition of the living object — it is a branch of Healing magic. Healing spells may fall under multiple categories, such charms (Episkey), vanishings (Anapneo and Ossio Dispersimus), conjurations (Bandaging Charm), or others. In 1996, Harry Potter allowed Nymphadora Tonks to heal his broken nose, though he had been intending to see Madam Pomfrey, whom he privately felt to be more competent with Healing spells than Tonks.[1]

Known Healing spells

Unidentified Healing spells

Behind the scenes

  • The Mending Charm is not meant to be used on flesh wounds, as attempting so may create serious scars.[5]
  • Presumably, Healing spells (at least the basic ones) are taught at Hogwarts in Charms class, which covers spells in general, other than Transfiguration spells. However, this may not be until the seventh year, which Harry and Ron did not attend.
  • It may also be that several Healing spells are covered in a specialised class on Healing magic, offered only at N.E.W.T.-level, with Reparifors being taught as a general healing spell relatively early in the Charms curriculum.


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