Rollback is a function that can be given to trusted users by bureaucrats. It gives normal users the ability to use and have a rollback button without making them administrators. To request rollback rights, please see Requests for permissions. Rollback is granted fairly liberally, so if you have a history of positive contributions or can prove that you are a trusted user on another wiki, please request. The below list does not include users that are administrators or above.

Users with rollback

See also: Special:ListUsers/rollback
Current (rollback rights only)
  1. 1337star
  2. 96ken
  3. Animagi Prongs
  4. ArrestoMomentum
  5. EmmyG‎
  6. Ginerva Potter Jr.
  7. Gonk
  8. Gryff23
  9. Harry granger
  10. Harry Potter Fantic 1
  11. Hellabore
  12. HoboHunter28
  13. HP
  14. Hufflepuff Half-Giant
  15. IBAmyB
  16. Iluvgracie129
  17. Jayce Carver
  18. Jordan Girardin
  19. Lemniwinks
  20. Lord Voldemort killed the vampire James
  21. Lost Soul
  22. Mace170
  23. Manticore
  25. NevilleismyHERO
  26. Nighthawk leader
  27. Oread
  28. Palmala
  29. PetStarPlanet
  30. Profiteor
  31. QueenOf Serpentz
  32. Quidditch Lover
  33. Ratneer
  34. RelentlessRecusant
  35. Rodolphus
  36. Romulus Wolf
  37. Rookwood
  38. Sandpiper
  39. Scrimgeour
  40. Shorty1982
  41. Smonocco
  42. Snoops619
  43. Syugecin
  44. Texthawm‎
  45. Tharnton345
  46. Therequiembellishere
  47. Thorning
  48. Toon Ganondorf
  49. W-ForestH2
  50. Wydok
  51. Yeti222
  52. You-Know-Who
  1. BachLynn23
  2. Charitwo
  3. GrouchMan
  4. KickAssJedi


Anyone can revert vandalism and bad-faith edits, but it takes a couple of clicks in the page history to get it done. The "rollback" permission allows a user to undo bad edits with one click: by using the rollback link on diff pages, the user's contributions page, or the list of recent changes. The edit summary for a rollback edit is (Reverted edits by X (talk) to last version by Y).

Content moderators and admins have this permission by default. It can also be granted to other users by adding them to the rollback group. See Special:ListUsers/rollback for a member list.

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