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Henrietta Fischer was a German witch who worked for the German Ministry of Magic in the early 1930s.[2]


In 1932, Fischer was in attendance at the German Ministry of Magic before Vogel made his speech to the International Confederation of Wizards declaring Gellert Grindelwald would be absolved of all his past crimes.[2]

Vogel, Fischer, Ida Webb and Victor

She was later seen in Berlin standing on a footbridge alongside Anton Vogel, Ida Webb and Victor, where they saw Grindelwald stepping out of his car and subsequently being carried by his followers.[2]

Fischer approaching Newt at the ceremony

She later attended The Walk of the Qilin Ceremony in Bhutan. She approached Newton Scamander carrying one of his duplicated suitcases and asked him to take it to the Eyrie, telling him that Albus Dumbledore had contacted her to do so and that she was an ally of him. Newt was suspicious of her allegiance and refused to hand it over, as he was aware that Grindelwald's supporters were heavily present. Newt was knocked over from behind by a spell from Zabini, which allowed her to take the suitcase. It later disintegrated in her hands, as it was one of the fake ones.[2]

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