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"Now, tonight’s keynote speaker needs no introduction from me. He’s been mentioned as a future president—and if you don’t believe me, just read his daddy’s newspapers—ladies and gentlemen, I give you the senator for New York, Henry Shaw!"
— The announcement of Senator Shaw[src]

Senator Henry Shaw Junior (d. 6 December, 1926[2]) was an American No-Maj who served as a United States senator from New York during the 1920s.[3] He was the son of newspaper magnate Henry Shaw Senior.[4] He had at least one younger brother, Langdon Shaw.

Henry Shaw Junior died on 6 December, 1926 after being attacked by Credence Barebone's Obscurus. This was the result of a demeaning comment he made in regards to Credence. He was killed at a fundraising dinner for his supporters at New York City Hall.


Early life

Henry Shaw Junior was born in the United States in or before 1890.[1] His father was a newspaper magnate, and he had at least one sibling: a younger brother named Langdon.[4] Shaw was elected to the United States Senate in 1920.[5] As such, he was his father's pride and joy, while his brother was seen as a disappointment.[4]


Henry Shaw Junior: "Langdon. Just listen to Father and go... And take the freaks with you."
Langdon: "This is Father’s office, not yours, and I’m sick of this every time I walk in here..."
— Henry Shaw Junior arguing with his brother[src]

Henry Shaw Junior insulting Credence Barebone

In late 1926, his younger brother Langdon Shaw brought Mary Lou Barebone from the New Salem Philanthropic Society and her adopted children Credence, Chastity, and Modesty to his father Henry Shaw Senior's office in Shaw Tower.[6]

Langdon laid out a portfolio filled with a series of photographic evidence of witchcraft and told his father of his belief that "strange things were going on all over New York" and that this was the work of witchcraft, certain that he was giving him the scoop of the century. Henry and his father both dismissed Langdon's claims as out of hand. Mary Lou was interested in garnishing the support and influence of his newspaper company and his elder son's re-election platform. Henry Shaw Senior refused and asked the Barebone family to leave. While they were departing, Mary Lou's adopted son Credence dropped a leaflet which Henry Shaw Junior handed back to him, unashamedly calling his family freaks.[6]


"Suddenly something explodes forth from underneath the organ. Something huge and bestial, although invisible, is soaring down the hall — tables fly, people are thrown, lights smash, and people scream as it carves a line toward the stage. Senator Shaw is thrown backward against his own poster, raised up high, suspended for a moment in midair, before being brought down with a violent crash — dead."
— Henry Shaw gets attacked and killed by Credence's Obscurus[src]

While running for re-election, Henry Shaw Junior held a fundraising dinner for his supporters at New York City Hall, which was also picketed by members of the New Salem Philanthropic Society.[4][7][8][9] When Henry was in the middle of his speech, he was interrupted by a strange, haunting noise coming from the organ pipes at the end of the room, and as he recommenced, the strange noise got louder, prompting the guests to look around for the source of the disruption and worriedly start muttering to each other.[10]

Henry Shaw Junior's corpse, marked with Obscurus injuries

Suddenly, the chandeliers shattered and the lights went out, and a huge and bestial rush of wind burst forth from beneath the organ. The Obscurus of Credence Barebone soared across the hall, sending tables flying and throwing people around as it carved a line toward the stage where Shaw was still standing. The force threw Shaw backwards against his poster and then raised him up high where he was suspended for a moment midair before being thrown violently back down onto the stage, dead.[10]

After the attack, a magical image of Henry Shaw Junior's body was displayed in the Pentagram Office of MACUSA during a meeting of the delegation from the International Confederation of Wizards. Newton Scamander observed the body and realised that he was killed by an Obscurus from the marks covering his face.[10]

Personality and traits

"Here you go, freak — why don’t you put that in the trash, where you all belong."
— Henry Shaw Junior cruelly insults Credence Barebone[src]

Henry Shaw Junior was a charismatic and successful politician. He was often arrogant, and could also be quite cruel to those he considered "freaks," as shown by his treatment of the Barebone family, and the Second Salemers as a whole. Henry was also quick to dismiss other people's beliefs, as shown when he ignored Mary Lou Barebone's claims of witchcraft in New York City. Moreover, he appeared to enjoy his success in politics, as Henry was running for re-election, much to his father's pride. Henry appeared to be fairly conservative and authoritarian in his political beliefs, as during his re-election campaign, he expressed support for the maintenance of Prohibition laws. 

Behind the scenes


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