The Herbivicus Charm (Herbivicus) is a charm used to rapidly increase the growth rate of plants and cause flowers to bloom.[1] Herbivicus Duo is a stronger version of this charm.


Upon casting, a twisting jet of brilliant green light will shoot from the wand. A crackling ball of emerald-green energy will appear at the tip of the wand, with an identical one appearing at the plant one is charming, with a thick jet of green light connects them. The plant will rapidly begin blooming.[1]


spellbook which detailed how to cast this charm was owned by Professor Pomona Sprout, which she used to help teach the charm to her Herbology students, from the fourth year onward, the year this spell is taught. This spellbook could be found in the Hogwarts greenhouses.[1]

Volunteers of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force were advised on using this charm by Constance Pickering to help accelerate the growth of plants they grew in Greenhouses, for usage in Potion-making.[2]

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  • This spell may be related to Rose Growth, a charm which has identical effects, but which presumably only works on rose bushes.


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