Hereward was a wizard who mastered the Elder Wand after killing his own father to acquire it.[3] He succeeded in doing this by locking him in his own cellar to die, after stealing his wand.[4]

It's unknown what Hereward did after obtaining the wand. He ultimately lost possession of the Elder Wand at some point, presumably by being defeated in a duel, killed, or disarmed.


The name "Hereward" is derived from the Old English elements here "army" and weard "guard", from which the magial kind of "ward" (as a protection) is also derived. This was the name of an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon leader who rebelled against Norman rule.


Notes and references

  1. His father was a wizard, his mother's blood status is unknown.
  2. It is most likely that he owned another wand before the Elder Wand.
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