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"A vicious, nocturnal beast adept at both disguise and disembowelling. The result of accidental breeding between a Demiguise and a ghoul."
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The Hidebehind was a nocturnal, forest-dwelling, spectre-like beast that preyed on humanoid creatures, but a witch and Pukwudgie working together were able to defeat the creature. It could shift its shape, allowing it to hide behind almost any object.[2] It was accidentally created from breeding between a Demiguise and a ghoul.[3] It was also featured in the revised edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.[1]


Although it had the power of invisibility, those who had seen it described it as tall with silver-hair, akin to a skinny bear. It could also contort itself to lurk behind any object.

Its prey of choice was humans, which Magizoologists speculated was the result of the cruelty shown by Phineas Fletcher to the creatures in his power.[1] Only a witch or wizard would have been likely to survive an attack by these creatures.


The Hidebehind was accidentally created when illegal trader Phineas Fletcher attempted to import a trafficked Demiguise into America, with the goal of manufacturing invisibility cloaks. The Demiguise escaped while on board the ship and bred with a stowaway ghoul, and the offspring escaped into the forests of Massachusetts.[1]

In the early 1620s, a Hidebehind of unusual size and strength was chased away by Isolt Sayre after it had managed to capture a young Pukwudgie. The same Hidebehind was later responsible for the deaths of the parents of Chadwick and Webster Boot, but was later defeated by Isolt Sayre and William the Pukwudgie.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Although they were described as a spectre in their first mention on Pottermore, the British Ministry of Magic classifies them as Beasts, given their inclusion into the 2017 edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
  • The Hidebehind's origin story is similar to that of the Honey Island Swamp Monster, where, early in the twentieth century of Louisiana, a group of chimpanzees escaped from a derailed train and interbred with the local alligator population.
  • There is a creature in American folklore known as the Hidebehind, which also preyed upon humans.


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