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Hogsmeade station[1] was a “tiny, dark platform” where the Hogwarts Express ended its journey north from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. The railway station served both the village of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


The station was located near the Black Lake, and from there a road extended around the lake to Hogwarts Castle.[2] It was actually quite a distance from the village itself, being on the opposite side of the Hogwarts grounds.

The Hogwarts Express stopped here after travelling from King's Cross Station's Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, which, like Diagon Alley, Muggles couldn't penetrate. At the station was a small group of buildings, the largest being a resting place for the conductor of the train. Not far down from these buildings were entrance gates to Hogwarts that were located in a clearing of the Forbidden Forest that led up to the school grounds. Also at the end of the platform, boats were docked awaiting the arrival of groundskeeper Rubeus Hagrid and the first-years.[2]


Hogsmeade station in snowy weather

The station was built in the early 1800s when the Ministry of Magic began using the Hogwarts Express, a steam engine train acquired by Minister for Magic Ottaline Gambol (1827-1835) for the safe transport of Hogwarts students. Overnight the villagers of Hogsmeade realised they suddenly had a train station, while confused Muggle railway workers in Crewe suddenly felt as if they had misplaced a train thanks to Memory Charms and the "largest mass Concealment Charm [ever] performed in Britain".[3]

Hogsmeade station in 1995

Upon reaching the station, first-years would immediately get into small boats for the ride across the Lake. Harry Potter could smell the pine trees near the lake from the platform.[2]

"Horseless" carriages pulled line up along a "mud track" near the station for second-years to seventh-years. In his fifth year in 1995, Harry Potter realised the carriages were pulled by Thestrals, creatures he could see because he suddenly understood the reality of Cedric Diggory's death the year before.[4]

Behind the scenes

  • Scenes involving Hogsmeade station in the Harry Potter films were shot at Goathland railway station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, built in 1865 and virtually unchanged, that serves the village of Goathland in the North York Moors.
  • In the film adaption of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the station is shown to be located to the south of Hogwarts Castle, but in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hogsmeade Station appears to be in one of the clearings of the Forbidden Forest to the east.
  • The station decreases drastically in size when it's seen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The second platform on the other side is no longer visible in addition compared to the first film. The station seems to be in a pine wood, Hogwarts Castle is directly opposite the station from the loch in the fifth film, when in the first film the castle is seen on a big hill with no loch in sight.


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