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"Welcome to the Hogwarts Duelling Club! This room was built years ago as a safe and supervised environment for students to practise duelling. We leave the destruction as a reminder that casting a spell against friend or foe can have lasting implications. Duelling exists as a sport, but may also save your life, as many know firsthand from the Wizarding War. I want all of you to learn this important skill before leaving Hogwarts..."
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore states the purpose of the club[src]

The Hogwarts Duelling Club was a club at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, led by Filius Flitwick and supervised by the other Heads of Houses.


The Duelling Room that the club was held in was built in the dungeons at an unknown time before 1984, in order to to allow students to practise duelling. Professor Dumbledore decided to leave the marks from various spells on the walls as a visual reminder of the dangers associated with the sport.[1]

Jacob's sibling expressed interest in duelling after receiving a knockback jinx from Merula Snyde while trying to prevent her from bullying their friend Ben Copper.[2]

Their house prefect directed them to retrieve a book of duelling related spells that the house had hidden in the artefact room in order to prepare to defend themselves during their next confrontation with Merula. While researching spells from the book, Rowan Khanna learned that Professor Flitwick was rumoured to be a duelling champion and suggested that their friend ask the professor to teach them.[3]

Flitwick was reluctant to do so, as duelling was forbidden on school grounds. However, when Jacob's sibling insisted, he decided to teach them basic form and the Disarming Charm so that they could defend themselves while still being relatively safe. He carefully stressed that using the lesson for anything but self defence was grounds for expulsion.[3]

During their next confrontation with Merula, again for bullying Ben, Jacob's sibling successfully used the disarming charm and the tickling charm that they had learned from the book to defeat her. Merula was furious, however her subsequent rant was interrupted by professors Flitwick and Snape who reported the pair for discipline.[4]

Though Snape was of the opinion that both should be expelled[5], Professor Dumbledore instead decided to hold a formal duelling club where they could practise in a safe and supervised environment.[1]

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  • In the game of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the duelling club is played by duelling other players and bots and, by beating them, the player earns rewards.
  • Though Jacob's sibling's classmates are shown during the introduction to the club, they cannot be duelled.


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