This area is the east part of the Hogwarts Castle. The East Wing, Hagrid's hut and several corridors are located here. The Transfiguration classroom is also here.


East Wing

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The East Wing is a large hall located on the sixth floor of Hogwarts Castle. There is a huge fireplace in the centre of the room and some portrait hung on the walls. The entrance is located on the Glanmore Peakes' Corridor and it has an entryway to the room Fred and George Weasley hid the Marauder's Map.[1]

Hagrid's hut

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Hagrid's hut view from the stone circle

Hagrid's hut

The gamekeeper's hut is located on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Rubeus Hagrid, the gamekeeper during Harry Potter's time at Hogwarts, lived here for many years. This hut is more commonly referred to as 'Hagrid's hut,' although many of Hagrid's predecessors have lived in the hut, too.


Hogwarts East (2)

The corridor adjacent to the Transfiguration classroom

The corridors adjacent to the Transfiguration and Charms are located on this part of the castle.

Classroom 1B

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Transfiguration classroom

Classroom 1B

The Classroom 1B[2] is where Transfiguration class is taught. The classroom itself is big, surrounded by high windows, has four rows of three desks, and still has enough room for several cages and bookshelves, two chalkboards, and a desk for Professor McGonagall. Several candlesticks stand lit behind McGonagall's desk.

Ædificium Oriens

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Ædificium Oriens is a hall in Hogwarts Castle. It is more than likely that this hall is facing the east side of the Castle.

Grand Staicase

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Moving stairs

The staircase

The Grand Staircase is a massive structure, mainly used to access each floor of the castle, including the dungeons. There are hundreds of Portraits covering the walls in this tower, some of which conceal secret passages to other areas within the school. The multiple staircases in the Grand Staircase lead from platform to platform and go as high as the seventh floor where they come to an end.

Behind the scenes

  • Although it is not mentioned in any of the novels, this part appears in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. Despite this, some areas of Hogwarts East had appeared in novels, films and video games. And considering this is just refering to the east side of the school it might as well appear in novels, films and video games.


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