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"Live the unwritten"
— Tagline of the game[src]

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action role-playing game set in the late 19th century within the wizarding world. Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment under the Portkey Games label, the game was released on 10 February 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.[4] It was originally going to be released on 4 April 2023 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the release date was changed to 5 May 2023.[2] It was released on the Nintendo Switch on 14 November 2023.[3]


"Experience Hogwarts in the 1800s. Your character is a student who holds the key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart. You have received a late acceptance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and soon discover that you are no ordinary student: you possess an unusual ability to perceive and master Ancient Magic. Only you can decide if you will protect this secret for the good of all, or yield to the temptation of more sinister magic.
Discover the feeling of living at Hogwarts as you make allies, battle Dark wizards, and ultimately decide the fate of the wizarding world. Your legacy is what you make of it.
Hogwarts Legacy website

Players create a character capable of harnessing ancient magic who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry beginning as a fifth-year student in the 1890s. During the gameplay reveal trailer in March 2022, a newspaper can be seen dated 1 September 1890. Players experience the life of the student as they "live the unwritten" and embark on a dangerous journey to uncover a hidden truth of the wizarding world.

Besides the protagonist, there are companion students such as Natsai Onai, a brave and justice-seeking Gryffindor, Poppy Sweeting, a kind and beast-loving Hufflepuff, and Sebastian Sallow, a charismatic Slytherin.

Villains include Ranrok (a goblin staging a rebellion against wizardkind) and Victor Rookwood (a Dark wizard operating in and around Hogsmeade).


The game was originally leaked on Reddit in October 2018 alongside an now-deleted unofficial trailer that showed extensive character creation, spell-casting, magical creatures, and exploration. No official comment was given by either Warner Bros. nor J. K. Rowling, although many reputable sources inside WB Avalanche, including high ranking employees, teased or claimed to know of the game.[5][6][7][8]

The game was announced via a video game showcase stream by Sony on 16 September 2020.[9] It was set to be available to players in 2021, but the date was later delayed twice, first to 2022, then to 10 February 2023 to continue developing the game for a better experience for players.[1]

On 17 March 2022, PlayStation revealed a State of Play presentation that featured 20 minutes of gameplay and behind the scenes content.[10][11] Community manager Chandler Wood revealed that the game will not have any microtransactions.[12]

On 18 May 2022, Avalanche released an ASMR video showing some additional footage of the Hogwarts grounds, Hogsmeade, and an unidentified area which included a store called the Magic Neep. While it did not include any additional story information, it did confirm several locations including Zonkos, Dervish and Banges, and Steeply and Sons tea shop.

On 24 May 2022, PlayStation revealed that PS5 will have exclusives relating to the Dual Sense controllers.[13]

The game had started development with actors portraying characters in the games. Actors were cast and were scheduled to start when the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. As a result, actors were forced to stay at home. The cast were forced to use the company Beyond Capture in Vancouver and employ Canadian actors. They used actors who were able to perform multiple actors; Direction and communication via Zoom.[14]

On 12 August 2022, the official release date was revealed to be 10 February 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The Switch version would be ported later on.[15]

A new exclusive trailer was unveiled at Gamescon on 23 August 2022, with a pre-order date on 25 August.[16] A Digital Deluxe version was revealed in the same trailer, with a collector's edition revealed on 24 August.[17]

On 13 December 2022, Avalanche delayed the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 until 4 April 2023.[18][19]

On 6 March, the game on Xbox One and Playstation 4 was delayed from 4 April to 5 May.[2]


Gameplay includes detailed character creation, spell casting, exploration, stealth, and elements of both the action and role-playing genres. As it is common for non-free console and PC games, no system of microtransactions is used, unlike the similar mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.[12][20]

The player is able to develop their own duelling style by combining different spells. They are also able to make specific allies; it is possible to become a Dark wizard or witch instead of following a hero path, though the ending will still be the same as the protagonist is lauded as a hero for saving Hogwarts.[20]

The game is set in the Scottish Highlands, including Hogwarts and a vast territory around it. Broom flight can be used to reach farther locations, which includes wizard villages such as Hogsmeade. The developers have also confirmed a fast-travel system known as "Floo Flames". The scenery and other environments are highly detailed and intricate, weather events affect the environment, and the four climatic seasons are reflected in the landscape.[20]

A Wizard's Field Guide is provided to the player which keeps track of their level. It also includes their map, quests, owl post, settings, challenges, collections, talents (which unlocks through the main story), inventory and gear.


Hogwarts students[]

Unknown House[]





Hogwarts staff[]

Historical wizards[]



Hogsmeade villagers[]

Rookwood Gang[]



World map[]








Main Quests[]

Quest name Location Notes

The Path to Hogwarts[22]

Highlands Professor Fig and I have travelled via Portkey to a remote cliffside in the Scottish Highlands. We need to explore the mysterious ruins that we suspect the Portkey was meant to lead us to.
  • Explore the ruins
Attend Your First Day at Hogwarts[23]

Welcome to Hogwarts

Charms Class[24]

The Astronomy Wing The Field Guide Map show Professor Ronen's class is in the Astronomy Wing.

This castle is enormous! I may need to use the Charmed Compass in the Field Guide to help me find the way.

  • Go to Charms class


Defence Against the Dark Arts Class[25]

The Astronomy Wing The Field Guide Map shows Professor Hecat's class is in the lower section of the Astronomy Wing.

I could get lost in this castle. I may need to use the Charmed compass in the Field Guide to help me find the way.

  • Attend Defence Against the Dark Arts Class

Rewards: Levioso

Weasley After Class[26]

Transfiguration classroom Professor Weasley wants to see me in her classroom which is off the Transfiguration Courtyard, located between the Library Annex and the Astronomy Wing. Hopefully she has word on replacing my lost supplies.
  • Meet Professor Weasley in the Transfiguration classroom

Requirements: 2 - Required Level

Welcome to Hogsmeade[27]

Near the entrance to Hogwarts Professor Weasley has arranged for me to visit the nearby village of Hogsmeade and replace my lost supplies. I should be able to navigate to the different shops using my map. Natty Onai/Sebastian Sallow will keep me company along the way.
  • Meet Natty near the entrance to Hogwarts

Requirements: 2 - Required Level, Reparo
Rewards: Ancient Magic Throw, Ancient Magic

Find the Secret in the Restricted Section[28]

The Locket's Secret

Secrets of the Restricted Section[29]

Requirements: 3 - Required Level, Incendio

Rewards: Disillusionment

Tomes and Tribulations

Professor Fig's office
Live as a Student Until Professor Fig Returns[30]

The Girl from Uagadou[31]

Lower Hogsfield Natty Onai has asked me to meet her at a hamlet called Lower Hogsfield, just south of Hogwarts. I should see what she wants.
  • Meet Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield

Requirements: 4 - Required Level

Trials of Merlin[citation needed]

Herbology Class[32]

Greenhouses I need to attend Herbology class, taught by Professor Garlick in the Greenhouses.
  • Go to Herbology class

Requirements: 3 - Required Level

Potions Class[33]

The next class I must attend is Potions. It is taught by Professor Sharp.
  • Attend Potions Class

Requirements: 4 - Required Level

Tell Professor Fig about the Map Chamber[34]

Ollivander's Heirloom[35]

Hogsmeade Mr Ollivander, the wandmaker in Hogsmeade, wants to see me about something. I should pay him a visit.
  • Visit Mr Ollivander in Hogsmeade

Requirements: 5 - Required Level

Scrope's Last Hope[citation needed]

The Hunt for the Missing Pages

Nearly Headless Nick may have information regarding the missing pages I seek.
  • Speak to Nearly Headless Nick

Requirements: 5 - Required Level

Jackdaw's Rest[36]

Forbidden Forest The ghost of Richard Jackdaw is going to meet me at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. He said he'll show me how to get to the cave where he died. He's certain the missing pages are still there with his decapitated remains.
  • Meet Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest
  • Follow Jackdaw through the Forbidden Forest
  • Find the cave where Richard Jackdaw died
  • Whisper the password
  • Investigate the cave where Jackdaw died
  • Defeat Ranrok's Loyalists
  • Find the missing pages
  • Defend yourself against the Ancient Defenders
  • Investigate the traces of ancient magic
  • Exit the Map Chamber

Requirements: Expelliarmus

Complete the First Keeper Trial[37]

Flying Class[37]

In today's Flying class, Madam Kowaga is reviewing basic broom flight and manoeuvrability.
  • Go to Flying class
  • Fly through the rings (0/3)
  • Fly through the rings around the grounds
  • Follow Everett Clopton
  • Return to the Courtyard
  • Land and dismount

Requirements: 6 - Required Level

In the Shadow of the Undercroft[38]

Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom I can probably find Sebastian at his usual spot near the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.
  • Meet Sebastian

Requirements: 8 - Required Level
Rewards: Confringo

The Map Chamber[citation needed]

Percival Rackham's Trial[citation needed]

The Room of Requirement[39]

Astronomy Tower Professor Weasley has requested I meet her in the seventh-floor cooridor of the Astronomy Tower. This is an odd location for a meeting. I wonder what she wants.
  • Meet with Professor Weasley

Requirements: 6 - Required Level
Rewards: Conjuring Spell, Evanesco, Conjuration Spellcraft

 Prepare for your Search for the Final Keeper

Beasts Class

I need to attend Beasts class, taught by Professor Howin

Go to Beasts class

Requirements: 13 - Required Level

The Caretaker's Lunar Lament

The Grand Staircase Gladwin Moon, the Hogwarts caretaker, wishes to speak with me about something. I should find him near the Reception Hall.
  • Talk to Gladwin Moon

Rewards: Alohomora

The Helm of Urtkot

I need to travel to Hogsmeade. I should be able to find Sirona inside the Three Broomsticks
  • Speak to Sirona in the Three Broomsticks

Requirements: 12 - Required Level, Depulso

In the Shadow of the Estate[citation needed]

The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom[citation needed]

The High Keep[citation needed]

Astronomy Class[citation needed]

Back on the Path[citation needed]

Charles Rookwood's Trial[citation needed]

Fire and Vice[citation needed]

In the Shadow of the Mine[citation needed]

It's All Gobbledegook[citation needed]

The Headmistress Speaks[citation needed]

The Polyjuice Plot[citation needed]

Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial[citation needed]

In the Shadow of the Mountain[citation needed]

Lodgok's Loyalty[citation needed]

San Bakar's Trial[citation needed]

Wand Mastery[citation needed]

The Final Repository[citation needed]

Weasley's Watchful Eye[citation needed]

The House Cup[citation needed]


Quest name Location Notes

Madam Kogawa's Assignment 1

Madam Kogawa has conjured a number of balloons around the Hogsmeade Station and the Quidditch pitch. She wants me to use my broom to reach and pop them.
  • Pop balloons over Hogsmeade Station (0/5)
  • Pop balloons around the Quidditch Pitch (0/5)

Rewards: Glacius

Madam Kogawa's Assignment 2

Professor Garlick's Assignment 1

Professor Garlick wants me to field test a Venomous Tentacula and a Mandrake. Should I need any seeds or plants, I can visit Dogweed and Deathcap. My Field Guide will not guide me through this assignment, but my map could still prove useful.
  • Acquire and use a Venomous Tentacula
  • Acquire and use a Mandrake on multiple enemies simultaneously

Rewards: Wingardium Leviosa

Professor Garlick's Assignment 2

Professor Hecat's Assignment 1[40]

Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom Professor Hecat would like to see me about some additional assignments.
  • Report to Professor Hecat
    • Win two rounds of Crossed Wands[41]
    • Complete a round of spell combination practice with Lucan Brattleby[41]
  • Return to Professor Hecat

Rewards: Incendio

Professor Hecat's Assignment 2[42]

Professor Hecat wants me to practise avoiding attacks by dodge rolling. She also wants me to cast Incendio on a few enemies. My Field Guide will not guide me through this assignment, but my map could still prove useful.
  • Successfully avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling (0/10)
  • Cast Incendio on enemies (0/5)

Rewards: Expelliarmus

Professor Onai's Assignment

Professor Onai wants me to field test Depulso on a levitated enemy. She also wants me to collect Troll bogeys, so I will need to find and defeat a Troll to complete her assignment. My Field Guide will not guide me through this assignment, but my map could still prove useful.
  • Collect Troll Bogeys (0/1)
  • Cast Depulso on a levitated enemy

Rewards: Descendo

Professor Ronen's Assignment[43]

Transfiguration Courtyard Professor Ronen would like to speak with me about some additional assignments.
  • Report to Professor Ronen
    • Collect the flying page near the broken statue
    • Collect the flying page in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower

Rewards: Reparo

Professor Sharp's Assignment 1[44]

Professor Sharp wants me to test myself while under the influence of both the Maxima and Edurus Potions. He'd also like me to field test a Focus Potion. I know to find potions and recipes at J. Pippins Potions. Myg Field Guide will not guide me through this assignment, but my map could still prove useful.
  • Acquire and use a Focus Potion
  • Acquire Maxima and Edurus Potions, and use them simultaneously

Rewards: Depulso

Relationship Quests[]

Quest name Location Notes

A Basis for Blackmail[citation needed]

A Bird in the Hand[citation needed]

A Dragon Debrief[citation needed]

Acting on Instinct[citation needed]

Finding Focus[citation needed]

Grief and Vengeance[citation needed]

Harlow's Last Stand[citation needed]

In the Shadow of Distance[citation needed]

In the Shadow of Fate[citation needed]

In the Shadow of Friendship[citation needed]

In the Shadow of Hope[citation needed]

In the Shadow of Discovery[citation needed]

Sebastian sent me an owl saying he found something interesting in the book from the Scriptorium and he wants to discuss it in the Undercroft.
  • Speak with Sebastian in the Undercroft

In the Shadow of the Bloodline[citation needed]

In the Shadow of the Relic[citation needed]

In the Shadow of the Study[citation needed]

In the Shadow of Time[citation needed]

It's in the Stars[citation needed]

Mum's the Word[citation needed]

Poached Egg[citation needed]

Poppy Blooms[citation needed]

Surprise Meeting[citation needed]

The Centaur and the Stone[citation needed]

The Lost Child[citation needed]

The Poachers' House Call[citation needed]

Side Quests[]

Quest name Location Notes

Absconder Encounter

Breaking Camp

Brother's Keeper

Cache in the Castle

The first clue shows a rhinoceros skeleton on display. I know I must have walked by that at least a dozen times. Now if only I could remember where it is.
  • Find the first landmark from Arthur's Treasure Map

Carted Away

Lower Hogsfield A goblin outside of Lower Hogsfield seems distraught over his missing cart. He doesn't seem to be aligned with Ranrok's Loyalists. Perhaps I should investigate.
  • Talk to the goblin outside Lower Hogsfield

Rewards: Appearances

Crossed Wands: Round 1[45]

Clock Tower I should speak with Lucan Brattleby about the secret duelling club.
  • Talk to Lucan Brattleby

Crossed Wands: Round 2[46]

Clock Tower I should check in with Lucan Brattleby and see if another round of Crossed Wands is available.
  • Talk to Lucan Brattleby

Crossed Wands: Round 3[47]

Clock Tower The final round of duelling is available at Crossed Wands. It will determine the champion of the school. I should see Lucan Brattleby.
  • Talk to Lucan Brattleby

Rewards: Appearances

The Daedalian Keys[48]

Astronomy Wing Nellie Oggspire is in the Transfiguration Courtyard and seems elated about something. I’m interested to learn what’s so exciting.
  • Speak with Nellie Oggspire

Rewards: Relic House Uniform

A Demanding Delivery

Hogsmeade Parry Pippin of J. Pippin's Potions in Hogsmeade sent me an owl regarding a delivery. I should speak with him if I'm looking for some simple work.
  • Speak with Parry Pippin

Rewards: Appearances, Gold

'Dissending' for Sweets

The Great Hall It appears that Garreth Weasley wants to speak with me.
  • Talk to Garreth Weasley

Rewards: Gold, Conjuration Spellcraft

Flight Test[49]

Hogsmeade After completing my broom flight training in Madam Kogawa's Flying class, Everett mentioned checking in with Albie Weekes at Sprintwitches to get a broom.
  • Purchase a broom at Spintwitches

I purchased a broom from Mr Weekes and he advised I speak with Imelda Reyes at the Quidditch Pitch. She's running timed trials which are sure to be the perfect flight tests.

  • Speak with Imelda Reyes at the Quidditch Pitch
  • Place in the Quidditch pitch Broom Trial
  • Report back to Imelda
  • Return to Albie Weekes

Follow the Butterflies

Hogsmeade I overheard Clementine Willardsey talking to herself in the Three Broomsticks. She mentioned something about a swarm of butterflies.
  • Talk to Clementine Willardsey

Rewards: Conjuration Spellcraft

A Friend in Deed

Foal of the Dead

Ghost of Our Love[50]

Owlery The map portrays a forest, bridge and candles. I've put it into my bag for reference.
  • Use the Map with Floating Candles to find the treasure

Gobs of Gobstones

Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower *Find Zenobia's Gobstones (0/6)

Like a Moth to a Frame[51]

Central Hall Lenora mentioned that the painting revealed a clue when she cast Lumos near it. Perhaps I should try that myself.
  • Discover the painting's secret

Rewards: Appearances

The Lost Astrolabe

Black Lake A student outside Lower Hogsfield is staring longingly out over the waters of Black Lake. I wonder what's on her mind.
  • Speak with the student on the dock

Rewards: Appearances

The Lost Child[52]

The Man Behind the Moons[53]

The South Wing Mr Moon will teach me a more advanced form of Alohomora once I find all the Demiguise statues. I should search Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and many hamlets for the statues. I can only collect, the moons from the statues at night.
  • Speak with Gladwin Moon

Rewards: Alohomora II & Alohomora III

Spell Combination Practice 1[54]

Clock Tower I should see about starting a training regimen for practicing spell combinations.
  • Talk to Lucan Brattleby

Spell Combination Practice 2[55]

Clock Tower The Crossed Wands club meets regularly in the Clock Tower. I should be able to find Lucan Brattleby there.
  • Talk to Lucan Brattleby

Sweeping the Competition

Hogsmeade Look into a new broom enhancement with Albie Weeks in Spintwitches Sporting Needs.
  • Purchase a broom enhancement from Albie Weekes

The Tale of Rowland Oakes[56]

Adelaide Oakes seems worried about someone. I should speak with her.
  • Talk with Adelaide Oakes

Rowland's map depicts a few key landmarks. Perhaps I can use them to help me work out where the goblins have taken him.

  • Use Rowland's map to follow his trail

Requirements: 10 - Suggested Level
Rewards: Appearances

A Thief in the Night

Trials of Merlin

Venomous Valour

Media gallery[]






Picture Achievement/Trophy Name Description
A Forte for Achievement HL A Forte for Achievement Complete the introduction and finish the Sorting Ceremony
A Keen Sense of Spell A Keen Sense of Spell Invoke Ancient Magic for the first time
A Sallow Grave A Sallow Grave Complete Sebastian Sallow's relationship line
A Talent for Spending A Talent for Spending Spend 5 Talent points
Beast Friends Beast Friends Complete Poppy Sweeting's relationship line
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted Complete all tiers of a challenge
Coasting Along Coasting Along Visit Poidsear Coast
Collector's Edition Collector's Edition Complete all collections
Demiguise Dread Demiguise Dread Find all Demiguise statues
Finishing Touches Finishing Touches Use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game
First Class Student First Class Student Attend your first class
Flight the Good Flight Flight the Good Flight Beat Imelda's time in all broom races
Floo Around the World Floo Around the World Unlock all Floo Flames
Followed the Butterflies Followed the Butterflies Follow butterflies to a treasure
Going Through the Potions Going Through the Potions Brew every type of potion
Grappling with a Graphorn Grappling with a Graphorn Subdue the Lord of the Shore
Loom for Improvement Loom for Improvement Upgrade a piece of gear
Merlin's Beard! Merlin's Beard! Complete all Merlin Trials
Put Down Roots Put Down Roots Grow every type of plant
Raising Expectations Raising Expectations Reach a combo of 100
Rise to the Challenges Rise to the Challenges Defeat enemies in all battle arenas
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes Rescue the phoenix
Room with a View Room with a View Reach the highest point in the castle, the Headmaster's upper study
Savvy Spender Savvy Spender Spend all Talent Points
Spilled Milk Spilled Milk Use Flipendo ten times – to tip one cow or several
That's a Keeper That's a Keeper Meet Charles Rookwood in the Map Chamber
The Auror's Apprentice The Auror's Apprentice Find the Map Chamber as a Hufflepuff
The Avenging Gazelle The Avenging Gazelle Complete Natsai Onai's relationship line
The Defender of Dragons The Defender of Dragons Save a dragon
The Ends Petrify the Means The Ends Petrify the Means Defeat a total of fifty enemies using Petrificus Totalus
The Good Samaritan The Good Samaritan Complete all side quests
The Gryffindor in the Graveyard The Gryffindor in the Graveyard Find the Map Chamber as a Gryffindor
The Hallowed Hero The Hallowed Hero Wield a Deathly Hallow
The Hero of Hogwarts The Hero of Hogwarts Defeat Ranrok
The Intrepid Explorer The Intrepid Explorer Discover all cairn dungeons
The Nature of the Beast The Nature of the Beast Breed every type of beast
The One Who Mastered Memories The One Who Mastered Memories View all Pensieve memories
The Root of the Problem The Root of the Problem Stun 10 different enemies using a Mandrake
The Seeker of Knowledge The Seeker of Knowledge Win the House Cup
The Sort Who Makes An Entrance Complete the introduction and finish the Sorting Ceremony
The Spell Master The Spell Master Learn all spells
The Toast of the Town The Toast of the Town Find the Map Chamber as a Slytherin
The Wise Owl The Wise Owl Find the Map Chamber as a Ravenclaw
Third Time's a Charm Third Time's a Charm Upgrade a piece of gear 3 times
Troll with the Punches Troll with the Punches Survive the troll attack on Hogsmeade

Behind the scenes[]

The Harry Potter Wiki has 1,457 images related to Hogwarts Legacy.
  • This is the first Wizarding World media set primarily in Hogwarts that does not bear the "Harry Potter" title.
  • On 16 September 2020, a trailer for Hogwarts Legacy was released.
  • On 17 September 2020, Warner Bros. announced that Hogwarts Legacy is not a new story from J. K. Rowling, and she is not directly involved in the creation of the game.[57]
  • Other wizards known to have lived at the time and place who are absent in the game include Armando Dippet, and Bathilda Bagshot.
  • Interestingly, and perhaps mistakenly, promotional images appear to show the Hogwarts Whomping Willow and the Forbidden Forest Acromantula colony. They would be anachronisms, since they were founded long after the 1800s. The colony was founded by Aragog and Mosag in Rubeus Hagrid's third year at Hogwarts in 1943, while the Whomping Willow was planted when Remus Lupin started at Hogwarts in 1971.
    • Another anachronism, shown in the trailer, was a Hogwarts student riding an enchanted carriage to the school. However, Hogwarts would already have the Hogwarts Express at this time, as it was first in operation no later than the 1850s. It may be that the carriage was just an alternate method of transportation at the time.
  • A companion book, The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy, was also published.
  • Extended footage of the game was released on 17 March 2022.[58]
    • This footage shows characters using the Summoning Charm (Accio) to pull enemies towards themselves and then attack with another spell. However, outside this game this spell is only known to summon objects, not people or creatures, with the exception of Newt who subjected a pet to it to recover the creature,[59] and Ted Tonks who summoned a fish to eat.[60]
      • This is actually addressed in a dialogue between Sebastian Sallow and Ominis Gaunt after the first Charms class. While Sebastian comments to the new student that they can use the charm on people, Ominis corrects him and states that the charm would actually have to be used on the clothes the targeted people are wearing.[61]
  • The students in this game wear different robes. They are coloured and gave the symbolic animals woven into the back.
  • On 12 August 2022, the release date was pushed back to 10 February 2023.[1]
  • At Gamescon on 23 August, a new trailer was revealed showing the dark side, winning Best Trailer.[62][63] At the same time, it was revealed that PlayStation owners will have an exclusive quest. Preorders were announced and made available on 25 August.
  • On 13 September 2022, the quest was revealed to be a time event for 1 year starting from the launch date. It featured the protagonist visiting Cassandra Mason at The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop.[64]
  • Over 22 million copies were sold, with implication of more games.[65]
  • A petition was started to ensure a hypothetical sequel to the game would not be live-service.[66]
  • On 6 June 2024, the Summer update was released on every platform, bringing in content that was previously exclusive to PlayStation consoles. Content released included the Azkaban outfit, Felix Felicis potion recipe, and the Haunted Hogsmeade quest. Additionally, photo mode was released to all platforms. [67]

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Notes and references[]

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