This orchestra was a musical group comprised of students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They would sometimes play by themselves, but also as public entertainment, and accompany the Frog Choir. The orchestra was comprised of saxophonists, violinists, cellists, flutists, drummers, harpists, tubists and harpsichordists. In the 1990s, its conductor was Professor Flitwick.


1993-1994 school year

Flitwick conducting

The orchestra and the Frog Choir lead a presentation of Something Wicked This Way Comes

On 1 September 1993, the orchestra and the Frog Choir led a presentation of Something Wicked This Way Comes during the Start-of-Term Feast after the Sorting ceremony. The choir members sang while carrying toads (one of which was Trevor, Neville Longbottom's toad[1]) which croaked during the song, and were accompanied by a harpischord, a drum, a harp, and flutes. While Filius Flitwick joined the feast, the choir and the orchestra retreated from the Hall after the song.

The Triwizard Tournament

Flitwick Yule Ball

Flitwick beginning the performance at the Yule Ball

In the 1994–1995 school year, the Triwizard Tournament was held at the school and the orchestra played just before the third task for public entertainment. These songs included The Hogwarts March, which was recited frequently. The choir also performed at the Yule Ball on Christmas Eve. Flitwick led the orchestra as they played a waltz at the beginning of the dance, but they stopped when the Weird Sisters took over from them.

Behind the scenes

  • Neither the choir nor the orchestra appear in any of the books, making their first appearance in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was added by director Alfonso Cuarón and J.K. Rowling admitted that she simply loved the idea. Cuarón even considered having little people play an organ in the Great Hall along with the choir but this idea was rejected by J. K. Rowling.
  • The orchestra in all instances is made up a collection of students from the Aylesbury Music Centre, as it is situated close to Pinewood Studios where the majority of the scenes are filmed.[2]


Notes and references

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