"Good haul this year. Thanks for the Broom Compass, it's excellent, beats Hermione's - she's got me a homework planner -"
—Ron Weasley's opinion of his Christmas presents[src]

A homework planner is a journal that allows a student to keep track of their assignments. It also verbally reminds the student not to put off their schoolwork every time it is opened.


Hermione Granger gave one each to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley in 1995 as Christmas presents. Neither of them was particularly pleased with the gift.[1] Harry made a mental note to chuck it into the fireplace the first chance he got, though it is unknown if he ever actually did so.[2]

Known phrases spoken by the planner

  • "Do it today or later you'll pay!"
  • "If you've dotted the i's and crossed the t's then you may do whatever you please!"
  • "Don't leave it till later, you big second-rater!"


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