"That is, when I had a house."
Horace Slughorn[src]

This house was, formerly, a temporary residence of Horace Slughorn's.[1] During his time on the run from the Death Eaters in the mid-1990s, Slughorn abandoned his house and went into a secluded lifestyle, moving from one Muggle house to the next, taking along some of his furniture (his grand piano, in the very least).[2] Ambrosius Flume used to send a hamper of crystallised pineapple to Slughorn's house each birthday, as a thank to him for in Ambrosius' school years introducing him to Ciceron Harkiss, who gave Flume his first job.

Behind the scenes

"And there's Ambrosius Flume of Honeydukes. Sends a hamper of chocolate to the house each birthday. That is, when I had a house."
Horace Slughorn[src]
  • In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the line about the house is only seen on the original script due to a mistake that said that Flume send Slughorn a hamper of chocolate each birthday.[1] It was cut out because it contradicts the novel in which Slughorn likes crystallised pineapple, and if kept in the film it would ruin later events seen in a memory of Slughorn's in which Tom Riddle gave crystallised pineapple to Slughorn during a Slug Club dinner.


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