"The receptacle is prepared by dark magic to become the receptacle of a fragmented piece of soul and that that piece of soul deliberately detached from the Master Soul to act as a future safeguard or anchor to life and to safeguard against death."
J. K. Rowling[src]

This spell (incantation unknown) is used to prepare a receptacle for the placing of a fragmented piece of soul within it, thereby allowing the target to become a Horcrux, tethering the caster to the mortal world, preventing death.[1]


The first known use of this spell was in Ancient Greece by Herpo the Foul, an infamous Dark Wizard who used it after committing murder in order to create the first known Horcrux.[1] If he invented the technique for creating a Horcrux, then this spell would be his creation.

Millennia later, Horace Slughorn told Tom Riddle this concept unspeakable, claiming not to know what the spell was, nor did he wish to find out.

Tom Riddle, now known as Lord Voldemort, used this curse on six separate occasions, creating six Horcruxes, splitting his soul into seven.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Little, if anything, is known of this spell; it is possible, however, that it will be explained either in the Harry Potter Encyclopedia, or (since the former seems to have been cancelled), on Pottermore.
  • The likelihood of the incantation to this spell being revealed is very low, as Rowling said that she could not "possibly tell [us]. Some things are better left unsaid." in an interview, on July 30th, 2007.


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