"She pulled out her wand and gave it a complicated little wave so that hot air streamed out of the tip; she then pointed this at her robes, which began to steam as they dried out."

The Hot-Air Charm (incantation unknown) is a charm that streams hot air out of the caster's wand. This air in turn can quickly dry off soaked garments.

Known uses

Caster(s) Date Notes
Newt Scamander September, 1927 Used it to dry Jacob Kowalski’s rain soaked clothes.[1]
Hermione Granger November, 1995 Used it to melt snow and dry off her snow-covered robes.[2]
Albus Dumbledore 30 June, 1997 Used it to dry his wet robes after swimming to the Horcrux cave.[3]
Used it to dry Harry Potter's wet robes as well, but the spell he cast instantaneously made the robes warm and dry and didn't involve any wasted wand motion.[3]

Known practitioners

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