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Hot chocolate (alternatively hot cocoa) is a drink made from cocoa powder, or, in the case of luxury versions, from melted chocolate.


Dumbledore's large, steaming mug of hot chocolate

Conjure Cocoa was a brand of instant wizarding hot chocolate sold in the United States in the early 20th century.[2] Tina and Queenie Goldstein served some to Newt and Jacob Kowalski when the men visited their apartment in December 1926.[3]

Around 1946, Tom Riddle killed Hepzibah Smith by spilling a little known poison into her evening cocoa, in order to take Hufflepuff's Cup and Slytherin's Locket from her. He utilised a False memory spell on Smith's house-elf, Hokey, to make it appear as though the elderly servant accidentally mistook the poison for sugar while preparing the beverage for her mistress, which the Ministry accepted without further investigation.[4]

Molly Weasley served this on the evening of 31 August in 1992, following Fred and George Weasley giving an exhibition of Dr Filibuster's Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks.[5] The drink is also made at Hogwarts, as Albus Dumbledore was going downstairs to get a cup one night early 1992, which led him to discover a Petrified Colin Creevey.[6] Later that year, Dumbledore suggested that Ginny Weasley should have some, after her encounter in the Chamber of Secrets, saying "I always find that cheers me up."[5]

It was served on the Knight Bus. While Harry Potter was on the bus in 1993 he ended up spilling his hot chocolate before he was able to drink it.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • "Dumbledore's large, steaming mug of hot chocolate" is one out of the thirty-two options generated by an old feature[7] on Pottermore, "Wonderful wizarding world happiness generator", which was about things that could cast away the Blue Monday blues.[8] The description for Dumbledore's large, steaming mug of hot chocolate was "Perhaps second-best to a mug of tea with Hagrid would be a mug of hot chocolate with renowned sweet-tooth Professor Dumbledore. It's a tough contest, though".[9]


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