"Harry turned and saw something monstrous cutting through the water toward them: a human body in swimming trunks with the head of a shark.... It was Krum. He appeared to have transfigured himself — but badly."
—Description of Viktor Krum's use of this spell[src]

This spell transfigures the caster into a shark.


Viktor Krum attempted to use this spell to complete the Second task of the Triwizard Tournament, but only managed to transfigure his head. He was able to complete the task successfully regardless.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Despite presumably not being his intention, this partial transfiguration was arguably more effective than a full one would have been. A transfigured human only has the intellgence of the creature they transform into[2], so this partial transformation allowed him to brave the lake and yet keep the mental capacity to perform the task. It is also possible that Viktor knew he would have lost his human intelligence and intentionally transfigured himself partially.


Notes and references

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