"We've checked for most of the usual curses, but Professor Flitwick believes the broom might be carrying a Hurling Hex."
Minerva McGonagall[src]

A Hurling Hex (incantation unknown) was a hex that could be applied to a broomstick.[1] Given its name, it presumably caused the broomstick to attempt to hurl its rider off.


During the 1989–1990 school year, Andre Egwu used this hex to bewitch fellow Ravenclaw Brennan Doyle's broom and render it erratic, as retribution for the latter spitefully sabotaging him after the former departed from a Quidditch practice.[2]

In 1991, Quirinus Quirrell was likely casting a wandless version of this spell on Harry Potter's Nimbus 2000 during his first Quidditch match.[3]

In 1994, Filius Flitwick suggested to Minerva McGonagall that Harry's confiscated Firebolt might have been hexed with this spell. The possibility was discovered while the broom was undergoing a stripping-down process, but it was apparently discovered to be free of this spell.[1]

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Behind the scenes

It was stated that Quirrell was jinxing the Nimbus 2000 not hexing it. Additionally, it was implied that the Hurling Hex can be imbued on a broom, but the spell that Quirrell was casting required a continuous process and could have been casting from a distance.


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