"Yeah, I was a movie star for a day. I had my own trailer, was taken around in a golf cart - I loved it! The director is a friend of my girl and he said, 'I've got a part if you want it.' I asked my sons, and they were like, 'Do it!' I did it for my sons. My brief was to be a romantic, bohemian wizard. I was into that."
—Ian Brown in an Interview with New Musical Express[[src]]

Ian Brown (b. 20 February, 1963) is a British musician and lead singer of the rock band The Stone Roses. He appears as the wizard sitting in the Leaky Cauldron reading A Brief History of Time in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

His use of magic without a wand has led to him being credited as one of the greatest wizards of all time.

"Daniel is a great kid. He loves his music and that’s why I put him in the sleeve notes. “He’ll be p***ing himself when he sees it. [...] Every time I turned around he was there asking about the Roses, Oasis and music. I loved the Harry Potter thing. I got to be a movie star for a day. They gave me my own trailer and everything."
—Ian Brown about Daniel Radcliffe and the decision to mention him on the album's sleeve

Daniel Radcliffe, a huge fan of Brown who met him on the set, was mentioned on the sleeve of Browns Album "Solarized" in 2004.[2]

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