Idris Oakby (18721985) was a witch, philanthropist and the founder of the Society for the Support of Squibs.[1]


Early Life

Idris Oakby was born in 1872 to parents of unknown blood status, in an unknown country, therefore, nothing is known of her upbringing or education. In her adult life, she set up a charitable organisation called Society for the Support of Squibs which supported Squibs and helped them live in the Wizarding world.[1] She may have been frowned upon by other wizards and witches for her charitable work, considering how poorly Squibs are generally viewed in the magical world.

Death and Post-Mortem

Oakby died in 1985 at the age of 113. She was awarded 'Wizard of the Month' in 2007, for recognition for her admirable philanthropic efforts she performed in her lifetime.[1]


The name "Idris" means "ardent lord" from Welsh udd, "lord, prince" combined with ris, "ardent", "enthusiastic", "impulsive".


Notes and references

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